Samsung Galaxy A71 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Somehow smartphone users face different kinds of problems even after spending a plethora of money for a flagship device from a well-reputed smartphone brand. It’s also true that smartphones have different troubles when not cared too much by users. Unfortunately, recently launched a ground-breaking smartphone by Samsung named Samsung Galaxy A71 has too many issues as well.

We have done our best and listed down the most common Samsung A71 Problems alongside their solutions for your convenience to get rid of all of the issues smartly with less efforts. So, let’s keep going!

samsung galaxy a71 edges

1: Overheating Problem

We shouldn’t take a heating problem with a pinch of salt as it can damage your phone’s internal components. Therefore, getting rid of that kind of Samsung A71 Complications and issues is mandatory with immediate effects.

  • Try out a reboot and see if it helps you to deal with that issue
  • Double-check all installed applications are fully updated
  • Most of the times, overheating caused due to bad apps installed and unused of data.
  • Another reason could be a high-power charger
  • Also, there is a chance that your phone is having something wrong inside with the processor
  • The last thing to overcome overheating is to wipe the cache partition and check if it helps.
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2: Poor Battery Life

There are many Samsung A71 Drawbacks reported by users worldwide, and poor battery life is one of them. Well, there might be numerous reasons behind poor battery such as continuous data downloading, a virus in the smartphone, and the extra level of screen brightness.

  • To get rid of the poor battery, it’s recommended to use Wi-Fi as much as possible
  • Don’t turn on automatic updates for already installed applications
  • Also, avoid using extra brightness in your phone that can cause this problem
  • Make sure that the fault is not triggered as the phone runs for a long time in safe mode
  • Check if there is just this problem because many notifications lie in the background unread
  • It’s recommended to close apps running in the background and check again if it helps you get rid of it

3: Slow Performance

Many smartphones disappoint when it comes to performance, and according to published reports of users worldwide, they’re facing slow performance in their Samsung Galaxy A71 issue. The reasons behind slow performance could be many, but we are hope that our listed below solutions will help you get rid of it.

  • Turning off the phone and turning it on might help you to restore its performance
  • Or, you can clear cache data of your phone if you haven’t cleared it for so long
  • Check if all installed apps are updated, and OS is updated too
  • Avoid filling your internal storage completely. Leave at least 2GB free space for better performance
  • Don’t run numerous apps at once
  • Reset your hardware, and you’ll get rid of that problem quite conveniently. Do save your data before you take action

4: Slow Charging

As technology is getting advanced more and more day by day, users are looking for super-fast charging features in their smartphones.

And it’s quite irritating when you spend hundreds of dollars for a flagship phone that charges slowly. Unfortunately, slow charging is also one of the major Samsung A71 Issues reported by many on the internet. Here is a solution to get rid of it:

  • Check if there is a weak charging source as it can be the major reason behind slow charging due to slow power fluctuation
  • Avoid downloading stuff from the internet or don’t play games while charging
  • Don’t turn on data and Wi-Fi while charging the phone
  • Performing a software reset is a bold move, and hopefully, this problem will be gone
  • A major reason for slow charging is a faulty battery. So, check and perform an action accordingly
  • You have nothing to do with this problem but make sure you don’t have apps on your phone that don’t work properly.
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The Bottom Line

Facing a problem in a smartphone is quite common but getting rid of it is not less than a challenging job. We are very much hopeful that our today’s post has helped you even a little finding Samsung A71 Solutions you were looking for.

Do let us know if you’re facing a problem in your Galaxy A71 which isn’t mentioned above. We will do our best to have it here alongside an easy and convenient solution.

Melanie Moeller
the authorMelanie Moeller
Melanie Moeller loves writing about the latest and greatest smartphones as well as all the latest news related to technology. She is enlightening the readers with more than 5 years of experience in writing. And when she doesn't write, she can be found listening to music and watching science fiction movies.
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Zahid Shafiq

Hi I have a Samsung galaxy A71 in i m facing the issues of my sound in video call rest mic work good but with any app the video call voice not work kindly help me out.


Hi. I have an A71 for about a week now and it was working fine. But today I noticed that the charging was very slow. I checked the charger and cable and they were all plugged properly so it’s not the issue. When I checked Device Care, I found out that the super-fast charging automatically shifts to fast charging and vise versa. Is shifting normal? Is it a software glitch or a faulty battery/charger? Has anyone faced the same issue? Thanks!


I have the same charging issue. When charging switches between super fast charge and fast charge, the battery percentage doesn’t increase. I cannot solve this problem.

Victoria Parkle

This problem might occur if your phone heats up during charging. Try a different cable and see if this helps. If a problem remains the same, you are recommended to visit the service center as chances are there might an issue with a charger.

Akshat Surolia

Yeah,Same issue here! and Overheating too!


Hii did you find any solution…? I hav same problem. Pls let me know…what il I do..? On indrathakur.k@gmail. Com

Dr Ashish Verma

I have same charging problem .when I charge my phone it changes from super fast charging to fast charging.I have heard that every1 is having this problem who is having A71


I bought samsung a71 last March this year 2020 and it worked fine until it’s October i noticed that the screen has glitches.


I got the A71 almost a week ago and I noticed that sometimes the lockscreen takes a few seconds to wakeup when I press the power button or double tap on the screen.

mike turner


Ailyn Carpila

My samsung A71 shut down and not charging nor openin

Tracy Turner

Had enough of my A71. 3 year contract and it has been nothing but trouble. try connecting on mobile data. No. Try to video call someone. No. Connect to the car. No. Use apps. Keep going off straight away. Been to repair. Cant find issue. Try again with provider. Send to repair. Can I swap it for something that works? No. Can I use it as a football? Might be the best use for it. Worst phone I have ever had.