Samsung Introduces Camera Assistant Feature to Galaxy A-Series Smartphones

Last year, Samsung introduced the Camera Assistant app as a key component of its Good Lock suite, initially exclusive to flagship Galaxy phones. However, in a recent update, the tech giant has expanded access to the Camera Assistant app, making it compatible with the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54 models.

According to reports from SamMobile, version of the app has enabled this broader support, offering users of these more affordable Galaxy devices enhanced camera functionalities.

camera assistant samsung smartphone

This move signifies Samsung’s commitment to extending premium features beyond its flagship lineup, enhancing the photography experience for a broader audience.

Camera Assistant empowers users with a myriad of adjustments for the Samsung camera app. Notable tweaks encompass automatic lens switching, favouring speed over focusing, and activating automatic HDR.

Additionally, users can opt for softer picture settings, introduce a convenient 2x zoom shortcut directly within the Samsung camera app, and engage the Quick Tap Shutter feature, capturing a photo upon touching the shutter rather than upon release. This versatile array of options extends the customisation possibilities, which allow users to tailor their photography experience.

For Galaxy A53 or A54 users passionate about smartphone photography, grab Camera Assistant here. However, be sure your mid-range device is updated to One UI 6 for optimal functionality.

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