No Coverage on Your Phone – What Can You Do

Here's how you can quickly boost your Phone's Signals.

The disappearance or constant lack of coverage on our device is a very annoying problem that, despite the ever-expanding network of transmitters, still occurs.

When our phone loses connection with the mobile network, using its basic functions is impossible or difficult. At such a moment, we wonder where the difficulty lies and how to increase the range of the phone to achieve a mobile phone signal booster effect for normal use of our phone.

No coverage on your phone
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Why can’t the phone see the mobile network?

Several factors contribute to the reduction or lack of coverage, the most important of which is the lack of a transmitter at a suitable distance or, if we are traveling, the difficulty of switching between transmitters.

Range loss can also happen to us when something interferes with data transmission in a particular place, such as in a forest, where trees perfectly isolate, not letting signals through, but also in elevators or some buildings, which have a specific design.

What do we do when we have no coverage on our phones?

Reset the phone. This may seem like a very simple procedure at first glance, but it works great for this issue. Turn off the phone and turn it on again, then check if the concern has disappeared. Often, such a soft reset will have a good effect on our device, resulting in an immediate repair.

  1.     Check the SIM card; it is possible that your SIM card is not recognized by your phone, or that it was simply inserted incorrectly. Check the alignment of the SIM card in the slot and see if it is damaged. You can do this by inserting it into another smartphone.
  2.     Turn off airplane mode. This sounds trivial, but it is very typical in the case of coverage problems. In your phone’s settings or top bar, check whether airplane mode has been accidentally enabled. If it is, deactivate it immediately, and the coverage problem should disappear.
  3.     Check what network you are using; coverage problems are very often due to a bad mobile network setting. On the screen of your smartphone, find the function responsible for selecting the mobile network and choose the one that is recommended for your phone model or SIM card.
  4.     Update your phone – updates ensure optimal operation of your phone and solve problems, including those with no network on the phone. Also, update your smartphone’s system to the latest version to apply mobile phone signal booster, and you’ll find that the whole concern is solved.
  5.     Turn off saving mode. Check if you sometimes have battery-saving mode enabled on your device. Very often, such functions cause general network weakness. 

Can apps running in the background affect the coverage issue?

Typically, the high activity of installed apps is responsible for the deterioration of coverage. It is enough in the settings of the device to force the stoppage of those you are not currently using. Too much load on the mobile network can cause problems with the use of the phone. 

How do you boost your phone’s signal?

1:  Check the coverage map

If you have trouble with coverage within your own apartment or house, life can be made easier by remembering the places where the signal strength is strongest and weakest.

This way, when having an important conversation or connecting to the Internet, all you have to do is go to the right place, so you don’t lose connectivity when you least expect it. 

2:  Change the network

Usually, the best setting on a phone is to automatically detect and connect to the network.

However, if you are at a point where coverage from base stations crosses, you may find that the phone will sometimes lose coverage by switching between them.

This is especially acute when LTE coverage is not strong enough. Then you can manually switch to 3G network coverage, whose signal should be adequate, or ask the Uctel team for a comprehensive approach to solving the problem with the mobile phone signal. 

3:  GSM/3G/LTE antenna

Another solution that can improve the range of our smartphone is omnidirectional antennas, available in variants with different frequencies (choose the right one).

With such an antenna, you can get a good and stable range (even 2-3 dashes more) and increase the speed of data transmission. Many of these antennas have a magnetic foot, so you can easily mount it, for example, on the railing of a balcony or on the roof of a car. 

4:  Enable Wi-Fi Calling

With a very easy and accessible Wi-Fi connection, we can make voice calls and receive and send SMS over the Internet. This feature is the aforementioned Wi-Fi Calling, which you can enable if you have not done so before.

In order to enable the entire feature, you need a phone that supports it. If you don’t have such an option, then you have the possibility to get mobile phone signal booster and contact the Uctel team for more information about this solution. 

5:  Improving the operator’s transmitter

A legitimate way, and one that often improves the functioning of coverage in our home or neighbourhood, is to ask the operator to strengthen the signal. We can also ask them to check the transmitter closest to us. It is possible that it is not working fully and properly. 

6:  Damaged phone

If, in the end, none of our advice works and the network problem persists, it is possible that we will have to return the phone for repair.

We can take advantage of the warranty (if we still have it) or give it to a service center, which will properly take care of our device.

Any of the components of the phone, which are responsible for communication, and mobile network handling, could have broken down. Even the SIM card reader may have broken, or there may be a concern with the SIM card itself.

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