Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Sluggish or Laggy UI, Heating Problem, Bluetooth Connection Problem, Wi-Fi Connection Problem

More and more companies are launching smartphones one after another due to a rapid rise in their demand worldwide. Now, smartphone companies aren’t only producing smartphones that fulfill users’ current needs but focusing on a plethora of other needs as well.

Xiaomi is a well-recognised and highly admirable smartphone brand with many state-of-the-art smartphones, and interestingly, its recently released Xiaomi Black Shark 3 is no different.

The phone is up to snuff in terms of display, camera, battery, and all other aspects. However, as it’s an Android smartphone, therefore, it’s not free from errors and problems.

We have gone through many Black Shark 3 Errors or problems, and here we’ve listed their simple yet proper solutions for your convenience. So, go ahead and dig down into solutions and get rid of your Black Shark 3 problem.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Black

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1: Sluggish or Laggy UI

Thanks to its massive amount of RAM and super-powerful processor – both promise a fast and glitch-free performance even when opening multiple apps simultaneously. The company, on the other hand, also claims it to be the fastest phones as well, but still, a handsome number of users have reported different Black Shark 3 Problems relating to the laggy and sluggish user interface. Hopefully, these solutions will work for you:


  • Don’t install 3rd party apps that claim to be launchers
  • 3rd party launchers aren’t as customised as company’s own
  • Perform a reboot – turn it off and restart again
  • If a problem remains the same, you’re then needed to perform a factory reset
  • Moreover, it’s recommended to contact the service center and ask them to reinstall OS
  • If nothing helps, you better wait for the next update from the company

2: Heating Problem

The most common problem among Android smartphones is “Heating.” Unfortunately, it’s one of the major Black Shark 3 Issues, according to users. If your phone is raising its temperature significantly even after spending only a couple of minutes, you’ll need to take the following precautions:


  • Always unplug charger with immediate effects when it’s charged fully
  • Try not to use your smartphone when it’s on charging
  • Using your phone on charging leads to the severe heating problem
  • Although it’s a gaming smartphone but avoid playing games for too long
  • And finally, always turn off Mobile Data, GPS and Location when you’re on call
  • On-call needs a lot of power to run services smoothly that lead to the heating problem

Xiaomi Black Shark 3

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3: Bluetooth Connection Problem

Bluetooth problem isn’t really a common problem among smartphones, but going through published reports, there are a handsome number of users facing the Black Shark 3 Bluetooth Problem. Hopefully, listed below solutions will help you a little:


  • First and foremost, you need to update your smartphone. So, check for updates as soon as possible
  • Is your phone discoverable to other devices?
  • Make sure you do not limit your Bluetooth phone on it
  • Only make sure the problem is not triggered solely due to the hidden visibility of the Bluetooth
  • Make sure that your Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro matches the device properly

4: Wi-Fi Connection Problem

If you’re facing Xiaomi Black Shark 3 WiFi Issue, then hopefully, these following precautions or solutions will help you out.


  • Be sure that the router is not entirely disabled, which also creates Wi-Fi issues
  • The password you enter can be wrong so test and reenter another password
  • Verify that removal of your Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro’s Wi-Fi networks in the past helps you solve this issue
  • Consider modifying the settings of the LAN, which leads to a Wi-Fi link problem
  • Test if the issue occurs only because the router’s cable connection is not right
  • The chances are that a security issue with the network will cause the problem.

Are you still facing a problem? How about connecting to your smartphone to another Wi-Fi router? It’s a bold move to get connected to another Wi-Fi connection to see if it’s the same or not.

The Last Word

Let’s finish this off by saying that the above-listed solutions are quite helpful against Black Shark 3 Complications you’re currently going through (not all). We have gathered these details from different online sources and platforms – therefore, we’re not exactly sure if they work perfectly fine.

You’re highly recommended to contact Xiaomi’s service center in case of serious hardware or software problems if we’re unable to help you out.

For any other problem or issue, you’ve been going through but not listed above, drop your comment below, and we’ll strive to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.  

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Its always happend lol wtheek


Onother problem the search bar block the the sittings what im seaching lol


Thats why im seaching for vibration its doest work anymore on game studio its all ON but nothing its gone lol.


I think there a problem on my black shark 3 but I’m not quite sure sometimes its hang when I’m on the games using with 60fps games that supported by 60fps but I’m not really sure if it caus of this phone. I want only to know when the update starts again?

Ronaldo Baylon

Good day, i just wana share my experience on my black shark 3, i encounter this problem many times. I DONT HAVE SIGNAL! most of the time i always on 5g and i do always have a strong network and signal on my area. but there are times dat when im playing my signal is gone for a couple of minute. i lodt many matches on my online game and repeatedly reported many times and banned for a day and hour because of this problem, and additional to this im having an appointment but my friend and colleague can’t call… Read more »

Yong Hau

Please make sure the power saving mode for wifi is off… i have this problem before aswell. everythings is fine now.


Where is this settings?


Same problem




Bug when want to open other app


Guys, i only use this phone for 5 months and suddenly while I was gaming for like three hours, i turned off the gaming mode and then my entire screen blank. But the music and vibration are still working. I have sent it to xiaomi HQ for almost 2 months and no news yet. Please I need my smartphone back especially during this pandemic lockdown or at least return my money back. I’m very disappointed with Blackshark 3. Anyone can email me if you have a better solution. Appreciate it.