Sony Xperia 1 II Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Poor Battery Life, Overheating Problem, Glitchy Performance, Charging Takes Long

Facing different problems or issues in Android smartphones is now common even after spending a handsome amount of money on flagship devices.

There are well-recognised and highly-admirable brands that offer super-expensive flagship smartphones with many glitches and problems. Unfortunately, Sony’s recently launched flagship smartphone named Xperia 1 II has too many issues as well.

Therefore, we’ve done our best and listed down a number of Sony Xperia 1 II Problems alongside their simple solutions for your convenience to get rid of all the issues. So, let’s have a look!

sony xperia i ii issues

1: Poor Battery Life

Facing a poor battery performance in Android is so common nowadays and unfortunately, we have seen many Sony Xperia 1 II Battery Problems, reported by users on different online platforms.

A virus in your phone, continuous data downloading or highest screen brightness may be the major reasons behind this problem.

  • Make sure that this is not a virus in your phone that normally enters the device
  • Check that this is because a variety of notifications hide in the background unread
  • Close the apps that run in the background to see if this will help you solve the problem
  • This problem is caused by the continuous download of data on your phone
  • For certain cases, this problem is caused only by the extra screen brightness

2: Overheating Problem

Overheating is indeed, one of the major problems in Android smartphones and we shouldn’t take this problem with a pinch of salt as it may destroy or damage any internal components.

Make sure you go through listed below steps and get rid of that problem as soon as possible.

  • Try a quick reboot and make sure you solve the problem
  • Often bad apps and unused phone data cause this problem
  • Most users face this issue only because they use a third party or a poor-quality phone adapter
  • The problem may be only triggered by the fact that there is a problem with an internal processor
  • Make sure you have completely updated all applications installed on the phone

3: Glitchy Performance

The amount of RAM is getting increased in smartphones day by day and smartphones have become like a mini-computer.

Aside from a huge amount of RAM, we still found a number of complaints and comments published by users, facing a slow performance in Xperia 1 II while working on multiple apps at once or playing games.

We have listed down plentiful Sony Xperia 1 II Solutions that will help you to increase your phone’s performance.

  • Only clear your phone cache data that you did not clear for a long time
  • If you have changed your phone or applications’ recommended settings, it can slow down the overall performance of your phone
  • When operating in a safe mode, the output of a smartphone can be affected
  • Ensure that you do not run multiple apps simultaneously
  • Having reset hardware is likely to fix the problem

4: Charging Takes Long

Obviously, many brands have launched a plethora of smartphones with super-fast charging feature due to high demand. Still, it’s quite irritating when your phone doesn’t charge as fast as it should even after spending hundreds of dollars.

Slow charging, unfortunately, is one of the major Sony Xperia 1 II Issues reported by so many users worldwide. Here is how to get rid of it:

  • The explanation for this is clearly that the phone information is still synced with the apps
  • Make sure that when recharging your phone, you do not play games or download data from the Internet
  • Delete the data from the cache and reboot the device
  • One of the key reasons for this problem is a phone battery failure
  • There is nothing to trigger this problem, but apps on your phone aren’t working properly

The Bottom Line

Let’s finish this off by saying that there are a number of factors that contribute to creating different Sony Xperia 1 II Complications. Therefore, it’s mandatory to get them fixed as soon as possible with simple guidelines that are mentioned above.

However, if a problem remains the same or you’re facing a problem we’ve not listed above, let us know by dropping your comment in a box below. We’ll strive hard to come up with a perfect and simple solution as soon as possible.

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I can connect to WiFi at home friends etc but the free wi-fi at work just will not connect. I’ve reordered the handset changed the SIM spoken to it at work and O2 and can’t do it? About 300 other people at work have no problem so I don’t know what to do? Any ideas please?