Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Common Problems and Solutions

Almost a week back, Samsung launched its latest and coolest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone that takes folding smartphones to the next level with its state-of-the-art design and unique features. The phone arrived at Galaxy Unpacked Event 2020 and grabbed a lot of attention of people worldwide. It’s Samsung’s 2nd foldable smartphone after Galaxy Fold that was loaded with thinnest foldable glass.

Although teasers and videos were quite shocking for many of us, but things didn’t go as well as expected. In only a couple of days, several Galaxy Z Flip Problems were reported by users. We have gathered all possible problems and their solutions and listed them below to help you fix them.

Galaxy Z flip smartphone

1: Overheating Problem

One of the major Galaxy Z Flip Issues reported by users was overheating. This happens most of the time when your phone is having a problem with its battery inside. Therefore, it’s recommended to check if nothing is wrong with its battery inside.


  • Don’t install a plethora of games one after another
  • Give a pause in games for a while
  • Try a reboot and see if it helps you fix that problem
  • Double-check if all installed apps in your phone are updated
  • Overheating issues often cause because of bad apps and unused data in your phone. So, check and see it
  • Check if your phone’s ventilation system works properly and is not liable for overheating
  • High power charger can cause overheating – therefore, be sure to check it
  • Perhaps the overheating problem is caused because of something wrong with a processor inside.
  • If still, the problem occurs, do wipe the cache partition and see if this helps.

2: Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

A user came up with a report of connectivity problems right after getting his hands on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The problem normally occurs due to the compatibility issue between Bluetooth versions of both gadgets/devices one tries to connect.


  • Maybe there is a software glitch that causes connectivity problems. Do check and make sure it works seamlessly
  • Also, check and make sure Bluetooth of your phone is “Turned On” with visibility is not hidden
  • The major of the users face this problem because of sending a lot of data in one cycle.
  • Chances are there is a virus in your phone that stops it to be connected with other devices via Bluetooth
  • Do check your phone’s hardware is working properly as a problem in hardware may cause Bluetooth connectivity problems.

3: Poor Battery Life

Poor battery life is some of the major Galaxy Z Flip Drawbacks, disappointing users across the globe. Well, Galaxy Z Flip is not only the phone with poor battery problems, as almost every smartphone gives users the same experience when using extensively or heavily. However, one can get rid of that problem when keeping our plentiful solutions in mind.


  • Continuous data downloading on your phone can be a reason of this problem.
  • Be sure that poor battery problem in Galaxy Z Flip is not caused by a virus that normally finds its entry in the phone
  • In many cases, the battery becomes poor when using the extra level of screen brightness
  • The leading is behind this problem is nothing but installing power-hungry applications in your phone
  • Also, check the fault is not because the phone is running in safe mode for a couple of hours
  • Sometimes, a user suffers from a poor battery because of an OS bug on the phone. So, check and fix and see it helps
  • Perform a reboot to close all apps running in the background and see if this helps you to deal with poor battery

samsung galaxy z flip foldable

4: Screen Doesn’t Work

As we all know, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is not a really old phone, but reports are being submitted by users more and more day by day. There have been problems related to the screen as well. Well, we have listed Galaxy Z Flip Solutions not only to fix connectivity and battery problems but screen problems too.


  • Just make sure that the problem is not just there because the device screen sensors make a mistake with your phone
  • Take off the glass guard from the screen to verify whether the problem occurs
  • One of the reasons for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s screen related problems is the lack of cleanliness against sweat, oil, dirt and grease particles
  • The problem could be due to a fault in any part of the hardware inside your phone
  • Verify if the default screen drivers aren’t working quite perfectly

5: Camera Stops Working

The problem in a camera is one of the most unexpected Galaxy Z Flip Errors, but it’s not really a challenging job to get rid of that problem. Here is are solutions:


  • Remove all 3rd party camera applications from your phone if you are using one
  • Don’t turn on Safe Mode if your phone is having a camera problem
  • Check if new updates are available for the operating system, which can help you to fix that problem
  • This problem may arise only because the phone has a problem with any of the hardware in it
  • Close the camera application and reopen it after 30 seconds and test whether this solves the problem Delete the camera application cache and test whether this helps you solve the problem
  • Check to ensure that the actual issue is not triggered simply because the camera lens is faulty or has damage to it
  • The memory of the phone selected to store the camera files could not have any storage space, and that may cause this issue.

The Last Word

Indeed, it’s an awesome smartphone regardless of all Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Complications. Obviously, technical errors are possible in almost all gadgets and electronics, and Z Flip is no different. However, all problems seem to be resolved near in the future.

Yes, you read that correctly in the future. Let’s not forget that it’s the 2nd generation of Samsung’s foldable smartphones, appealing users worldwide. Are you a Galaxy Z Flip user?

What kind of problem you’re facing? Drop your comment below, and we will try our best to have that problem here alongside its proper solution.  

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Maxine murray

I have a flip, would not recommend anyone buying such a dangerous phone, regularly over heats and all u get from Samsung is we can come out and repair it! They are selling these phones knowing full well of the dangerous and are doing g absolutely nothing about.


I just bought the Samsung flip a week ago. Overheats so much then it gives couple of seconds before it shuts down. All apps overheat it even WhatsApp! The phone is not cheap and I did not expect that I won’t even be able to be on an app without it turning off. Besides the battery doesn’t last at all.


Just purchased the new flip z and it overheats still smh paid too much for this