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Samsung Galaxy A51 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Samsung holds up its position on number 1st, competing for all other well-recognised smartphone brands with its state-of-the-art smartphones. Very much like its many entirely-baked smartphones, Samsung Galaxy A51 is an astonishing device with impressive features but some users have reported a couple of Samsung Galaxy A51 Issues on the internet. The reported problems include keyboard issues, a problem with its display and quite a few others.

By going through numerous posts shared by Galaxy A51 users, we have compiled a couple of Samsung Galaxy A51 Issues and Solutions that might help you to stop suffering any further. So, let’s have a look!

Samsung Galaxy A51

Display Problem

One of the major problems users facing is the “Display Problem” and most of the users don’t know how to get rid of it. We have described in detail a simple and easy way (Safe Mode) to solve your phone’s Display Problem in no time. Installing any 3rd party application isn’t a bold move – instead, follow listed below simple steps:


  • Switch to phone’s home screen
  • Switch off your smartphone by holding a power button
  • Following that holds a power button icon and you’ll see Safe Mode in the bottom
  • Click on it to confirm “Reboot to Safe Mode”
  • Delete or uninstall all apps that are obstructing your phone
  • Now, restart your phone and move out from a Safe Mode

Black Screen Problem

A plethora of Galaxy A51 users have complained that the display becomes black sometimes. Most of the times it happens because of choosing “Adaptive Brightness” – therefore, switch off “Adaptive Brightness” to solve this issue. If, however, the problems remain the same, applying the “Wipe Cache” technique is a bold move as it’s an excellent method to get rid of the black screen problem. Here is how to wipe cache partition:


  • Hold a power button to switch off your phone
  • Hold now a power button and volume up key at once unless you see Android on the display
  • Release now both power and volume up key
  • You will see many options in Recovery Mode
  • Use a power key to choose “Wipe Cache Partition”
  • Restart now your phone and you are done

Touch Screen Doesn’t Work

Not only a black screen but users have reported that Galaxy A51’s display doesn’t work flawlessly sometimes. Hence, you will be in trouble while using apps like messages, emails, making calls and others. If you open the contacts, it does the same, and some 3rd party application gets started abruptly. For example, if the smartphone is dropped, then a continuing risk exists with the data loss. Therefore, if you are worried about data loss, adopt the following method of recovering the data.


  • Download “Broken Android Data Extraction” from Play Store
  • After downloading tap on “Start” to select a model of a smartphone
  • Keep following the steps that appear on your phone’s screen
  • Verify your phone by keeping it in download mode
  • Download now the recovery package and restore your phone
  • The screen then will be prepared from folders and files
  • Tap on the “Recovery” button to restore your data

samsung galaxy a51 issues

Keyboard Issue

Last but absolutely not the least, the most basic method to fix any problem is to “Force Stop” as it helps you to restart the app on your phone. Moreover, “Accessible Keyboard of Google” absolutely needs reboot but many of you might think that why we need to reboot it? It’s to be noted using Google Keyboard for a long time may interrupt your smartphone’s overall functions. Therefore, it’s a wise move to reboot Google keyboard once in a while. Make sure you go through these listed below steps to get it done.


  • Visit your phone’s “Setting”
  • Tap on “Applications List”
  • Choose an app named Application Manager
  • Search out for Android Keyboard App and choose it
  • Tap on “Force Stop” button to close it and start now again

Let us finish this off by saying that all listed above issues are fundamental and can be resolved with efficient methods. We are very much hopeful that this post will help you at least a bit.

Is your Galaxy A51 working smoothly without any issue? Do share your opinion down in a comments section!

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