Realme X2 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Realme has an impressive number of budget-oriented smartphones for its fans worldwide, and interestingly, Realme X2 is one of them. The smartphone went live a couple of months back alongside its elder brother Realme X2 Pro, sporting a bunch of decent features and onboard components. The X2 has got the attention of a number of people across the globe, by now and still shining on shelves.

However, aside from its shining side, reports regarding Realme X2 Errors or problems have been increasing more and more day by day such as heating problem, fast battery drain, unexpected shutdown, and screen flickering.

Well, we have compiled a number of solutions against these problems here on this single page for your convenience. So, let’s have a look!

Realme X2 Smartphone

1: Screen Flickering Issue

These kinds of problems normally hit mid-range smartphones, but thankfully, it’s just a minor problem that can be fixed with the implementation of a couple of steps. Hopefully, listed below Realme X2 Solutions will help you overcome this problem quite perfectly.


  • A force restart of your phone can help you fix screen flickering
  • Most of the times, screen flickering causes due to some minor firmware-related glitches
  • Resetting your phone’s settings can also help you say goodbye to this problem with ease
  • Be noted that, resetting of your phone wouldn’t delete your files, data or apps – therefore, there is nothing to be worried about making no backup
  • If a problem remains the same, an ultimate solution is to factory reset your Realme X2 – but be sure to create a backup of your files and data as everything will be erased completely

2: W-Fi Connectivity Problem

Wi-Fi connectivity issue has become a common problem among Android smartphones, and according to users, their Realme X2 devices are unable to get connected to Wi-Fi. This Realme X2 WiFi Issue doesn’t seem to be a serious problem, and it can be fixed by going through the following steps.


  • Perform a simple restart as it refreshes apps and phone’s overall system
  • Reboot your network device, i.e., router and see if this helps
  • If a problem remains the same, it’s recommended to try connecting other devices to Wi-Fi
  • Forget current W-Fi connection and try connecting again and check
  • If nothing works, a factory reset after creating a backup can help you fix that problem easily

3: Heating Problem

It has seen that Android phones start raising their temperature if users work on multiple apps or play games, even for a short span of time. Unfortunately, this is one of the common Realme X2 Issues as well – based on reports published by users.


  • Try avoiding charge for too long and once it’s charged completely, unplug the charger immediately
  • Also, avoid using your phone while charging as it may lead to heating issue
  • Besides, playing games for a couple of hours without even a pause also cause a serious heating problem
  • Always turn-off your Mobile Data, GPS and location when not needed and prefer using Wi-Fi
  • Similarly, keep your Mobile Data turned-off when you’re on call as on-call requires a plethora of power and services that may cause heating

4: Fast Battery Drain

Poor battery or fast battery drain is the most common problem of an Android smartphone, like a heating problem. This issue has also counted as one of the major Realme X2 Problems that is quite irritating and needs to be fixed. Hopefully, the following steps will ensure that you wouldn’t longer face this problem on your phone.


  • To improve Realme X2 battery life significantly, it’s recommended to remove 3rd party applications especially Phone Cleaner and Battery Save
  • Turning on integrated Power Saving option is a bold move as battery savers provided by the company work efficiently over 3rd party apps
  • Don’t let location services turned on always
  • Avoid using Mobile Data when not required as it sucks up your phone’s battery expressively
  • At last, don’t install apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter which require a lot of power to run on the background smoothly

We are still looking for the rest of the solutions against the Realme X2 Bluetooth problem, Realme X2 poor camera quality, apps not working, slow charging, and slow performance. You’re requested to bookmark this page and often check as we will be updating this page on a daily basis.

The Bottom Line

Let’s finish this off by saying that we’re very much hopeful you’ll find these solutions quite helpful to overcome all Realme X2 Complications easily. However, these solutions work only perfectly when you really understand the problem before implementing a solution.

We are open to hearing specific problems of your Realme X2 smartphone as well as questions and suggestions. Drop your opinions and problems in a comment section below, and we’ll try our best to provide you with a proper solution as soon as possible.   :

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My phone is realme X2 and i faced a problem s like phone heating issue & battery drain This is the major problems in my phone as well as if I open camera automatically the phone is heating.