Samsung Galaxy A12 Common Issues and How to Solve them?

Samsung A12 can’t connect to WIFI, A sluggish and slow interface, Battery drain issue, Mobile data problem, Heating issues and more.

Samsung is recognized as the top smartphone brand and always launches satisfactory products. This time Samsung A12 is the recent device launched in the smartphone’s world with amazing features including its amazing PLS IPS display of 6.5 inches with the 720*1600 pixels of resolution, it runs on UI 3 based on the Android 10 operating system.

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Samsung Galaxy A12 - Smartphone 64GB, 4GB RAM, Dual Sim, Black
Samsung Galaxy A12 Black, (UK Version)
Samsung Galaxy A12 - Smartphone 128GB, 4GB RAM, Dual Sim, Blue
Samsung Galaxy A12 SIM Free Android Smartphone Black (UK Version)

It is powered by MediaTek Helio P35(12nm) Octa-core 2.3 GHz processor. Samsung A12 is with Quad-Set of cameras, the first 48megapixel primary, the second 5-megapixel Ultrawide, the third 2-megapixel macro camera, and the fourth is 2-megapixel depth camera and with an exceptional battery life of 5000 mAh with 15W fast charging.

As we have talked about its a lot of amazing features yet there are some issues and bugs which have been reported by people. Here, we have summed up a few of its reported issues along with their proven solution.

Samsung A12 can’t connect to WIFI

Are you facing a WIFI connection problem on your galaxy A!2? it is a common issue then don’t be panic we are here with a possible solution that will help you to fix it. It may be a problem with smartphones or maybe a problem with the network.


Reset the network setting of your device

This process will refresh your all-mobile connection will be deleted once it done all the network service will be reloaded, in short, if the problem is the only network then this process will fix it.

  • Go to setting and tap to General management, touch reset, hit reset network setting, and now tap the reset setting button.
  • After doing this process, check if the problem is fixed or not.

Factory reset your device

If the above-mentioned 1st solution didn’t solve the issue then factory reset your device this one will help you to refresh and fix the problem but prior to resetting make sure to take the backup of your android. This reset will make your phone new and after reset check, if the issue is fixed or not.

A sluggish and slow interface

Do you feel sluggish and slow interface on your android? If yes! Then don’t need to worry just follow the given steps and check that problem is fixed. It Is a common issue found in almost every smartphone. There may be many reasons that can cause a sluggish interface, maybe the RAM of your device is full of files and useless apps and data which is maybe the biggest reason for the slow interface.


  • If you keep any junk cleaning app or phone boosting app then uninstall it because these apps eat the battery in the background.
  • Uninstall all the apps you don’t need.
  • Use the fast class micro SD card.
  • Stop using custom themes sometimes people use them which makes the device as well.
  • Use lite version applications e.g Facebook lite, Youtube lite, etc.
  • Update your phone to the latest version of the OS.
  • Regularly update the apps whenever available in the play store.
  • Follow the above-mentioned steps, if still the issue is not fixed then the hard factory reset of the device will be a final solution.

Fast Battery Drain Issue

Your android’s battery also drains fast? If yes then follow the given steps. It usually occurs in old phones and there may be many other reasons for battery draining. By following the below steps you can overcome this problem.


  • Make sure the GPS is turned off when you don’t need it.
  • Don’t keep any junk cleaning app because those apps eat the battery in the background if you keep then must uninstall them.
  • Keeping the phone in power-saving mode for a long time causes a bad effect.
  • If you have installed any type of application that claims to increase the battery timing this is just a scam so, immediately uninstall it.
  • Make sure the use of the phone with an average brightness of the screen.
  • Always try to download the applications from the play store because the third-party apps can have malware that runs in the background.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC then keeps them off.
  • Try the above-mentioned steps to check the problem is fixed or not if the battery is still draining then hard factory reset your device.

Mobile Data Not Working

If your android is facing the problem of mobile data or your android is not getting proper signals and the network is not working properly and there may be fluctuations in the network then must follow the given below steps.


  • Take out the sim card and insert it again and check if the problem is fixed or not.
  • Turn on the airplane mode for few seconds and then turn it off.
  • Reset the network settings.
  • Restart your device.

Samsung A12 Heating issues

There may be many reasons for the heating of the device but the most commonly occurring issues are SoC (system on chip) and the other is the battery. If you are facing a heating problem then follow the given steps to fix it.


  • Remove the back cover of the mobile while charging.
  • Avoid the use of mobile phones while charging.
  • Avoid playing games during charging.
  • Make sure that you are charging your mobile with the original charger.
  • Avoid playing games for a long time because it is another major cause of heating.
  • Prevent the download of third party app because that can contain malware which runs on background.
  • Do not overcharge the phone quickly unplug it after the phone is fully charged.


There may be too many problems with Samsung A12 but we discussed most reported problems with their fixes to hope these fixes would prove useful for you and if you are facing any other problem which Is not mentioned above the report us we try to write on those problems with fixes.

Gohar Abbas
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Gohar Abbas is the youngest member in the team and writing for Nextgenphone for more than three years. He is an encyclopedia of smartphones. Without blinking an eyelid, he can tell you everything about any smartphone. You can find him watching Science Fiction movies and talk shows in his leisure time.
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Don’t buy this phone it is the worst phone you can buy it has a lot of issues.


My Samsung a12 shut off yesterday and hasn’t turned back on . I just recently bought it from T-Mobile. Has this happened to anybody else?

Suzanna Sparrow

Delay when answering in coming calls, no one can hear me and some have even cut call off

Marietta wright

When i answer my samsung galaxy A12 no one can hear me. I can hear them very well but they cannot hear me at all. Very upset about this!!

Don Cody

I get a bubble message that lingers forever when i go from text to multimedia that covers the last text so you can not see it and covers the keyboard so you have to type blindly till it finally goes away. When i post on facebook i get a bubble saying that whatever i shared is posting that also lingers. I have gad the phone 24hrs and 2 support agents could not fix the issue. I am so angry!


It constantly crashes my WhatsApp

bernie quick

i touch the screen and nothing happens … I clean the screen , touch it – nothing happens … Can’t even tap it to turn off screen …


My Samsung A12 keep telling me the fingerprint scanner isn’t responding, I must try again later. When is later because it’s been happening for a while now 😒😒🤔😑

Marissa Beougher

Well, there is no specific reason behind this error. It’s suggested to remove and register your fingerprint again. 
Go to Settings 
Tap on Biometric and Security
Tap on Fingerprints
Enter Your Pin, Pattern or Password
Tap on the “Register Fingerprint” Option
Now Tap to Remove Old Fingerprint
Tap Again to Confirm “Remove”
Tap “Add Fingerprint”
Do follow the instructions on the screen to register your finger again and see if it helps.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marissa Beougher

My phone seems to have gone off, won’t come back on and isn’t charging

Patrick Marshall

Unable to get calls or make calls


what about screen issues mine wont turn on but it will register that it is charging?

Marissa Beougher

If your Samsung Galaxy A12 screen won’t turn on but it registers that it is charging, there are a few potential solutions to consider such as performing a forced restart, changing the charging cable and adapter, allowing your phone to completely drain its battery until it turns off. After that, connect it to a reliable power source and let it charge for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, it is advisable to contact Samsung support or visit an authorised service centre for further assistance and repairs.


When Side key ain’t responding anymore. The side key won’t respond unless I put the charger to plug the phone then the screen will come up.