Realme C3 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

The recently released Realme C3 is one of the company’s most sophisticated smartphones for budget-conscious buyers with groundbreaking design, a large waterdrop display, and of course, a whopping 5000mAh battery. It’s basically designed for those who are short on cash but looking for a wonderful gadget with state-of-the-art features, and interestingly, so far, Realme C3 has appealed many and giving tough competition to the others.

Regardless of dazzling design, features, and flagship-level specifications, smartphones are not free from troubles, and unfortunately, Realme C3 is no different no matter how much you really care of it. Minor issues always go along with smartphones, and it’s quite rare if your phone runs perfectly fine.

Some users have reported quite a few problems in their devices, which doesn’t entirely mean every model of Realme C3 or every user will face these problems. Based on different problems reported by users, we have compiled all possible Realme C3 Solutions here to apply and avoid the problems simply.

Realme C3 issues

Overheating Problem

A handsome number of users have reported overheating, which is one of the biggest Realme C3 Problems. The common reasons behind overheating are gaming for a long period, hardware components, incorrect settings, not updating apps, overcharging, overclocking, and steaming content. Make sure you apply these solutions and see if they help:


  • Make sure that a power bank you’re using doesn’t cause overheating
  • Pay close attention to your phone and power bank power requirements, which have to be the same
  • The overheating issue can arise, as the phone is operating in safe mode or power-saving mode
  • This problem could be caused by an active virus in your smartphone
  • Check and make sure that your phone is not connected to any accessory for long
  • Also, check and make sure that the problem is not because incorrect information stored in your phone
  • Check your phone’s ventilation system as it may stop working that causes overheating

Battery Drains Fast

Continuous apps data Synchronisation or turned-on phone data both are the major reasons behind the fast draining of a battery. So, it’s recommended to turn-off mobile data most of the time and use Wi-Fi where possible.

Hence, fast battery draining wouldn’t be one of the biggest Realme C3 Errors if you take care a little. We hope our listed below methods would help you maintain your phone’s battery life significantly:


  • The poor battery life is often triggered by switching the phone GPS On when it is unnecessary
  • Sometimes a virus or malware on your phone causes this problem
  • The problem is simply because of a software problem on your phone so that pending updates should be installed to fix this problem
  • It is possible that your Realme C3 will have the actual fault by downloading power-hungry applications
  • Check whether the level of screen brightness is too high, which is why the problem is caused
  • Perform a reboot and see if it helps

Slow Charging

 Slow charging is indeed irritating, especially when you get your hands on a phone with the fast-charging feature. Although Realme C3 comes with fast-charging support, but according to reports published by users, they have been encountered with slow charging. And that’s the reason this problem holds its position in the list of Realme C3 Issues.


  • A faulty charger can cause slow charging, therefore, it is recommended to double-check network adapter and charging cable both you’re using
  • It would help if you make sure that the apps do not run in the background as they slow down charging speed most of the times
  • This problem is occasionally caused simply by the Wi-Fi hotspot being activated and the connection to the internet via other devices
  • Try not to use your phone while charging for any purpose and don’t play games as both use battery significantly and hence, your phone charges quite slowly
  • Most important of all, bad applications in your Realme C3 can cause this problem as well

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of all Realme C3 Complications is quite easier when the above provide solutions are applied correctly and carefully. With our quite a few simple and proper solutions, we’re very much hopeful that you would be able to fix the problem in your Realme C3.

If a problem remains the same, it’s recommended to claim “Warranty” (if it’s available) or get it checked at your nearest store (authorised) to know the problem.

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You, too, can use our comments box below to let us know a problem you’re facing in your Realme C3 but not listed here. We’ll try our best to list it here on this page, along with a simple yet proper solution for your convenience.

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Aqsa khan

My realme c3 mobile is not working, its on internally, but screen is off, its ringing, its vibrating but its off.