Top 4 Best Mobile Phone Trackers Online in UK

Ensure Digital Safety for Your Loved Ones with These Trusted Mobile Tracking Tools in the UK!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. They help us stay connected, productive and entertained.

However, there are times when you might need to track a mobile phone, either for personal reasons, such as ensuring the safety of your loved ones or for professional purposes, like locating a lost device.

Mobile Tracker Apps UK

Whatever your motivation may be, there are various free online mobile trackers available in the UK that can assist you. And here, we are going to discuss the top 4 best online mobile trackers in the UK, their features, pros and cons and much more!

1: EyeZy

Eyezy is a comprehensive and user-friendly parental control app that empowers parents to vigilantly monitor their children’s online activities.

This powerful tool offers a diverse array of features, from real-time location tracking to social media monitoring and web browsing oversight, giving parents unprecedented insight into their child’s digital world.

Eyezy is designed for simplicity, ensuring effortless installation and usability, even for those less tech-savvy. Affordable and accessible, it delivers peace of mind to parents seeking to safeguard their children in the ever-expanding online landscape.

With Eyezy, parents can proactively protect their kids from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other online threats, while maintaining a balanced digital environment.

This app is a valuable ally for parents who want to ensure their children’s online safety without compromising on usability and affordability.

Key Features

  • Social Spotlight

This feature allows parents to closely monitor their child’s social media activity on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It provides a detailed overview of their interactions, ensuring a safer online experience.

  • Pinpoint

For enhanced safety, Eyezy offers real-time location tracking and geofencing alerts. This means parents can track their child’s precise location and receive notifications when they enter or leave specific areas, providing peace of mind.

  • Magic Alerts

Eyezy’s Magic Alerts feature is a proactive guardian, promptly notifying parents if their child encounters potentially harmful or inappropriate online content. It uses advanced algorithms to detect concerning material, allowing parents to take swift action.

  • Invisible Shield

With the Invisible Shield feature, parents can exercise control over web access by blocking specific websites and applications that are considered inappropriate or unsuitable. This helps ensure a safer online environment for their children.

  • Plans Breaker

Eyezy empowers parents to establish schedules and time limits for their child’s device usage. This feature encourages healthier screen time habits, ensuring that children strike a balance between their digital and offline lives, while also offering rewards for good behavior.

EyeZy Pros & Cons


  • Affordable Protection and Tracking.
  • Feature-Rich Monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Interface.


  • iCloud Sync Delay.
  • Only Demo Available to Try Free.
  • Privacy Concerns.

2: mSpy

Image Credit: mSpy

The mSpy is a widely recognised monitoring and tracking software designed for parents and employers. It allows users to monitor the activities of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, mSpy offers a comprehensive range of features, including call and text message monitoring, GPS tracking, social media monitoring, app usage tracking, and more.

This versatile tool is commonly used by parents to ensure their children’s online safety and by employers to monitor employees’ device usage for security and productivity purposes.

However, it’s essential to use mSpy responsibly and within legal and ethical boundaries, as the use of such software can raise privacy and ethical concerns.

Key Features:

  • Call and Text Monitoring

The mSpy allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, helping you stay informed about communication on the target device.

  • GPS Location Tracking

With real-time GPS tracking, you can monitor the precise location of the device, ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Stay updated on social media activities, including posts, messages, and interactions on popular platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • App Usage Tracking

Discover which applications are installed and actively used on the monitored device, providing insights into the user’s digital behaviour.

  • Geofencing Alerts

Set up geographical boundaries and receive instant notifications when the device enters or exits predefined areas, enhancing safety and security measures.

mSPY Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Monitoring.
  • Easy Parental Control.
  • Ease of Use Interface.
  • Location Tracking.
  • Track for Android & iPhone Both.


  • Some Privacy Concerns.
  • Legal Implications.
  • Too Costly Subscriptions.
  • Only Demo Available to Try Free.

3: Haqerra


Haqerra is a powerful spy and hacking application that provides adults with comprehensive monitoring capabilities for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

This sophisticated software allows users to remotely access and track text messages, phone calls, social media accounts, web browsing history, GPS locations, and more.

It aims to ensure the safety of loved ones and protect personal information from unauthorized access. Haqerra’s key features include remote monitoring, keylogging, social media monitoring, ambient recording, remote camera control, and stealth mode.

With pricing options to suit various needs, Haqerra offers a user-friendly interface and reliable functionality, making it a valuable tool for responsible monitoring and tracking.

Key Features:

  • Remote Monitoring

Haqerra offers discreet remote monitoring of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users can secretly track a wide range of activities, including call logs, text messages, emails, and social media interactions, along with precise GPS location data.

  • Keylogger

With its advanced keylogger function, Haqerra records every keystroke on the target device, capturing passwords, messages, and search queries. This data is securely stored in your Haqerra account, providing valuable insights into the user’s digital activities.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Haqerra boasts extensive social media monitoring capabilities, supporting platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Users can access private messages, and view posts, photos, and videos, gaining a comprehensive view of the user’s social interactions.

  • Ambient Recording

Haqerra enables the remote activation of the microphone on the target device, allowing users to record and listen to the ambient surroundings. This feature is valuable for collecting evidence or ensuring safety.

  • Remote Camera Control

With Haqerra, you can gain remote access to the target device’s camera, discreetly capturing photos and videos without the user’s awareness. This functionality proves useful for monitoring and gathering evidence.

Haqerra Pros & Cons


  • Multiple Monitoring Features.
  • Easy to Use Interface.
  • Easy Remote Access.
  • Peace of Mind for Parents.


  • Needs Physical Access to Install.
  • Not Compatible with Many Devices.
  • No Free Trial Available.

4: mLite App


mLite App stands as a robust and versatile mobile safety solution catering to both Android and iOS devices. Its feature-rich arsenal encompasses parental control, real-time GPS tracking, app locking, and more, providing comprehensive protection and monitoring capabilities.

The application operates discreetly, offering the valuable ability to oversee your loved one’s digital engagements while nurturing trust and open communication.

With its extensive range of features and compatibility with both major mobile platforms, the mLite App ensures a secure and responsible digital environment for your family.

Your data’s safety is upheld through stringent encryption and privacy measures, which guarantee that sensitive information remains shielded from prying eyes.

Key Features:

Surroundings Recording: It enables you to activate the device’s microphone remotely to capture ambient sounds and conversations, gaining insight into your child’s surroundings.

  • Live Camera

This feature allows you to access the device’s camera in real-time for visual monitoring to enhance security and reassurance.

  • Know Their Contacts

It lets you view and understand your child’s contacts to identify potential risks and facilitate relevant conversations.

  • Panic Button

It’s a safety feature that allows your child to send instant distress signals, along with their location, during emergencies.

  • Live Location

With the mLite App, you can track your child’s real-time location on an interactive map, which ensures their safety and awareness of their movements.

mLite Pros & Cons


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility.
  • Secure Data Handling.
  • Panic Button for Instant Distress Signals.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring.


  • Not Affordable for Everyone.
  • Explicit Consent Required.
  • Limited Monitoring Abilities.


When it comes to free online mobile trackers in the UK, there are several options available, each with its own set of features and considerations. Mentioned above apps/tools like EyeZy, mSpy, Haqerra and mLite App offer various monitoring and tracking capabilities, catering to different needs and priorities.

However, it’s essential to use such tools responsibly, respecting privacy and legal boundaries. Parents and guardians should carefully evaluate these options to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones in an increasingly digital world.

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