Messenger Bubble Not Showing on Android: Here’s How to Fix?

Facebook Messenger bubbles stopped working right after the Android 11 release. And if you are having this problem, then here you'll learn how to fix the Messenger bubble not showing on Android.

With a plethora of new features like Vanish Mode and others, the Facebook Messenger app has quickly risen to become a top contender among chatting apps. More than 1.3 billion people across the world use it, making it the second most popular messaging app behind WhatsApp.

With its prominence, one could assume that Messenger is flawless software, free of bugs. This is not the case, however, since Facebook Messenger is prone to faults and outages just like any other service. One of the most prevalent issues with Facebook Messenger is that its bubbles do not work or appear.

If this bug continues to affect Android users, Messenger will become inaccessible when drawing on top of other apps. And if users want to check their messages, they’ll have to exit the app they’re now using.

Well, if you count yourself among these users, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to fix the Facebook Messenger bubble not showing on Android. So, let’s keep going!

Messenger Bubble Not Showing on Android
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What are Messenger Bubbles?

Facebook Messenger chat bubbles, also known as chat heads, enable users to continue a discussion even if they go to a different app. Chatting takes place inside little, round bubbles that reveal the person’s profile image when clicked. When you get a message, it will pop up so you can read it without having to launch the Facebook Messenger app again.

In other words, you may continue doing other things while holding a chat thanks to this function. You can keep talking to someone without having to stop what you’re doing on your phone, whether that’s looking at photos or watching a video.

You may drag the bubbles anywhere you want, pin them to the screen, or swipe them away to close them. You can instantly recognise when a message has arrived. Just pressing the chat button allows you to keep talking without switching apps.

Why are Messenger Bubbles Not Working?

Although Facebook Messenger is one of the best messaging apps around, it is not free from flaws. Sometimes, Facebook Messenger notifications don’t work or quite often the bubbles do not show on Android. The following are some of the reasons why Android versions of Messenger do not show bubbles:

  • It’s due to the latest Android 11 update
  • You might didn’t give permission to Messenger
  • Bubbles (Chat Heads) aren’t enabled yet
  • You didn’t clear cache and data for so long

Here is How to Fix Messenger Bubbles Not Showing on Android?

1:  Restart Your Device

restart your smartphone - android keyboard not working
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It’s possible that the absence of chat bubbles (heads) is due to a temporary malfunction or issue on your device. You may avoid this possibility by rebooting your Android smartphone, which will cause Messenger’s resources to refresh and get rid of any issues.

2:  Enable Notification Permission

Allowing all permissions to Messenger is the one-stop solution to many problems, from the failure to sending pictures on Messenger to the disappearance of the bubbles. It’s important to know that Messenger can’t access your contacts or send messages without the proper permissions from your system. If this isn’t allowed, things like bubbles won’t work well.

  • Long Press on Your Messenger App Icon
  • App Drawer Menu Will Appear
  • Choose the “i” Button from a Floating Menu and Go to “App Info
click i button on messenger - messenger bubble not showing
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  • Next, Tap on Notifications
click over notifications (messenger) - messenger bubble not showing
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  • In the Following Menu, Tap on Enable Notifications for Messenger
enable all notification on messenger - messenger bubble not showing
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3:  Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

If you’re having trouble with the chat heads or bubbles in the Facebook Messenger app, there is another obvious place to look. Maybe you are at a crucial meeting and have turned on Do Not Disturb Mode on your phone. Chat heads on Android may stop functioning if the user has forgotten to disable Do Not Disturb.

To access the Notifications tab, just swipe down from the top of the screen. If you want to get Bubble alerts from the Messenger app, you need to turn off the Do Not Disturb setting.

4:  Update Messenger App

It’s possible that the problem might be related to a bubble in the version of Messenger you’re running. To eliminate this as a potential cause, make sure you’re using the most recent version of Facebook Messenger, which includes fixes for any remaining problems.

update messenger app - messenger bubble not showing
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It’s important to note that updating an app can also fix many other issues including Messenger keeps crashing. Navigate to your device’s Play Store and search for “Messenger,” and update to the most recent version.

5:  Clear App Data

In certain cases, the app’s data might become bloated due to the accumulation of several temporary files. The affected application may become unstable as a result. While it’s exceedingly unlikely, you might try wiping the data just to be sure. Here’s how to delete all app-related data and erase the cache:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to “Apps” or App Manager
  • Now Scroll Down to Find Messenger App
  • Tap on Messenger and Then Tap on Storage
  • Now, Tap on the “Clear Data” Button
clear messenger app cache - messenger bubble not showing
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6:  Reinstall Messenger App

Reinstalling Messenger is your best bet if the previous steps haven’t fixed the issue. By doing this, you know you’re using the most up-to-date version of the app and that none of your data is damaged.

  • Unlock Your Phone and Go to Messenger App
  • Now, Press and Hold its Icon Until a Pop-up Appears
  • Next, Select “Uninstall” on Android and Select “Remove App” on iPhone
  • Go Back to Play Store and App Store and Reinstall the Messenger App
reinstall messenger app - messenger bubble not showing
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The Last Word

That’s all folks! We are very much hopeful that this detailed guide has helped you fix Facebook Messenger bubbles not showing on Android with several easy steps. This concludes our guide, and if you have any other questions or concerns, please leave a comment, and we’ll try our best to respond.

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