How to tell if someone has multiple snapchat accounts

Here are the Methods to Find out If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts!

Snapchat is a popular social media platform known for its ephemeral nature and private messaging features. While many users enjoy the privacy it offers, there are times when you may need to determine if someone is using multiple Snapchat accounts, for various reasons such as security concerns or relationship issues.

In this article, we will explore several methods to help you identify if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts. Please keep in mind that these methods should be used responsibly and respect privacy.

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Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts?

Yes, you can have two Snapchat accounts, but the second account must be a business account, which is similar to WhatsApp’s approach. You can use the same username, email and phone number for this purpose through the Ads Manager.

However, creating a second personal account is not possible as Snapchat requires unique phone numbers and email addresses for verification during sign-up, preventing the creation of multiple personal accounts with the same details or username. Moreover, you can’t log in to Snapchat’s two different accounts on the same device.

How to Tell If Someone Has Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

If you’re looking to discover someone’s multiple Snapchat accounts or their second account, there are various methods you can explore. Here are some approaches you can try:

Method 1: Block Them

If you suspect someone has two accounts, and you’ve decided to block them on Snapchat, you can take the following steps to confirm if they have multiple accounts:

  • Block them on Snapchat to end communication with them on the platform.
  • In the upper right corner of the Snapchat app, tap the icon that resembles a plus sign.
  • Select the “Add Friends” option.
  • Check the “Quick Add” section. If you have their phone number saved in your contacts, and they have multiple Snapchat accounts, they might appear with different usernames in the “Quick Add” section, which could be an indication of multiple accounts.

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Method 2: Check the Snap Score

Under a user’s name on Snapchat, you can find their Snap score. The Snap score is a numerical representation assigned by the app, calculated by adding up the total number of snaps sent and received by the account.

Snap scores tend to increase gradually over time, and a newly created account will typically have a relatively low score initially.

Hence, if you suspect someone has two Snapchat accounts and have identified their second account, consider adding them as a friend on the new account.

Once you’re connected with them on Snapchat, you can check their Snap score. A lower Snap score often indicates that the account is relatively new or has had limited activity.

Method 3: Search for the Username

To determine if someone has multiple Snapchat accounts, you can search for their username on Snapchat. If you find another account with a username and display name similar to the person you’re investigating, it can suggest the presence of a second Snapchat account.

Since Snapchat typically doesn’t allow the same username to be used by multiple users, the discovery of a similar username and display name can be an indicator of a second account.

It’s possible that the user has created a business account using the same email and phone number, but they might choose to use a similar username for their second account along with the same display name, making it easier to identify multiple accounts associated with the same person.

Method 4: Check Snap Posts

If you suspect someone has two Snapchat accounts, there’s a chance they might post identical content on both accounts, assuming the accounts serve similar purposes.

To determine if this is the case, you can add both accounts as friends and monitor their posts. If you notice the same content being shared on both accounts, it strongly suggests that the person indeed has two Snapchat accounts. This method offers a straightforward way to identify if someone maintains two Snapchats.

Method 5: Ask Mutual Friends

Another effective method to confirm if someone maintains two Snapchat accounts is to reach out to your mutual friends for information.

By asking them directly, you can alleviate any persistent doubts about the existence of two accounts. It’s even more beneficial to inquire if the person you suspect is following or connected with them on both accounts.

Another way to definitively find out if the person has two Snapchat accounts is to check for a username similarity and a shared set of mutual friends.

Identifying both of these elements can provide solid confirmation that the person indeed has multiple Snapchat accounts.

Method 6: Sync Your Contacts with Snapchat

To employ this method effectively, it’s essential to have the suspected person’s phone number saved in your phone contacts.

Once you have their phone number in your contacts, you can synchronise your contacts with Snapchat. Afterwards, check the “Quick Add” section within Snapchat for an account that shares similarities in username, display name, and possibly even the same profile picture as the person you’re investigating.

If you happen to encounter an account with nearly identical details, it provides a strong indication that the user is indeed managing two separate Snapchat accounts.


Snapchat does allow the creation of two accounts, but it’s important to note that accessing both accounts simultaneously on a single device isn’t supported. For ease and convenience, it’s generally advisable to maintain just one account.

However, if you’re curious about whether a person manages two accounts, the methods mentioned above can help in verifying your suspicions. But, it’s crucial to remember that open communication often serves as the most straightforward way to address and resolve any doubts or concerns.

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