Your SIM Sent a Text Message on iPhone: How to Fix

Getting a notification that your SIM sent a text message on your iPhone? Head to this comprehensive guide and learn how to fix it.

The iOS user interface and the speed and power of iPhones make them an obvious option for consumers all around the globe.

However, this does not mean that iPhones are impervious to unforeseen problems. After installing iOS 12.1, many iPhone owners say they are seeing the “your SIM sent a text message” notification.

If you have no idea why the error message continues to appear on your iPhone, we can help. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you exactly what to do whenever this message pops up on your iPhone.

Your SIM Sent a Text Message on iPhone How to Fix
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What Does SIM Sent a Text Message on the iPhone Mean?

The message appears when your SIM card seeks to update its information with the SIM provider. Every time your SIM card attempts to contact the server for an update, the message “Your SIM sent a text message” will be shown.

Therefore, if you keep seeing this warning, it’s possible that your iPhone’s software or your network provider is having issues throughout the update process.

How to Fix “SIM Sent a Text Message on iPhone”?

Now that you know why you keep seeing the “Your SIM sent a text message” notification, you can go on to learn how to resolve the issue. We will discuss the best options for resolving the issue.

There’s nothing tricky about them beyond a few basic instructions. You may test each of these options in turn until you discover the one that works.

1:  Give a Restart to Your Phone

Like on Android, restarting the iPhone may often fix any number of issues. Restarting your device is the very first step you should take when you encounter any problem, glitch, or issue before seeking answers online. It’s a no-frills fix, but it works like a charm most of the time. Without further ado, proceed as follows:

  • Just hit the Sleep/Wake button and hold it down.
  • To power off your iPhone, just move the red slider. Wait a couple of seconds.
  • In the end, click the Sleep/Wake button once again, this time keeping it held down until the Apple logo displays on the screen.

If rebooting the device has already been attempted without success, it’s time to move on to the next possible solution.

2:  Update Carrier Settings

If you’ve repeatedly dismissed the “Your SIM sent a text message” warning, it may be time to change your carrier’s settings. Changing your carrier settings is as easy as following these instructions.

  • Go to Settings on Your iPhone
  • Now, Tap on General
  • Next, Tap on About and Wait for a Second
  • In Case Updates are Available, You’ll See a Popup with “Carrier Settings Update”
  • Tap on Update

If the update notification does not appear within 30 seconds, then the update is not currently available.

3:  Reset Network Settings

Many problems with your network can easily be fixed by resetting your network’s settings. Keep in mind that resetting your network settings might wipe out all of your connection preferences, so think twice before you attempt this.

Stop and give it some consideration before continuing. If you are all set to go, here’s what to do next:

  • Select “Settings” from the iPhone’s menu.
  • Next, tap on “General.”
  • Simply scroll down and choose the “Reset” button.
  • You should now choose “Reset Network Settings“.
  • When asked, type in the password used to access your iPhone.
  • Finally, choose “Reset Network Settings” from the confirmation window.

4:  Reinsert SIM Card

In most cases, removing and reinstalling the SIM card in your iPhone will just give your device a fresh start and enable it to promptly rejoin the wireless mobile network.

The SIM tray is often located on the left side of the iPhone, next to the power button. Here are the procedures you need to take to remove your SIM card:

  • You should remove the SIM card and power off your iPhone.
  • Reinsert the SIM card into its slot and power up the device.
  • Determine whether the “your SIM sent a text message” problem is gone or not.

5:  Contact your Service Provider

Test to see whether the iPhone’s SIM message popup still appears after you’ve gone through the solutions mentioned above.

If you answered yes, the problem might be on the part of the operator. You may contact the SIM service provider to find out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

If they persist, take your old SIM card to an official retailer for replacement. Replacement SIM cards are often available within 10–15 minutes.

That’s a Wrap

That’s all folks! The aforementioned solutions to the “Your SIM sent a text message” problem should work for any iPhone. Many people have found that just removing and reinserting their SIM cards solves the problem. But if you have any more questions concerning this matter, leave a comment below!

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