Samsung Galaxy M21 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy M21 is one of the latest and affordable smartphones with a handsome number of onboard features to grab your attention. It’s ideal for those who look for marvellous battery life and dazzling display experience. Thanks to its 6000mAh non-removable battery, it promises up to 3 days backup on a medium use once charged entirely.

It has a lot of improvements and it’s a successor of M20 smartphone. But aside from all its positive features, it’s not free from errors and problems like many other Android smartphones, according to reports published by users worldwide.

However, there is nothing really scary to raise your heartbeat about Samsung Galaxy M21 Errors or problems as we have listed them down alongside proper solutions for your convenience. So, let’s keep going!

samsung galaxy m21

1: Fast Battery Drain

Unfortunately, a handsome number of users worldwide have reported that a battery of M21 starts draining fast after using it for a week or two. And if you are one of those customers facing such problem, then listed below Samsung Galaxy M21 Solutions will hopefully help you get rid of that problem quite conveniently.


  • First and foremost, don’t install all 3rd party applications that claim to be Battery Saver or Phone Cleaner
  • It’s recommended to activate the phone’s built-in Power Saving option
  • The built-in Battery Saver actually work better and help saving battery significantly
  • Don’t turn on Location when not needed
  • Always prefer Wi-Fi over Mobile Data as Mobile Data sucks up your phone’s battery quite quickly
  • Don’t install giant apps like Facebook or Instagram as both apps require to need a lot of background services to run smoothly without any glitch

2: Heating Problem

These kinds of Samsung Galaxy M21 Problems occur when it comes to playing games for long or working on multiple apps simultaneously. So, if your smartphone is raising its temperature to a certain extent, then you should keep these following precautions to get rid of it easily.


  • Avoid charging your phone for too long
  • Once the charging is full, make sure to remove the charger with immediate effects
  • Be noted that charging for too long may lead to the heating problem
  • Besides, avoid playing gamers for too long without even a pause
  • Also, don’t turn on Mobile Data, Location or GPS when not needed especially when you’re on call
  • On-call means the phone uses a lot of power and services that may lead to a heating problem

Samsung Galaxy M21 Mobile Phone

3: Sudden Shutdown

A sudden or unexpected shutdown is becoming a common problem in approx. all Android smartphones and alas, it’s also one of the major Samsung Galaxy M21 Issues, reported by users. If such a problem arises in your smartphone, then make sure to go through these following steps:


  • First of all, you may also want to take care of the heating problem while dealing with this problem
  • If the temperature rises to the highest point, you may face unexpected shutdown
  • Moreover, always charge your phone completely and let it drained entirely until the phone shuts down
  • If nothing helps, perform a factory reset on your Galaxy M21. Don’t restore backup afterwards but restore your entire data manually instead

4: Bluetooth Problem

Some users have also reported Samsung Galaxy M21 Bluetooth Problem that occurs time-to-time while getting connected to other devices. We are very much hopeful that these solutions will work for you:


  • Checking and verifying that the Bluetooth version compatibility issue on both devices that you are trying to link could trigger this issue
  • The reason for this problem is a software failure with your Samsung Galaxy M21 default Bluetooth drivers
  • Be sure that the problem doesn’t always happen when the phone is in the power saving mode, which also disables the Bluetooth feature
  • The reason why you have this issue may be a wide Bluetooth history list on your phone
  • Be sure that the problem isn’t just that the phone has a hardware problem
  • Maybe any device you are connected is infected with a virus or a similar security issue exists
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The Bottom Line

Hopefully, our listed above solutions will work perfectly against Samsung Galaxy M21 Complications you’re facing. Obviously, the above solutions for common problems won’t work when it comes to a hardware problem.

In case of hardware problem or any other problem that cannot be resolved with our simple solutions, you’re advised to visit a nearby authorised repair shop or contact Samsung’s customer service center to get it fixed in a jiffy.

Do use our comments box below if you’re facing any other problem in your Galaxy M21 but we’ve not listed here. We’ll try our level best to provide you with a simple yet proper solution as soon as possible.

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