iPhone 13 Battery Life issues: Top 8 Fixes

You aren't the only one if you've noticed that the battery on your iPhone 13 runs out of battery far more quickly than usual.

Battery problems are never positive. These troubles are often more aggravating when they emerge after purchasing a new phone. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, battery problems are unavoidable. That is right.

Even though iOS outperforms Android in every respect, it suffers from battery concerns. As we all know, Apple recently presented the brand-new iPhone 13, and folks rushed to get one.

But, most iPhone 13 owners have already experienced battery life issues. Although not everyone is experiencing a major problem, several people have expressed serious concerns about the rapidly declining battery on their iPhone 13.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Battery Life issues
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How to Fix iPhone 13 Battery Life issues

1.   Restart your iPhone 13

Restarting your phone is one of the simplest and easiest solutions available. Sometimes, there may be a problem in the system that isn’t very serious but is capable of interfering with your device’s operation.

The easiest method to remove this problem is to restart your iPhone 13. Thus, we recommend restarting your iPhone 13 to see whether the problem is resolved.

2.   Ensure that all applications are updated

It is as crucial to maintain our apps as up-to-date as keeping our devices up-to-date. To determine whether or not all your apps are current.

  • Launch the App Store
  • Select the Today tab situated at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the User Profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to discover the part where all available updates are shown.
  • To update a specific app, touch the app’s icon.

To update all applications once, click the update All option.

3.   Update your iPhone 13

Every smartphone maker releases regular updates. These updates aim to increase your phone’s capabilities and, if necessary, fix any flaws. In other words, operating an outdated version is likely to hinder the phone’s functionality. To upgrade your iOS device,

  • Open the iPhone’s Settings 13.
  • Choose General.
  • Find and pick the Software Update option.
  • Your iOS device will now search for available upgrades.
  • If a new version is available, download it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the update.

4.   Turn-off Auto-Brightness

The brightness is one of the primary causes of your iPhone 13 battery life issue. Every smartphone includes an auto-brightness function that adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the surrounding environment. Yet, this may rapidly drain the battery on your iPhone. To deactivate this auto-brightness function,

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Choose Display and Text Size.
  • Go down and disable the Automatic brightness.

5.   Disable Background Application Refresh

Several applications are operating in the background. Most of these applications use Background App Refresh to get and update the material in the background. If the weather services are activated on your phone, these services will continuously update the weather whenever they detect a change.

Even though this function keeps you informed at all times, it consumes considerable energy. Follow the procedures outlined below to stop background app refresh on your iPhone 13.

  • Open the Settings app in iPhone
  • Choose General
  • Go to Background App Refresh
  • Choose Off

6.   Avoid using live wallpapers and widgets

Due to the superior display, we are all attracted to dynamic wallpapers and widgets on the home screen. As appealing as they seem, these live wallpapers and widgets inevitably hinder your iPhone 13’s performance, resulting in a rapid battery loss.

Consequently, one of the most straightforward solutions to the iPhone 13 battery life issue is deactivating these dynamic wallpapers and replacing them with a static picture. It will help prolong the life of your iPhone 13’s battery.

7.   Use Low Power Mode

For those in the know, the majority of current smartphones allow you to switch between several power modes. This feature is useful if you are running low on power but still need to use your phone for a bit.

Similarly, the iPhone 13 offers a low-power mode that, when selected, automatically disables or restricts certain background programs or widgets.

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone 13
  • Choose Battery
  • Toggle the Low Power Mode switch

8.   Reset All Settings

If you notice that your iPhone 13’s battery is draining overnight or within minutes of a full charge, you may choose to reset the iPhone’s system settings. Remember that this will not destroy any data from your phone; it will only reset the settings to their original state.

Thus, there is no need to create a backup of your phone prior to executing this step. But, you must memorize the WiFi passwords prior to applying this hack.

  • Open Settings and go to General
  • Go down to the bottom and choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Pick Reset.
  • Choose Restore All Settings
  • When requested, enter your iPhone’s password/passcode.
  • Wait a few moments and then restart your iPhone


Battery problems are widespread among both Android and iOS users, as we said at the beginning of this post. The only way to avoid these problems is to have an understanding of all of the possible causes and to take precautions against them.

Hence, we hope you found this post useful. Please let us know which solution worked for you in the area below.

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