Realme 7 Pro Common Problems and Solutions

Realme 7 Pro isn’t really an old smartphone, sporting mind-boggling, and entirely-baked features without leaving a dent on your wallet. The major headline of Realme 7 Pro is its charging speed. And according to Realme, 7 Pro is capable enough to restore juice from 0% to 100% in less than 36 minutes – thanks to its 65W charging support.

Many users, across the globe, have been using this phone while facing a number of Realme 7 Pro Problems and looking for solutions. However, there is nothing to be worried about as we’ve gathered all the common problems and solutions here on this single page for your convenience.

Chances of bugs and problems, especially in Android smartphones is now quite common as Android is an open-source OS, and anyone can easily modify anything according to his/her needs. All smartphone companies, on the other hand, are using their own Customer OS – therefore, there is a chance of problems and bugs.

Realme 7 pro

1: Heating Problem

Facing a heating problem in an Android smartphone has now become very much common. So, if you’re facing the same problem in your Realme 7 Pro, then here are the solutions:


  • There may be an overheating problem as the system is operating in safe mode
  • The reason for this could be an active virus in your Realme 7 Pro
  • Check that many apps from third-party sources are installed in this issue
  • Overheating is often triggered by the installed games on the board
  • Check if there is something wrong with the phone battery if causes this problem
  • The explanation for overheating problems may be the use of poor quality or a third-party charger

2: Battery Drains Fast

One of the most common Realme 7 Pro Complications is its poor battery, or it drains fast. By going through our listed down steps, you can ensure that what’s the actual reason behind it and how you can fix it.


  • Switch the phone and data Synchronisation system off
  • You also need to make sure that the issue is not triggered simply because there are several app notifications in the background
  • Check and ensure that the actual problem is not triggered simply by turning on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and constantly searching for new gadgets
  • The reason for this problem is nothing more than a mobile phone software issue
  • Check whether the screen brightness is too high as this also one of the major reason behind this problem

3: Slow Performance

Do you feel your phone laggy or sluggish while using your phone? If yes, then here is a complete list of Realme 7 Pro Solutions. Be sure to dig down and see if they help:


  • Often you have to face the problem with the blocked applications
  • If there is an issue associated with the application installed in your phone, the output is sometimes poor
  • One of Realme 7 Pro’s common performance-related problems is a virus infection
  • In certain situations, the device’s output can be influenced by the charge pattern
  • Run a hardware reset, which will possibly fix the problem

4: Screen Stops Working

Many users have reported different Realme 7 Pro Drawbacks, and the screen’s performance is one of them. This problem occurs when it comes to performing a task, playing a game, or making a call. The problem behind this problem is low RAM. However, you can overcome this problem by following the listed below steps:


  • The issue could be because the device screen is shared with another user
  • Remove the glass guard on your device to see if the problem can be solved
  • Make sure that a virus in the default memory of the phone does not cause the problem
  • The explanation for this issue is nothing more than internal physical damage to the mobile device
  • Test to make sure that there’s not just a problem because your phone operates in power-saving mode. Perform a basic restart and see if it helps to fix this problem

5: Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Are you going through the Realme 7 Pro WiFi Connectivity Issue? Then, we’ve listed down a number of reasons and solutions that will definitely work for you.


  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi password in the system is correct for authentication
  • Make sure there is no problem with your browser, software, or the domain you are accessing
  • The Wi-Fi antenna on your router or your phone can be associated with this problem
  • Make sure you don’t configure link LAN settings that can stop your device’s internet
  • Make sure that the protection of the phone is switched off manually

The Last Words

That’s all folks for now. We have done our best and strived to cover all possible Realme 7 Pro Issues alongside their effective yet simple solutions to get rid of all the problems you’re facing. All these problems and errors are being reported online on a wide number of platforms by different users throughout the world.

If you’re facing another problem in your Realme 7 Pro that we’ve not listed above, then do let us know by dropping a comment below. We’ll struggle a lot to crack your problem and bring a solution to help you fix it in no time.  

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Dibya ranjan Sahoo

My realme 7 pro is taking too long to charge while following all the guidelines