Google Pixel 6a Common Issues and How to fix them

Random reboots, Freezing of the display, Excessive or inaccurate adjustment of adaptive brightness and more

Google pixel 6a is Google’s greatest smartphone newly released. A powerful Google-made Tensor CPU, larger batteries, stunning AMOLED screens, reworked (iPhone-beating) cameras, and a remarkable new design built on the strengths of prior generations. There are several unique features on this phone that you won’t find on any other Android smartphone, including the smooth software experience Pixel users have grown to expect.

In spite of this, the device will have its share of problems and glitches. There have already been a few complaints regarding the Google Pixel 6a, so we’ve compiled a list of the most prevalent issues and how to fix them.

Random reboots

When your new Pixel 6a unexpectedly shuts down and reboots on you, imagine the scenario. Several Pixel 6a owners have reported this issue, with users claiming a number of possible factors. Problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, third-party applications, the Camera app, and even unlocking the smartphone are among the many possibilities. There have been a few reports of the phone restarting when idle, which complicates the search for the main problem.

A possible Android 12 problem means you’ll have to wait for an upgrade. However, if the issue persists and an update does not address it, you may need to contact Google.


  • Make sure your phone is up to date.
  • Do your reboots happen after a certain activity or while you’re using a specific app? If this is the case, you should update (or replace/remove) the app in question or refrain from doing the activity.

Freezing of the display

There have been reports of screen freezing on the Pixel 6a from some customers.


Accessibility features must be disabled to repair the Pixel 6a’s screen freezing problem. To disable all of the accessibility features, go to Settings > Accessibility and uncheck all of the boxes. This issue will be fixed completely with the February update, according to Google.

Excessive or inaccurate adjustment of adaptive brightness

Adaptive brightness on the Google Pixel 6a has been observed to behave unpredictably by a variety of customers. Its brightness frequently fluctuates, making it difficult to use when you need it to be bright.

The adaptive brightness algorithm needs to learn from your choices, which may be addressed in a future software update, but no such update has been released as of yet.


  • Keep adjusting the Pixel 6’s brightness manually each time it moves too far in either way. For any situation, the adaptive brightness algorithm will adjust the amount of brightness to your preference. Go to Settings > Display > Brightness Level in order to change the brightness.
  • Go to Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness and turn off adaptive brightness there instead.

Connectivity problem

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection issues may occur from time to time. Only a software update can address the frequent Wi-Fi disconnections experienced by Pixel 6a customers. To tide you over till then, here are some broad methods of troubleshooting.


a.    Problems with Wi-Fi

  • Make sure you switch off your device and router for at least 10 seconds before trying to reconnect.
  • Make sure that the option to save battery power is switched off in Settings > Power saving.
  • Re-establish the Wi-Fi connection. “Forget” may be found in Settings > Wi-Fi by long pressing the connection name. Re-enter your information and give it another go.
  • The Wi-Fi router’s firmware should be updated.
  • Upgrade all apps and software on the computer or device before using it again.
  • Check the router’s MAC filter to ensure that your device’s MAC address is permitted to connect to the network through Wi-Fi > Settings > Advanced.

b.    Issues with Bluetooth

When connecting to the automobile, check the manufacturer’s instructions for both the device and the car, and if necessary, reset the connections.


  • Instructions for certain Bluetooth devices are specific to each model.
  • Make sure nothing has to be changed in Settings > Bluetooth.
  • To start fresh, go to Settings > Bluetooth, remove all existing pairings, and then re-add them. Delete any devices that you no longer connect to from this list.
  • Only a future version will fix the problem of numerous device connections.

Wi-Fi calling doesn’t operate as expected

Several Pixel 6a customers have reported issues with Wi-Fi Calling. When Wi-Fi is turned on but the device is in airplane mode, it will not allow users to make phone calls; instead, the phone will prompt them to do so.

Owners of Wi-Fi-enabled devices are most likely to be affected. However, other carriers may also be affected to some extent. A range of fixes have been attempted by those experiencing the issue, from reinstalling the Wi-Fi app and emptying its cache to a complete factory reset, but none of them succeeded.

The media suddenly stops playing glitch.

This problem, which causes media (such as music) to randomly cease for no apparent reason, is described in great length on the Google Pixel subreddit. Spotify and YouTube (as well as other media applications) seem to be especially prone to these problems. Thus Android 12 users are likely to be affected as well.

  • There is currently no known solution. No matter how many times they’ve tried changing the battery settings of media applications, this doesn’t seem to have worked for the majority of customers.
  • Users have also suggested deleting the storage and cache of any vulnerable app by navigating to Settings > Apps > See All Apps > Phone> Storage and Cache> Clear Storage/Cache.


The Google pixel 6a is still a great phone, and the issues we’ve addressed are common and easy to fix. An issue Google pixel 6a with you may have been solved by reading this page. Make sure to leave a comment if you have any queries or questions about this tutorial, and we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.


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Yolande Herbath

Hi I’m finding the pixel 6a has several issues some of which have been addressed above, thank you. One bizarre trait is that the phone occasionally appears to ‘jump’ off the table. Any thoughts please?

Marissa Beougher

It may be an indicator of uneven surfaces or sudden changes in vibrations around the device (like the device vibrating). On a true 0 plane, most devices and phones do not roll off.

It might indicate that the floor, table, or foundation of your building is not perfectly even, just by the smallest degree that outpowers friction, and causes things to move.


I had a new Pixel 6a for 5 months now. I installed a screen protection from the first day. The screen protection keeps detaching always on top right corner. I have changed the protection 5 times and they were installed by professionals. So I guess is not the protector at fault. My wife had exactly the same phone and protector and nothing happened to her phone.