Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro Common Problems and Solutions

Xiaomi is known for its budget-friendly smartphones, but it’s, indeed, comprising a range of flagship smartphones with state-of-the-art features to entice users. The company recently launched its mind-boggling Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro smartphone with everything on page one would need, such as eye-catching design, ground-breaking and punchy display, a number of entirely-baked inner components, and much more.

Without a doubt, it’s a complete package for users of all kinds, but many users, after using it, have reported a bunch of Poco M2 Pro Problems. Well, reported problems don’t really indicate that every user has to face a problem sooner or later, as it entirely depends on how to use it.

Let’s not forget that Android is an open-source OS, and everyone can modify things according to their needs. And importantly, smartphone companies are also using their own Custom operating systems. Therefore, the occurrence of a bug and issue isn’t really a big problem. Today, in this article, we’ve summarised all the reported problems and issues of Poco M2 Pro alongside solutions to apply and see if they help.

xiaomi poco m2 pro issues

1: Heating Problem

A heating problem has now become very popular on an Android smartphone. So, if you’re facing such a problem in your Poco M2 Pro smartphone, here are the solutions:


  • Run your phone with a quick restart and check if this helps to fix the problem
  • Close the game and apps in the background to see if the problem can be solved
  • Make sure that the phone charger you use doesn’t cause the problem
  • It is just a virus on your device that you are dealing with this issue
  • Many users complain about this issue because the phone is overcharged
  • The general bugs in phone OS may, in some cases, trigger this problem

2: Battery Drains Fasts

Almost every Android user faces these kinds of problems. Unfortunately, it’s also a common Poco M2 Pro Complication reported by a wide range of users across the globe. We’re very much hopeful that these steps will help you fix the problem in no time.


  • In certain cases, the issue is simply increasing the brightness of the screen
  • It is possible only because the phone data is synchronised with the applications that are enabled
  • This is one of the problems caused by a virus on the phone
  • This issue may be because the apps will send alerts to you
  • Another explanation for this issue is to download the data continuously or to watch the videos on the phone
  • Check if the GPS is switched on all the time as it can damage the battery very badly

3: Slow Performance

There are several reasons behind facing slow performance in your smartphone, such as performing multiple tasks at the same time or playing graphics-enriched games. Well, we’ve a complete list of Poco M2 Pro Solutions. So, be sure to dig down and get rid of a slow performance problem.


  • It’s just overheating the system, sometimes, that automatically stops the various features
  • You face this issue only due to the fact that several tabs are opened in your phone browser
  • The reason you face this problem is that you have installed some apps from sources you don’t trust
  • You just have to verify that a virus in your system doesn’t cause the problem
  • Make sure the slow operating speed of your internet connection doesn’t cause this problem
  • After you close the apps that run in the background, you can solve your problem by restarting Xiaomi Poco Pro

4: Screen Doesn’t Work

We have seen quite a few reports with different Poco M2 Pro Drawbacks, and the screen’s problem was one of them. The users have reported that the screen stops working all of a sudden and then take time to work back smoothly. Perhaps there is a low RAM, which causes this problem. However, be sure to go through these solutions and see if they help:


  • The problem is that your smartphone may no longer have any storage space
  • Ensure that the screen sensors operate well and do not cause problems
  • It’s just overcharging your device that you face this problem
  • It’s a bold move to replace a glass guard installed on the screen for protection
  • Delete all unused details and applications from your phone
  • You face this issue simply because there is a virus on the phone

5: Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

Facing Poco M2 Pro WiFi Connectivity Issue and looking for solutions? We have got you covered with a number of listed down solutions that will work for you for sure.


  • This usually occurs when your smartphone has a Wi-Fi fault
  • Chances are you have an incorrect password in the phone
  • See if you have previously disabled the Wi-Fi networks with which your Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro was connected
  • See if there are issues with the applications you run
  • Check if this is not something other than the minimal internet access of your device
  • Check if for that particular time the service you are using is not available

Wrapping Up

That’s it for now. With all the possible solutions above, we’ve done our best to help you get rid of all Poco M2 Pro Issues you’re facing but unable to find the proper solutions. All the errors, as well as problems and issues above, are being reported by a handsome number of users throughout the world on different online platforms.

Are you going through any other problem in your Poco M2 Pro we’ve not listed above? Then, do share it with us by dropping a comment below. We’ll strive hard to find a proper yet effective solution for you here on this page as soon as possible.  

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Ankur singh

I can’t connect my poco m2 pro with hidden WiFi network.
Even YouTube videos can’t find a way.
Please help if you can!!

ChandraMani Thoudam

My photos taken using m2 pro are skewed at the corners – extended and distorted. It looks so awful ☹️. Sometimes in group photos, people in the edge of frame are unrecognisable due to the deformation.☹️☹️