OnePlus Nord 3 5G Common Problems and Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your OnePlus Nord 3! Troubleshoot these common problems and enhance its performance!

In the realm of smartphones, OnePlus has carved out a prominent position for itself, renowned for its inventive features, elegant designs, and exceptional performance.

The recent addition to their Nord series, the OnePlus Nord 3, embodies these qualities by presenting an array of impressive features, all at an affordable price point.

For an in-depth exploration of its features and more, you can find everything in detail in our comprehensive OnePlus Nord 3 review.

However, if you’re a recent buyer of the OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone and finding yourself grappling with a range of issues, this article is here to provide solutions to the common problems encountered on the device.

Well, it’s important to note that if you’re facing hardware-related difficulties with your phone, your best course of action is to reach out to the customer support team for assistance and potentially arrange for necessary repairs.

OnePlus Nord 3 5G Common Problems and Solutions
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OnePlus Nord 3 5G Common Problems and Solutions

1:  Overheating Problem

Frequent heat generation in your phone is a common occurrence, often attributed to factors like battery performance or other variables.

It’s typical for phones to experience warmth during usage, particularly when engaging in tasks that demand significant processing power. This includes activities like gaming, music streaming, or concurrently operating multiple applications.

To address the problem of overheating, here’s a set of guidelines you can follow.


  • Close all background apps and assess if this resolves the issue.
  • Deactivate Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and similar connections when they’re not needed.
  • It’s worth noting that playing games during the device’s charging can lead to heat problems.
  • Go for a simple restart on your OnePlus phone to see if this rectifies the situation.
  • Ensure you maximise available internal storage to enhance your phone’s overall performance.
  • If you engage in graphics-intensive gaming, remember that some level of heat generation is typical.

2:  Bluetooth Not Working

Encountering difficulties with Bluetooth pairing and connections can be quite frustrating. You might experience challenges in connecting your phone to your car, or encounter error messages while attempting to pair with speakers.

However, there’s no need to be concerned. Here’s a set of solutions to address and resolve this problem.


  • Ensure that you have accurately paired the Bluetooth device with your OnePlus Nord 3, as incorrect pairing can frequently be the root cause of the issue.
  • If Power Saving Mode or Safe Mode is active, deactivate them.
  • Limited connectivity often arises when Bluetooth devices are not in close proximity to one another.
  • Verify if a software update is available for your device and install it if applicable.
  • Strive to establish Bluetooth connections under stable conditions.
  • Avoid keeping your phone in enclosed spaces such as bags or tight environments.

3:  Battery Drain Fast

In the most recent OnePlus Nord 3 News, it’s highlighted that the phone is equipped with an impressive 5000mAh battery, seemingly capable of providing a full day’s usage.

However, a significant number of users have raised concerns regarding rapid battery drainage. If you find yourself facing this issue, consider implementing the following steps to address and potentially resolve the problem.


  • Remove unnecessary junk cleaning applications like Cleaner and RAM boosters. These apps operate in the background and can lead to ongoing battery drainage.
  • Access the notification menu and activate Power Saving Mode on your OnePlus Nord 3.
  • It’s typical for battery consumption to increase when using mobile data.
  • Check whether the problem persists while your device is operating in Safe Mode.
  • Malware might be a factor. Therefore, utilise Antivirus applications to scan and eliminate potential threats.

4:  Camera Issues

Experiencing poor picture quality with your OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone’s camera? If so, here are the tried-and-tested measures to resolve this problem.


  • This issue stems from a bug within the Android OS. To rectify it, you’ll need to await an official update from your device manufacturer.
  • Have you encountered this problem after installing a third-party camera app? If so, uninstall the app and utilize the official camera app instead.
  • Clear the cache of the camera app and launch it again. Verify if this action resolves the issue.
  • Adjustments to camera settings might be causing the problem. Reset camera settings to their defaults and assess if the issue is resolved.
  • If you’re using camera filters, try removing them from your phone.
  • Given the camera’s improper functionality, there could potentially be a hardware problem with your OnePlus Nord 3.

5: Apps and Games Keep Crashing

Encountering sudden crashes while attempting to open an app or game on your OnePlus Nord 3 is a common issue, but there’s no need for concern. You can swiftly resolve this problem by adhering to the steps outlined below.


  • Ensure that all your apps and games are up-to-date by installing their latest versions.
  • If you’re encountering crashes in a specific app, clear its cache to potentially resolve the issue.
  • Consider the possibility that the problem could stem from a phone virus.
  • Check for available software updates for your OnePlus Nord 3. If one is accessible, proceed with the update.
  • If Power Saving Mode is activated on your OnePlus Nord 3, ensure to disable it.

6:  Continually Freezing or Crashing

Experiencing freezing issues while using your OnePlus Nord 3? Encountering errors like “System UI stopped” or “Unfortunately, the system UI has stopped“?

If so, rest assured that these are common errors with straightforward solutions. Follow the steps below to resolve the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” issue on your OnePlus Nord 3 smartphone.


  • To address this problem, start by performing a simple restart of your phone.
  • If you commonly encounter this issue on the home screen, consider removing widgets from the home screen and assess if this resolves the problem.
  • Navigate to the Play Store and ensure you update all your applications.
  • Resolve the issue further by clearing the cache and data for System UI, Play Store, and Play Services.


The OnePlus Nord 3 stands out as a remarkable smartphone, delivering remarkable value within its price range. Nonetheless, it’s important to stay informed about possible challenges that may arise and equip yourself with effective strategies to tackle them.

This article delved into prevalent problems encountered by users of the OnePlus Nord 3 and solutions to address them.

By adhering to these troubleshooting guidelines, you can elevate your device’s performance, fix connectivity problems, optimise battery longevity, and relish a seamless user experience with your OnePlus Nord 3.

Remember to remain updated with the latest software releases and don’t hesitate to reach out to OnePlus support or visit service centres for additional assistance if the need arises.

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