Samsung GalaxyA52s 5G Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Caller ID not responding, Speaker not working properly, Camera Issues and More.

Samsung galaxy A52s has officially announced in the UK on 17 August 2021 and are easily available in stores now, no doubt that Samsung A52s is full of good features but they are not enough to divert your attention from their expensive price tag.

A52s is upgraded to A52 that appeared in March of 2021, it gave a good performance, but still, several issues have been reported to us by users while how does a device performs usually depends upon a user’s way of use.

But user reported some technical issues like sluggish interface, unresponsive fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth issues. And the same thing is with A52s 5g, it is an improved version of the Samsung a52, overall it has good performance with a dazzling display, long-lasting battery life, better camera results, but the user also has reported a few bugs in Samsung Galaxy A52s 5g. 

samsung galaxy a52s 5g smartphones

We left no stone unturned and gathered all the data and issues and today we appeared here with every possible solution. Before moving towards its issues and fixes let’s have a hasty glimpse at its specifications;

 It has a 6.5inch amazing FHD+ super AMOLED display with 800 nits the chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G (6nm) CPU Octa-core (4*.24 GHz, kryo670&4*1.9GHZ kryo670) and GPU Adreno 642 L. and this made it the perfect gaming phone, for game-loving users it is best in its price and features range.

1: Caller ID does not appear on Galaxy A52s

In this issue Phone doesn’t show the ID or name of your contact when they call, it usually happened due to an update problem, are you facing this issue on your A52s and worried about the solution? So, simply read the following instructions which we have illustrated below, and check if the issue is fixed or not. Let’s have look at the solution;

  1. First of all, go to setting and then your call setting option check the option “show caller ID or information” and enable it.
  2. And secondly, you will find another option which is usually for few users to disable the “caller ID and Antispam”
  3. Usually, this option is a built-in phone to hide the caller id, but it causes a conflict for users. So just make sure this option is not enabled on your phone, this is not maybe the ideal solution but still, help you can try.

2: Speaker not working properly on A52s

Are you feeling that you hear the low sound or choppy sound when your phone rings? If you are facing this issue, then quickly apply the following tricks, and check why the speaker of your mobile is not working properly. We are sure that after following these tricks the issue will get rid of this issue.

  1. Simply, click the help option of the app and choose the “interactive checks” and select the ‘speakerphone’ check and verify that the speaker is working properly or not. If you find no issue with the speaker, then follow the nest trick.
  2. If you have installed any call recording app or voice memo, then check it is causing an obstacle while making the call, this can be a hard procedure but it may be helpful to resolve the issue.
  3. Secondly, if the issue is that while making the call, the person on the other side does not hear your voice, try to check the microphone of a device from the same section “interactive check”.
  4. If the speaker is not working when your device is submerged in after then put it in dry rice.
  5. If the speaker suddenly turns off, then try restarting your device.
  6. If this procedure didn’t solve the issue, then try the hard factory reset the device.

3: Camera error on A52s 5G

Is the camera of your Samsung is not responding or constantly crashing and feeling hurdle in taking pictures? 

And you are finding a solution for this issue? Then you are in right place, must read the following instruction because these are very helpful in resolving such issues.

Let’s have look;

  1. Usually, we counter this issue when we keep any third party-camera application on your mobile if you want the surety that this is not the root of evil, then just uninstall them, and if the issue is still there then try reset the camera setting.
  2. To reset the camera, follow these steps; go to setting then app camera setting and clear the app cache and data. In the meantime must check, if you have created any custom setting in the camera then must reset it.
  3. This process will delete all the data and you have to configure it again.

4: Unexpected shutting down on A52s

This usually happens while performing a heavy task, making a call, or playing a game, are also facing this issue? So, stop wasting your precious energy in worrying about this issue and must follow the given tricks to get rid of this issue.

Let’s have look at them;

  1. Make sure you do have not to keep any mod APK on the device if yes! then uninstall it.
  2. Try to use the application of lite version i-e, YouTube lite, Facebook lite, Twitter lite ETC.
  3. Avoid the use of mobile while charging, if do not avoid you may face sudden shut down because of over-heating.
  4. If the above methods do not resolve the issue, they must go to the service centre.

The verdict

No doubt, that Samsung A52s is best with the perspective of features but we can see that in the same price range other brands offer better performance mobile. Its excellent battery and display will give room to think about it but its reported issue discourages you.

Gohar Abbas
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Gohar Abbas is the youngest member in the team and writing for Nextgenphone for more than three years. He is an encyclopedia of smartphones. Without blinking an eyelid, he can tell you everything about any smartphone. You can find him watching Science Fiction movies and talk shows in his leisure time.
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Annette Wilson Sturm

I have certainly decided to not buy another Samsung phone. I purchased this very expensive phone 4 months ago and it has all of these problems and more – terrible speakers so that it is impossible to have a conversation without repetition every few seconds, fingerprint sensor that seldom works, repeated failure of caller id display, and poor battery life. None can be resolved. I am forced to replace as it is so dysfunctional but it will not be with another Samsung. Don’t get caught like I did.