OnePlus 8 Pro Common Issues and How to Solve them?

The Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus, without any doubt, has always been able to surprise its customers and potential fans with high-end flagship devices that really shine in terms of functionality, software optimisation and, of course, price.

The latest “Hero OnePlus 8 Pro” is a beautiful and gorgeously designed smartphone with significant improvements in terms of performance, camera, display, and battery.

It’s not quite old and most of the countries not yet received this beast on their stores but a number of users have reported OnePlus 8 Pro Issues on Reddit like its display problem, Wi-Fi problem, heating problem, and more.

The number of reports regarding problems doesn’t really mean that every user has to face this problem. All these problems are shared by different users throughout the world and we’ve done our best to bring the proper solution to help you get rid of it.

oneplus 8 pro issues

1: Display Problem

One of the most common OnePlus 8 Pro Problems reported by users is its display problem. So many users on Reddit have reported that their phones have been having green screens, red screens & black crushing.

The same problem had already been reported on Galaxy S20 Ultra a couple of days ago but was fixed with a software update.


The simple yet proper solution isn’t available to get rid of green display but some experts have said that an upcoming software update can help you fix this problem.

Therefore, it’s a bold move to wait for a little for the update. And if nothing works even after getting the latest updates, you’re recommended to get connected with OnePlus’ customer support to get this problem fixed.

2: Wi-Fi Problem

Having a Wi-Fi problem in your phone is now common and unfortunately, we’ve found a number of reports about OnePlus 8 Pro WiFi problem as well, shared on different online forums and platforms.

Some users are facing Wi-Fi disconnecting over and over again whereas many have said that the phones full signals for a minute and drop them in a couple of seconds. Hopefully, the listed below solutions will help you overcome this problem. And if it doesn’t work, drop a comment below!


  • The explanation is that the safe mode on the phone is being activated
  • See if there is limited access to the services on the internet connection you connected to your device
  • Your OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone can refuse to connect to a security network
  • Any blocked applications may have caused the problem
  • Make sure that the router cap is not exceeded to host devices on a connection
  • Another reason behind this problem is that something is wrong with Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Some data-hungry apps will bring further pressure on the internet connection and slow it or interrupt it

3: SIM Related Problems

A user on Reddit has reported that right after getting his OnePlus 8 Pro and after activating in on Verizon, he got an error message that Dual SIM functionality isn’t available.

Many other users reported different other SIM related problems of OnePlus 8 Pro but we’ve gathered some solutions against OnePlus 8 Pro SIM related problems that may help you a bit:


  • Make sure the OnePlus 8 Pro version you have purchased is for the specific purpose that you live because buying a wrong one can trigger a problem
  • The problem is often caused by stains in the SIM card – therefore, check it and replace it if they are over the mark
  • One of the reasons for the growing SIM issues in OnePlus 8 Pro is simply the fact that roaming services are disabled when leaving the city
  • Open network settings, and choose “network selection mode” option and restart your phone
  • Check for low signal strength only because you are in the basement
  • The reason you have to deal with this issue is simply because your SIM card has suspended services

4: Heating Problem

Reports regarding OnePlus 8 Pro Heating Problem are a few but it doesn’t mean we should not get rid of that problem. According to users at Reddit, OnePlus 8 Pro gets warm significantly even after using it for an hour continuously. We’ve compiled some solutions that may work for you!


  • Be sure that the device’s overheating is not due to any environmental-related factors such as temperature changes
  • The problem is not only because the system is operating in the power-saving mode and multi-tasking operation
  • Installation of third-party applications may cause overheating problems in OnePlus 8 Pro
  • There are several streaming apps that cause mobile overheating problems
  • Another potential explanation for overheating is to load too many applications on the smartphone and run them all together
  • The unused applications and data should be immediately removed from the phone

Wrapping Up

Make sure you apply all above OnePlus 8 Pro Solutions to perfectly eliminate the problem you’re facing. Obviously, it’s quite essential and in case a problem remains the same, then chances are your phone is having a hardware problem. In that case, you’ll need to contact OnePlus’ official support center to get the problem resolved.

Besides, you can share your specific OnePlus 8 Pro problem you’re facing but we’ve mentioned above. We’ll strive to find out a proper solution and bring it here on this page for you.

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