iPhone 12 won’t Turn On? Here is How to Fix it!

It’s almost difficult, but if your iPhone suddenly stops working and you haven’t dropped it or immersed it in water, you don’t need to panic too much as there is a way to bring your phone back to life. In most of the cases, if your iPhone 12 won’t turn on, this might be the reason that there was a firmware crash.

Besides, if your iPhone 12 hasn’t been physically damaged, you should be able to rule out software-related issues by following the steps mentioned below. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the solutions below and see if they can help turn on iPhone 12.

Solution 1 – Do a Force Restart

A force restart is a simple fix that might help enormously with these kinds of problems. If the phone’s frozen condition is the cause of its inability to power on, this method may be successful in getting it to do so. This method works like a simulated battery test in that it may wake up a system that has been turned off.

  • Quickly press the volume up button and release it
  • Then, immediately push the Volume Down button and release it
  • The last step is to press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears

Let’s make the assumption that after following the steps in the method, your phone is able to power on. Software and app updates should be a priority. By doing so, the system may be better set, and any remaining faults or malfunctions on the phone may be eliminated.

How to Update Apps?

  • Go to Home Screen
  • Tap on App Store
  • Tap on Today’s Tab
  • Now Tap on User Profile and Account Details will appear
  • Find the “Available Updates” Section
  • Tap on “Update
  • Update Every App Individually

You can also tap on “all updates” to update all the available apps at once.

Solution 2 – Check Your Wall Adapter

If your iPhone 12 stopped working all of a sudden, then it’s required to check the wall adapter. This is especially the case if you’re using a detachable cable adapter. There is no denying the fact that the USB port on the adapter could have been damaged in some way.

In the same way that trying to charge with a different cable may help determine whether the cable is at issue, trying to charge with a different adapter can do the same.

You may also try connecting it directly to your computer if you don’t have access to any other adapters. It’s probably the adapter if it won’t charge with the same phone and cord. If it doesn’t work, however, you should also try other electrical outlets.

Solution 3 – Charge for a While and Do a Force Restart

The remaining percentage of the phone’s battery is a factor we could overlook. If the battery in your iPhone is dead, it may not turn on. You should plug your phone into an outlet and leave it plugged in for at least 15 minutes. In order to avoid damage, always use the cable and charger that Apple originally provided.

If the battery isn’t showing any signs of charging, chances are your iPhone 12 won’t turn on automatically. You may try a force restart while it’s still plugged into the charger. If you want to use the first solution, just follow the instructions there.

Solution 4 – Go for Recovery Mode

This solution majorly comes into action in case your iPhone 12 is stuck black screen or even not turning on after performing the mentioned-above solution.  It is one of the most cutting-edge solutions for Apple devices that are experiencing terrible problems caused by malicious bugs and software faults, which may have been the reason for your iPhone 12 not turning on. This issue has been affecting Apple products for quite some time.

You’ll need a Mac or PC with the most recent version of iTunes to carry this out. Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of an operating system on your computer that’s compatible with your iPhone 12.

Using the USB or lightning connection Apple provides, link your device to the PC if it does. The next step is to connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync your backups if that is an option. Once the backup is safe, you may reinstall iOS in iTunes by putting your iPhone 12 into recovery mode:

  • Press the volume up button and release quickly
  • Press the volume down button and release quickly
  • Once you get the Connect to iTunes screen, press and hold the Power/Side button for a few seconds. Keep holding the button down until the Apple logo shows, since entering recovery mode requires you to do so
  • There will be two choices presented to you once you enter recovery mode: Update or Restore

If you wish to restore your iOS device to factory settings without losing any of your data, choose to restore throughout the iOS reinstallation process.

Stay plugged in and don’t touch your phone until the restoration is done. If it takes more than 15 minutes to download, your phone will automatically leave recovery mode. In such a case, you may always try entering recovery mode again by following the same procedure.

Solution 5 – iPhone 12 DFU Mode Restore

The DFU restore is the final option for fixing your iPhone 12. This will return your iPhone 12 to its original settings. So, whether your iPhone 12 is stuck on logo, has suddenly stopped responding, or won’t turn on, don’t worry; these issues may all be resolved. It will be like opening the package for the first time on your brand new iPhone. There is no more testing you can do at this point to ensure there is no software issue.

Before proceeding with this step, it is essential to create a backup copy of your files. Without a backup, doing a DFU restore on your iPhone 12 will result in the loss of all of your images, contacts, and other personal data.

Have you tried all the mentioned above features and nothing works for you? The only option you now have left is to take it to your nearest Apple service center. If your device is in warranty, you can take it to an Apple store or an authorised Apple service centre to get it repaired. Since the device will be under warranty, Apple will repair or replace it for free.

Well, if any of the above solutions help in bringing your dead iPhone 12 back to life, please drop a comment below.

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