How to Track Someone’s Phone Location for Free by Their Number

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Type In Phone Number And Find The Location For Free ( Easy Guide )

There are many websites and apps that allow you to track mysterious phone numbers and find out where and who the calls came from. You may check the caller’s identity using a trusted phone number search service but locating a decent provider isn’t simple.

Learn how to track a phone number’s location for free using the most effective technique available online. We’ll show you how to effortlessly monitor a mobile phone for free using several internet tools and third-party software.

What may be the reasons to Know Someone’s Location?

You may have various reasons for needing to know someone’s location. For example, your child isn’t yet at home; your partner may be cheating, and the list may go on and on.

Knowing someone’s location may be useful for a variety of reasons.

  • To determine the present position of another person

A concerned parent can search for their kid who went to his friend’s home unintentionally without telling them. It might also be a concerned spouse who suspects their partner of infidelity.

  • Retrieving a missing device

Sometimes, all you want to do is track down your cell phones. Are you trying to figure out where I put my phone number? Is it possible that your phone is no longer in your possession or that it was stolen?

In some instances, tracking down a piece of misplaced equipment might lead to recovery, which otherwise would not have been feasible.

  • Employee activities may be monitored

To ensure the safety of their workers in the workplace, businesses may use GPS tracking. You may use a red signal to alert others that an employee is in an unapproved location. You may take legal action against them if they violate company rules, and the geolocation will serve as an evidence dealer.

How to Find the Location of a Phone Number for (Free)?

There are so many websites and applications that provide free mobile phone monitoring online that it’s hard to keep up. However, several of them are difficult to use, so we’ve limited our list to these top of them.

Free Phone Tracer

For free internet mobile phone tracking, this is a fantastic resource. Simply enter in the phone number you want to trace into the box provided to get started.


  • McAfee Security has declared the website trustworthy.
  • Cellphone and mobile phone numbers may be tracked on the website.
  • The app’s functionality is simple to follow.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Using Online GPS Phone Tracker, you can see exactly where a certain phone number is at any time. It’ll be a huge time-saver for you.


  • The website provides for the monitoring of both mobile and landline numbers.
  •  It has a worldwide tracking capability that may be used from any location.

GPS Cell Phone Locator

online gps phone tracker

It comes with a free mobile tracking system. You may determine the position of the object phone number by only a few easy steps.


  • This website is easy to use.
  • This service does not need the installation of any third-party applications on your device. You may trace a mobile phone online for free using the website.
  • It can monitor any mobile phone running on iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry operating systems.
  • You may use this website at any moment to trace a mobile phone for free.

How to Track someone’s location using Third-party Apps?

In this blog, we’ll go through the key features of three third-party programmes for free internet mobile phone monitoring.


When it comes to tracing phone numbers, there is no better software than Truecaller. Track any unknown phone number with this free software.


  •  There are options for both iPhone and Android users.
  • Mobile phone monitoring software Truecaller is available for free on the web.
  • You may also see the caller’s name and picture.
  • The ‘block’ option in Truecaller also allows you to block any specific calls.

Mobile Number Locator

Another free software for finding out where a phone number is located is called Mobile Number Locator.


  • Android users may access it.
  • The app comes with a built-in caller ID function.
  • The database of the app contains all global codes.
  • On Google Maps, a phone number locator provides the exact location of a phone number.
  • Offline use of the phone number finder is also possible.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

If you want to monitor a cell phone for free online and easily, this wonderful software is simply for you!


  • iPhone users have access to it.
  • The database contains numbers from over 200 different nations.
  • It alerts you when the phone number you’re looking for is found.

Hopefully, you found the information about how to locate phone numbers relevant. If the services listed above do not meet your needs, please let us know. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, thoughts, or recommendations.

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