Samsung Galaxy A70 Issues & How to Fix Them?

Samsung Galaxy A70 unquestionably an excellent alternative for those who need as much performance and a number of specifications as OnePlus 6 or 6T. Calling Galaxy A70 a mid-range smartphone wouldn’t be wrong – comprising outstanding hardware specifications and Android Pie 9.0 is cheerful, on paper.

Very much like other Android phones, however, you will be bound towards common issues and bugs. And here is where this troubleshooting guide Samsung Galaxy A70 Problems and Fixes comes into action as it helps to fix the most common Android phone bugs and issues that you might face in your newly bought Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone.

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Several problems are common among most of them, usually occurring on Android handsets. Although Android phones are easier to understand and use than iPhones, solving even worse problems is much easier. And there is no need to look for a 3rd party platform or software for this purpose until we don’t need to put a stock firmware. You would most likely face problems such as low power, unstable user interface, device crashes, freezing and the like.

Well, if you are facing something which isn’t mentioned here on this page, you can let us know by using our comments box below. It’s to be noted that provide enough details in the comments below that you are facing on your Android smartphone.

Before you go, you have to know that in some cases we might have to format this smartphone. A general backup for users is therefore highly recommended.

1: Apps Crashing and Freezing

Perhaps it’s the most common problem in many Android smartphones and quite annoying, obviously. You might be playing your favourite game like PUBG or performing something very important, and the app stops working all of a sudden. And when opening that application again, the same repeats over and over. Well, when it comes to fixing this issue, we may find that these kinds of problems occur due to corrupt data files and cache.

Getting rid of such corrupt files and cache is the only solution to solve this problem. Besides, we have described quite a few other solutions below to fix app crashes and freezing in no time.

How to Fix?

Reboot your Samsung Galaxy A70 as it seems to work most often. You can also clear data or cache of such an application causing problems. This is indeed a bold action that works 100%. So, if you find any application that doesn’t work properly or behave incorrectly, it’s an ideal solution. Follow mentioned below steps to perform such action:

  • Visit settings’ menu of your smartphone
  • Tap on applications and get into apps list
  • Find out the app causing problem
  • Tap on storage and now perform clear cache and clear data

2: Wi-Fi Connecting Issue

Possibly you face some Wi-Fi connecting issues in your Samsung Galaxy A70. It happens most of the time due to entering the wrong password, or a Wi-Fi router has reached its maximum number of connections at once. So, before we tell you how to fix it, it’s worth noting that check these two factors first as it can help you save your precious time. Or else we have mentioned some suggestions to get rid of such issues with ease.

How to Fix?

Perform a reboot in order to fix this connectivity issue as a reboot is one of the easiest ways to get rid of most of the connectivity problems. If the Wi-Fi modem isn’t far away and can be accessed easily, just turn it OFF and turn it ON after a minute or two. Try now to connect to that Wi-Fi network.

If you were active in connecting to that network previously, some credentials might have changed. You must, therefore, delete and re-shape the connection from your phone. Take only the following steps:

  • Visit your phone’s settings
  • Open up Wi-Fi settings and tap on Saved Networks
  • Tap now on connections you cannot connect with and tap on “Forget.”
  • Connect to the same Wi-Fi connection again, and if any change is needed, you would be able to find them out.

If you see that it’s all right and your phone doesn’t still connect to Wi-Fi networks, it means there are some settings or errors related that are preventing. We would, therefore, recommend that users change their phone network settings. That washes all the connections and settings connections to network to make them normal.

3: Fingerprint Scanner Stops Working

The in-display fingerprint scanner is another new feature the A-Series brings to the table. And, again, the real results, to say the least, are fantastic. There are many complaints on the A70’s fingerprint scanner on different forums that either it’s sluggish and doesn’t work.

This is certainly still a technology of the first generation, and you shouldn’t expect to work it seamlessly 100% every time. Furthermore, it does not help Samsung not using premium hardware in the A70. Nonetheless, you still want it to function to the degree that is at least functional.

How to Fix?

The Gorilla Glass used by Samsung is sufficiently secure to keep the display well, but it can be why the fingerprint scanner works poorly if you’ve added a third-party screen protector. The next smart thing to do is to remove the 3rd-party screen protector if you press a little hard and still it doesn’t work. You would like to keep the screen as clean as possible without requiring more screen protection.

Before the first batches of Galaxy S10 left the factory, Samsung decided to put a cheap layer of plastic on the screen. The reaction of the monitor and the sensitivity of the scanner is greatly improved if you remove any additional protector.

Samsung galaxy a70 2019 mobile phone

4: Un-Stable UI and Slow Performance

Slow performance while working on multiple apps or playing games is being faced by almost every Android smartphone user. Regardless of super-fast CPU, more than enough RAM and exceptional GPU, you still expected to face slow performance issues and bugs. And these types of issues occur if you avoid maintenance of your phone.

Be noted that applications, services and the entire usage of our phone keep producing heaps of clutter files and cache and after a specific time, these files become useless and expire. So, it’s mandatory to clear off such clutter files and cache data to maintain stability and performance. If you are encountered with such problems, there is nothing to be worried about. Follow the simple and easier tips and tricks to get rid of slow performance.

How to Fix?

Make sure to de-bloat your smartphone as Samsung devices come with countless pre-installed applications, and many of them are entirely useless for many of us. Therefore, it’s recommended to get them uninstalled or disable as it’ll give a boost to your phone’s performance

Or, if it’s been a long time since you are using your phone, it must have been overloaded with a plethora of clutter files and cache. That impacts on your phone’s performance and stability negatively. So, it’s recommended to wipe cache files on your phone by following these steps:

  • Turn OFF your smartphone and boot into Recovery Mode
  • Pay close attention to the menu and choose “Wipe Cache Partition.”
  • Perform this action and wait until it’s completed

5: Overheating Issue

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is sometimes overheated or warmed when touched. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have a problem with your Samsung Galaxy A70. In fact, a smartphone overheats quite frequently and can be derived from many factors. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy A70 can be overheated for many good reasons and components.

How to Fix?

  • The solutions will probably differ according to the source of overheating on Samsung Galaxy A70. Here are the solutions to the problems:
  • You should close all those applications which are opened at once when the processor is busy and see if the phone cools down.
  • If your smartphone gets warm or overheats while charging, you should get an initial charging cable (if you have).
  • In case the battery heats up so quickly, you should install an application from Google Play Store to control the temperature of your phone’s battery. If it doesn’t work, get a new battery before it explodes.
  • When an Ambient sensor is too busy like processor, close all opened applications and keep it far away from the sun until it’s cooled.
  • And when you need an excessive amount of power, take numerous breaks in your games or activities.

Other Tips

  • Turn Off Bluetooth, location, NFC and disable background services.
  • Disable the Always-On display
  • Try using a phone at lower brightness
  • Try to get a different case
  • Do install latest updates (if available)

That’s all for now. As you can see Samsung Galaxy A70 doesn’t come with plentiful problems and issues which make it one of the best phones to get your hands on. Chances are touch screen problems that will occur to annoy you, but you’ll get used to it sooner, and it’s also possible that Samsung will fix all these problems with the latest updates. Did you ever experience any problem mentioned above? What was it? Let us know down in the comments!

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Thanks. Informative. My spouse’s A70 just switched off and nothing will bring it back – won’t turn on. It is 11/2 years old; wasn’t overheating; hadn’t been dropped. No real issues until… Any insights, suggestions would be appreciated.


my phone samgsung galaxy a70 heats someitmes