Android 14 update with One UI 6 Rolls Out to Galaxy S21 FE, A52s, A33, and Tab S9 FE

Samsung is back after a week off, spreading the Android 14 update to more devices. This time, they’re including affordable ones like the Galaxy A series, Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung has already introduced Android 14 and One UI 6 to a bunch of devices, and they’re continuing to do so.

The latest expansion covers not just high-end gadgets but also more budget-friendly options, like the recently launched Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

Updates for the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series are rolling out in Europe for both the smaller and larger Tab S9+ FE models. Cellular models and releases in other regions are expected in the coming weeks, extending the reach of the Android 14 update to a broader audience.

Samsung continues its Android 14 rollout by enhancing another Fan Edition device, the Galaxy S21 FE, with One UI 6 this week. The update has surfaced on the Verizon variant in the US, signaling broader availability for unlocked models and other regions soon.

Samsung’s commitment to extending the Android 14 experience ensures that users of the Galaxy S21 FE globally can expect to enjoy the latest software enhancements, enhancing their overall device performance and user interface.

This move reflects Samsung’s ongoing efforts to provide timely updates and improvements to its diverse range of devices, catering to a wide user base.

Also, updates are rolling out for various Galaxy A devices, with the Galaxy A52s and Galaxy A33 receiving updates in select European countries.

Joining its 5G counterpart, the Galaxy A14 LTE is now getting the One UI 6 update in Kazakhstan, expanding the reach of the latest software enhancements to diverse regions and devices.

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