Samsung Galaxy A51 common issues and how to solve them

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Display, Black Screen, Touch Screen, Keyboard Issue and More.

Samsung holds up its position on number 1st, competing with all other well-recognised smartphone brands with its state-of-the-art smartphones. Very much like its many entirely-baked smartphones, Samsung Galaxy A51 is an astonishing device with impressive features but some users have reported a couple of Samsung Galaxy A51 Issues on the internet. The reported problems include keyboard issues, a problem with its display, and quite a few others.

By going through numerous posts shared by Galaxy A51 users, we have compiled a couple of Samsung Galaxy A51 Issues and Solutions that might help you to stop suffering any further. So, let’s have a look!

Samsung Galaxy A51

1: Display Problem

One of the major problems users face is the “Display Problem” and most of the users don’t know how to get rid of it. We have described in detail a simple and easy way (Safe Mode) to solve your phone’s Display Problem in no time. Installing any 3rd party application isn’t a bold move – instead, follow the listed below simple steps:


  • Switch to the phone’s home screen
  • Switch off your smartphone by holding a power button
  • Following that holds a power button icon and you’ll see Safe Mode in the bottom
  • Click on it to confirm “Reboot to Safe Mode”
  • Delete or uninstall all apps that are obstructing your phone
  • Now, restart your phone and move out from a Safe Mode

2: Black Screen Problem

A plethora of Galaxy A51 users has complained that the display becomes black sometimes. Most of the time it happens because of choosing “Adaptive Brightness” – therefore, switch off “Adaptive Brightness” to solve this issue. If, however, the problems remain the same, applying the “Wipe Cache” technique is a bold move as it’s an excellent method to get rid of the black screen problem. Here is how to wipe the cache partition:


  • Hold a power button to switch off your phone
  • Hold now a power button and volume up key at once unless you see Android on the display
  • Release now both power and volume up key
  • You will see many options in Recovery Mode
  • Use a power key to choose “Wipe Cache Partition”
  • Restart now your phone and you are done

3: Touch Screen Doesn’t Work

Not only a black screen but users have reported that Galaxy A51’s display doesn’t work flawlessly sometimes. Hence, you will be in trouble while using apps like messages, emails, making calls and others.

If you open the contacts, it does the same, and some 3rd party application gets started abruptly. For example, if the smartphone is dropped, then a continuing risk exists with the data loss.

Therefore, if you are worried about data loss, adopt the following method of recovering the data.


  • Download “Broken Android Data Extraction” from Play Store
  • After downloading tap on “Start” to select a model of a smartphone
  • Keep following the steps that appear on your phone’s screen
  • Verify your phone by keeping it in download mode
  • Download now the recovery package and restore your phone
  • The screen then will be prepared from folders and files
  • Tap on the “Recovery” button to restore your data

samsung galaxy a51 issues

4: Keyboard Issue

Last but absolutely not least, the most basic method to fix any problem is to “Force Stop” as it helps you to restart the app on your phone. Moreover, “Accessible Keyboard of Google” absolutely needs a reboot but many of you might think that why we need to reboot it?

It’s to be noted using Google Keyboard for a long time may interrupt your smartphone’s overall functions. Therefore, it’s a wise move to reboot Google keyboard once in a while. Make sure you go through the listed below steps to get it done.


  • Visit your phone’s “Setting”
  • Tap on “Applications List”
  • Choose an app named Application Manager
  • Search out for Android Keyboard App and choose it
  • Tap on the “Force Stop” button to close it and start now again

5: Often Restarts

After getting reports from different Samsung Galaxy A51 users, we have listed down a couple of solutions that might help you get rid of the “restarting problem.”

Applications installed from 3rd parties sometimes can cause any smartphone to restart or crash. We will be starting from the basic method of troubleshooting. So, let’s have a look!

Method 1 – Perform Force Restart

Most of the time minor firmware issues or glitches can cause to restart your phone over and over again. Well, you can get them fixed by “Forced Restart” which can make your phone fresh and reloads all services and applications. Here is how to solve it:

  • Press and hold the power key alongside the volume down key and don’t release it
  • Keep both keys held down together for 15 seconds and release when your Galaxy A51 logo is on the screen

When rebooting is finished, check if it still restarts or crashes by itself.

Method 2 – Boot into Safe Mode and Analyze Apps

Another method is to boot into a safe mood as it can help you find out if any 3rd party app forces your phone to restart or crash randomly by itself. While a safe mode, all 3rd party applications are temporarily disabled. Here is how to enter safe mode on your Galaxy A51:

  • Switch off your smartphone
  • Press and hold Volume Down Key for a couple of seconds
  • Now, alongside Volume Down Key, press the Power Key to turn it on
  • When a boot is completed, you will see a “Safe Mode” on the left side of the display on the bottom
  • Release now the volume key, swipe the screen, and tap on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Application Manager
  • Check out the downloaded section and find out recently downloaded applications which you are doubtful is causing a problem
  • When you find the application details, tap on uninstall and you’re done

Take a while to use your phone and then see if this problem occurs or not. If nothing happens when using your phone in a safe mode, this means that any of your applications or services that are downloaded are most likely triggers.

That said, try uninstalling your latest downloads individually and then test your device later. Or, you can just remove the suspected app if you remember which app was installed before starting the trouble.

In the meantime, if your phone still crashes or restarts, again and again, it means that the problem has become more complicated and requires more rigorous solutions.

Method 3 – Wipe Cache Partition

When it comes to wiping the cache, it might help you get rid of that problem. This method wouldn’t erase everything from your phone as long as it’s done currently. Here is how to wipe the cache partition:

  • Switch off your smartphone
  • Press Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds
  • When the Logo of Samsung appears, don’t release Volume Up or Home Button but release a Power button
  • When the Android logo appears, release all the buttons
  • You will see Android System recovery in a matter of seconds
  • Press the Volume Down button to choose “Wipe Cache Partition
  • Press the Power button to confirm the selection
  • Wait for a while until the cache partition is cleared
  • Once your phone is done clearing it, the Reboot System option will appear
  • Press the Power button to restart your phone

Test now your smartphone once the reboot is finished and see if that problem occurs by itself randomly. If the problem continues, then your phone might need a “Factory Reset” through recovery mode and it’s the last solution.

samsung a51 sides

6: Battery Doesn’t Last Longer

Almost every Android user, nowadays, complains about battery performance. However, not every smartphone user faces poor battery performance as there are numerous factors that contribute to reducing battery timing, such as the availability of viruses in your phone, continuous data downloading, and the highest screen brightness. Make sure you go through these solutions to increase your phone’s battery timing significantly.

  • Be sure that a phone virus that normally makes its way into your device does not cause this problem
  • One of the key factors is the installation of power-hungry applications on your phone.
  • Make sure the error is not triggered because your phone is running for a long time in safe mode.
  • Close the apps in the background and see if this will help you solve the problem
  • For certain cases, this problem is induced by just the extra screen brightness

7: Camera Quality Isn’t Good

It’s, without a doubt, surprising that a number of users have reported that the Samsung Galaxy A51 camera doesn’t capture as bright photos as it should. The reasons behind poor quality images are many. We have done our best and gathered some solutions for you. Apply them and see if they help.

  • Check to ensure that the problem is not caused by the burst mode you selected during the image capture Often just a video call triggers this problem, and you simply have to test whether the signal strength is too low.
  • Search if the phone has no storage space so that the captured images are stored in a low-grade format
  • Be sure that the problem is not just that the camera lens has moisture or dirt in it
  • This can be because the shooting mode you have chosen is not in line with the surrounding weather conditions

8: Slow Performance

Facing glitches and lags while working or playing games on your smartphone is, indeed, irritating – especially when you have spent a handsome amount of money. Normally, users face slow performance in their phones due to installing countless apps that are not in use but consume RAM and storage. Hopefully, these solutions will work for you.

  • Make sure the installed applications and the phone operating system are updated to the latest versions available
  • Only clear the cache details you did not clear on your phone for a long time
  • One of the reasons for the popular Samsung Galaxy A51’s performance-related problems is the defective RAM on the phone
  • Be sure that you don’t run many apps at once
  • Do a hardware reset, and hopefully, the problem will be solved
  • Ensure that your device’s memory is not completely filled

samsung a51 mobile phone

9: Overheating Problem

Is your smartphone getting warm, or you’re facing a heating problem? You shouldn’t be really worried as there are different factors behind this problem. However, you shouldn’t take the Samsung Galaxy A51 overheating problem with a pinch of salt. We’ve listed down a number of reasons behind this problem alongside solutions to help you get rid of it.

  • Attempt a basic reboot and see if this helps you fix the problem
  • One of the reasons is that so many games are installed on the phone
  • The battery inside your phone might have a problem
  • This problem also comes from poor applications and unused phone data
  • Most users face this issue only because they have a third-party or low-grade adapter on their Samsung Galaxy A51
  • A high-power charger may be the reason for this problem
  • Wipe the cache partition off and check if the problem can be solved

However, it’s to be noted that it will erase everything in your smartphone like your personal information and other data – therefore, be sure to create a backup of your most important data beforehand.

Let us finish this off by saying that all listed above issues are fundamental and can be resolved with efficient methods. We very much hope that this post will help you at least a bit.

Is your Galaxy A51 working smoothly without any issues? Do share your opinion in the comments section!

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My phone has refused to come on after I installed an update. I have tried force restart but it keeps showing the start up menu with the inscription Samsung Galaxy A51 secured by Knox powered by android
What else can I do to get it working again?

Igor Brasnarski

Restarting problem with Samsung galaxy A51
Please help.

Igor Brasnarski

when I use this phone on talking mode or working anything else, the phone is restarting.


Same to me! Found a solution?


How much times it restarts in a day?


Check device care, click on the bulb button at the top, and stop your device from restarting.


Any solutions for that error??


Same as it is problem


Same issue here!!!

Mubeen Iqbal

My Galaxy A51 restarts after every 3 days or within a week, and takes atleast 5 to 7 minutes of restart duration. It’s really annoying for me after spending too much money on an expensive phone. Auto restart of phone only for a minute or two doesn’t matter for me but my phone restarts and takes upto 7 minutes displaying only samsung logo… Do anyone know how to fix it ??


Same here. Did you found any solution?


Brother do you still have this problem in ur phone? If you know the solution please let mey know then I have the same issue.


Brother did you find the solution? Please tell me. Facing the same problem.


My Samsung A51 just froze while taking a call, I had to restart it. After restarting it’s now stuck on Samsung A51 powered by android..can’t proceed to home screen. What could be the cause and the solution?


On A51 I can’t change a sound for Alarm Clock, it keeps new sound, but always play default sound again!! Any help please? Thanks in advance!
I’d like to use any of Call Recording application – but there is no sound after a call, not mine not caller’s. Maybe this option is locked as European laws?


I’m also facing the restart problem. I’m hoping Samsung dispatches an update and fix this soon. It’s really annoying.


I did this but after that it still restarting my phone Samsung a51 what can I do now pls help.


After how much time it restarts?


I am experiencing the same here with my a51.
Feeling like I lost money as the phone even disconnects both mobile and internet networks at times.

Kashif Ur Rehman

Bluetooth connectivity problem
Connected but distortion or connect/ Disconnect from bluetooth headset and my car stereo same problem in others a51.

Abdul Arhum

Does all of the Galaxy a51 battery drains faster than other models, is it due to less battery capacity of one ui 2 is draining more.

smiti nemane

my samsung a51 is restarting again and again and wen i add my password it hangs and restarts again


Same problem here🥲🥲


My A51 when sending txt often says failed to send but does send. Also send the same txt 2 or 3 times


can you send to me Lisa


When switching off and put to charge, it shows the % and then disappeared which is ok. But once screen is off and when pressing slightly the sidekey to know % charging, it doesn’t show. Else it switches on. Normally to switch on we should “long press”. All this happened after phone update. Please help.

Last edited 2 years ago by Kailash

Which month update patch are you running on?


Where can I find the home button on my A51? There’s only three hard buttons here, Vol up vol down and power

Terry Flaherty

My galaxy phone A51 has what looks like paint on the bottom half of my screen – took my screen saver off but it’s on my screen….

Marissa Beougher

Thank you for your comment!
Well, it seems like your Galaxy A51’s screen has a discoloration issue on the bottom half. Try to clean the screen gently and if the issue remains the same, reach out to Samsung support for further assistance.


I have a Samsung A51. The most annoying problem that I have found is that when I am speaking on the phone, it goes into hold on its own accord. I haven’t touched any buttons.. In fact I can only put it on hold manually from the phone screen. Can I disable the phone hold? I would be interested to learn if anyone else has had this problem? I hope someone can help. Thank you so much.

Surendran s

When I open G Maps, phone automatically reboots. But the rebooting time is more than 2 minutes. Sometimes if gets stuck with the samsung a51 logo and no response, by holding vol.down and power button it reboots again. Very irritating.

Aynul Islam

I want to buy a mid-range mobile phone. Which one is best according to build quality & performance?

Henry J Danforth

My two month old Samsung A51 will not install the downloaded updates. Samsung will not help me; I think it’s because I purchased an International model in the US. I cannot find any information on how to fix this problem. It seems to be a not so rare occurrence from the information I read in the internet. Samsung said a board had to be replaced and they wanted over two hundred dollars to do it. Is this correct? If so, I will be looking to replace the phone with a different US warranted one. Is there any information available to… Read more »

william heath

I can’t seem to get my A51 to work with the KoreTrak wrist band… the phone did find the band… but the won’t connect…any ideas

Jody A Myers

Samsung A51 Bluetooth is not picking up nearby devices

Last edited 3 years ago by Jody A Myers

i try all the option update the software and even reset it nothing happens same loop of restarting occur and sometime it takes a day almost.
It is really a disappoint to buy trusted brand and completely waste money…..


When on a call, my phone constantly keeps losing reception. Have had the phone for just on a year and this is a very recent problem. Have 2 others with the same phone in the same house and they have no issues.

Tani Edmunds

My Samsung A51 has shown black screen with a vertical white coloured, 1mm wide light stripe today. When I restart it by holding two buttons together, it shows Samsung A51 powered by android with the same white stripe and then, turns into a black screen with it again. Today is 1 months and 12 days after its warranty expire date. Surprise-surprise!


Happened me too. Warranty didnt cover it. they said it was Physical damage, typical


I’m having the same proble, how can i fix it?


After talking about 1-3 min. on my phone, I can hear my incoming people but they can’t hear me.

Brett Lithgow

Black screen problem taken to be repaired under warranty had PBA & LCD replaced the next mornng same issue back to agents and have asked for a replacement


I get a message on my screen with my Samsung A51 smart Phone no photos to view???

Sharon Colpitts

I am having a issue with my charging port on my Galaxy A 5G phone any one else experience issue I have gotten 2 replacements already since dec.of last year


Alarm keeps going off when there is No alarm set. It’s crazy!… Any suggestions?


I am having issues receiving message notifications on messenger plus it has decided not to ring for phone calls

Brandy Antonacci

I have 2 white lines down the left side of my screen…can I possibly fix it myself?


Every after some few weeks this Galaxy A51 couldn’t authenticate WiFi connection till when I factory reset it. Its really annoying!! Any help please cause I factory reset almost every after 3weeks


My A51 will not stop taking a picture of whatever is on the screen when I push the side button to shut off the screen. it’s driving me crazy, I have tried everything in the setup, sometimes it works right but most of the time is it fails, I end up having to delete 30 or 40 screen pictures every week.

Stan Hains

When listening to a WhatsApp voice clip my notification tone is sounding repeatedly ?

Garyeazohn Clarke

My phone is not booting, please help

Debbie, North Carolina

Ever since a Samsung update in the spring, 2021, the volume button appears on the right side of the screen. I own Samsung A51 android. It constantly reappears while I am on Facebook and will not mute. It randomly starts on its own, even though I manually shut volume off. AT&T said they have no idea why this happens.


Good morning my phone keeps saying “phone restarting” and nothing happening. Apps not opening. can only make an emergency calls. Please can anyone help


I can’t find a single setting that allows me to rearrange the settings when I swipe down from the top. (wifi, NFC, Bluetooth, location, etc)


I only get the PIN screen, but cannot use numbers 1, 4 and 7. I cannot apply any of the above suggestions, as I cannot navigate away from the PIN screen and need those numbers to work to unlock my phone. Any ideas please?


I have lost color on my Samsung A51 phone and I am unable to receive it back, all I have is black and gray


A51 won’t completely power on. It just freezes on the Samsung logo screen and stays there until I unplug the charger and it dies. PLEASE help!

Patrick Ali

My A51 screen dims automatically upon replaying of videos downloaded off the VidMate App

Joseph Piscitello

The Samsung A51A 5G is a piece of crap YouTube app opens randomly when I’m on the phone the RTT feature also turns on randomly and if you do not realize it is open after about 5mins it terminates the call god forbid your in ans emergency settings menu sucks the alerts sometime I get them sometimes not and there is more totally disgusted never buying a Samsung again I had a 150.00 LG that blows this piece of crap away granted the only thing good on this thing is the camera.