Samsung Galaxy A20 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Buying Samsung’s smartphone means users can easily access the latest and coolest technology with a fresh approach. The most recently introduced Samsung’s Galaxy A-series smartphones are shining on stores successfully. The Galaxy A20 is an excellent contributor and no one needs to be worried when it comes to changing it with your current smartphone.

With everything entirely-baked on paper, some users are facing a handsome number of problems in their Galaxy A20 and we have done our best and listed down all Samsung Galaxy A20 Issues and Solutions here to help you fix them.

Let us here confirm that all listed below problems are described/posted by different users worldwide – therefore, it’s not mandatory that will be having all the problems in your smartphone. The fact is that most of the problems appear when users don’t pay close attention to basic things. Well, any problem that occurs can be fixed with ease – so, let’s have a look at common Galaxy A20 problems and their solutions below.

Samsung Galaxy A20 Mobile Phone

Glitch-full Performance

A newly bought smartphone works seamlessly or flawlessly for the first five months and after then starts behaving quite slowly and unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy A20 is no different. If there is a problem with your smartphone, it’s too easy to fix it by following the below instructions:

  • Turn off your smartphone for a couple of minutes (for 2-3 minutes) and turn on. You will indeed see a drastic change in its overall performance.
  • It’s a bold move to remove all unwanted applications that are not in use. Keeping any unnecessary app means it consumes storage and makes your smartphone slow.
  • Cache memory is another major reason to make your device slow. So, make sure you remove cache memory by visiting your phone’s Settings > Storage > Clear Cache Memory.
  • Don’t install any 3rd party Antivirus as it’s another reason behind a glitch-full performance
  • Keep an eye on firmware updates as most of the times, old firmware causes bugs to make your device slow.

Heating Problem

Though the heating problem is one of the major problems faced by almost everyone but getting rid of your phone’s heating problem is quite easy by following a couple of steps carefully.

  • The most common mistake a user does is he/she charges his/her device overnight that increases the temperature.
  • Don’t play a high-size game like PUBG Mobile continuously for hours as mid-range smartphones like Galaxy A20 aren’t capable enough to manage heavy games for too long.
  • Don’t turn on your Mobile Data and GPS – especially when you can easily access to Wi-Fi.
  • You can also make your phone fast by putting in on Airplane mode when using the Internet by Wi-Fi.

Poor Battery Life

It’s the most controversial problems of almost all Android smartphone and unlikely, Samsung Galaxy A20 is no exception. If your phone’s battery drains faster than usual, chances are there is a software bug that causes the issue. Well, there are many solutions to get rid of poor batter issue and some of them are as follow:

  • Avoid using live wallpapers as they eat hell lot of batteries. Moreover, live wallpapers keep running and hence, the battery drains fast.
  • Turn on Power Saving option (if it’s available). It’s the most useful feature as it changes brightness automatically and helps increase the battery life.
  • Find out apps that run in the background and remove them as soon as possible.
  • Put your phone on Airplane mode at night but make sure you’re not going to get any call any further.
  • Don’t use Facebook applications as it needs a lot of services to run in the background. You can go for Facebook Lite instead.

Touch Screen Doesn’t Work Properly

Only a few numbers of users have reported that their Samsung Galaxy A20’s screen doesn’t work sometimes as it should be. Therefore, make sure you go through these following steps to get rid of the touch screen problem:

  • Disable power saving option if it’s enabled as it may be a reason behind unresponsive touch display.
  • Try to avoid using your smartphone with wet hands as smartphones aren’t enabled tow work good with wet hands.
  • Keep your phone’s screen neat and clean with a soft cloth. Rub cloth gently once or twice a day for some seconds.
  • Keep your phone updated by checking firmware updates. visiting Settings > About Phone > System Update.

There you have it – we are very much hopeful that we have been able to help you get rid of any problem you are facing in your Samsung Galaxy A20. It’s definitely appreciated if you would help us describing any other problem you are facing but it’s not mentioned here on this page. We will have it here as soon as possible alongside its proper solution.

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