Poco X2 Common Issues Problems and Solutions

A lot of care can help you stay away from any problem that occurs in your smartphone, and if still, something happens, worrying about it is not a solution – rather fix with smartly. Most of the time, problems and issues in smartphones become daunting, and hence, we get worried even when we really don’t want to.

According to the survey, almost every smartphone becomes irritating with many problems like overheating, poor battery, slow performance, low camera performance, and much more. Unfortunately, a handsome number of users across India (as it’s available for India only) have reported different kinds of Poco X2 Problems recently and looking for their solutions to get rid of them.

Users of Poco X2 don’t need to be worried any further as we have done our best and listed below the most common problems/issues/bugs of Poco X2 alongside their solutions for your convenience.

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1: Poor Battery Life

Although Poco X2 Drawbacks are very few in numbers but poor battery is one of its major problems faced by hundreds of users in India. Let us help you a little to solve Poco X2 battery draining problem with mentioned below solutions:


  • Turn on Safe Mode by waking up the screen and pressing and holding the power key
  • You will notice an option that will ask you to turn on safe mode
  • Keep it turned on and check your phone’s battery after two days
  • Another way to increase battery life is to update the software by visiting the phone’s settings
  • Besides, downloading stuff continuously or watching videos a lot are some of the reasons why the battery doesn’t last longer.

2: Screen Doesn’t Work Correctly

There are many reasons why your phone’s screen doesn’t work as perfectly as it should be. The major reasons include no more storage space, oil particles, and body sweat. Hopefully, the solutions listed below will help you get rid of it.


  • These kinds of Poco X2 Issues can be resolved by checking if the phone’s operating system works properly without any glitch.
  • Try removing recently installed applications and see if it works
  • Another reason behind the lag in the screen’s performance is overcharging
  • Or, you can try replacing the glass protector to get rid of such types of issues.
  • You’re encountered with this problem as there is a virus in your smartphone
  • A forced reboot to your phone can help you solve this problem. So, must try it
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3: Overheating Problem

Another one of the major Poco X2 Complications faced by its users is “Overheating” even when using a phone for a short span of time. As it’s a gaming smartphone, therefore, this can be the reason for this problem. However, we have listed down some solutions for your convenience to keep your phone as cool as possible.


  • Performing a basic restart can help you solve this problem.
  • Make sure you close all background running apps and games and check if this helps you out
  • Double-check the charger you are using for your phone and see if it doesn’t create a problem
  • Power bank may be a major reason behind overheating
  • Don’t install any application in your phone from non-trusted sources
  • Customizing your phone’s setting may cause overheating
  • The overheating problem can be occurred by general bugs in the Operating System

4: Slow Performance

Facing slow performance with a passage of time is not new for many of us, but it may be a major concern when you have a phone with a whopping RAM, super-powerful processor, and other entirely-baked components. Some users of Poco X2 has faced the same problem even in the presence of enormous RAM and processor. Hopefully, our listed below solutions will help you make your phone a little faster.


  • A bug in the operating system or hardware failure may cause slow performance. So, be sure you check it
  • Turn off safe mode as it can affect your phone’s overall performance
  • Most of the times, it’s nothing but overheating that doesn’t let many apps run smoothly
  • Chances are you face slow performance due to many opened tabs in your phone’s browser
  • The explanation that you are faced with this problem is that the system should not trust certain applications from other sources
  • Check that removal of the cache data as well as temporary phone files solves this problem
  • You simply have to make sure that your computer doesn’t have a virus
  • Often changing your phone settings slows it down
  • Make sure that your phone doesn’t have a slow internet connection as it may affect your overall phone’s performance
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Our Last Words

So, these were the Poco X2 Solutions of different problems faced by users. After having a look at reported problems on the internet, the company’s executive said if anything makes our users very uncomfortable, we will definitely choose to help them get rid of it and provide an exceptional user experience. Well, keeping your phone’s apps and OS updated might help you to stay away from many problems as companies release many updates in a year to provide their users with an improved and dazzling experience like never before.

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