How Does Your Snap Score Go Up

Here is all you need to know about the working of the Snapchat score, as well as the methods by which you may increase your own Snapchat score.

Snapchat’s outstanding gamification enables the app to retain and acquire new users. The Snapchat score is at the heart of all of these features, and a lot of users are curious about how precisely it works and how it is calculated.

Snapchat is a wonderful social media platform that many of us use to share our life experiences with others by shooting snapshots. Some individuals just use it for capturing images with the Snapchat Lens on their devices.

While the vast majority of Snapchat users build their streaks by sharing everyday images with their friends,

People also take pleasure in elevating their Snap Score. You have arrived at the correct location if you seek information on improving your Snap Score.

How does your snap score go up
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What is a Snapchat “score”?

Your Snapchat followers may have caught your eye as they steadily increase in the column to the right of your username.

According to Snapchat’s official website, this is your Snapchat score, calculated using an algorithm that considers the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received and the number of Stories you’ve shared.

It’s a simple indicator of your app engagement. Your Snapchat score will be shown next to your username when you swipe down on the Snapchat camera interface.

To see your ratio of sent to received snaps, click once on your Snapchat score.

How Does Your Snap Score Go Up

It’s not hard to beat your pals’ Snap scores. But you have to keep at it and make an effort every day. What follows are suggestions for improving your Snap score.

Make Daily Streaks

In order to create a streak, you and your friends may submit photographs and videos from your day within the last 24 hours. Increasing the number of snaps delivered and received may be accomplished by creating streaks. Your Snap Score will rise as a result of this.

Put Up Stories

If you want to raise your Snap Score, you need to publish content often. You may always add to your tales if you choose to keep them secret. The more of your friends’ videos you watch, the higher your score will be. Do not ignore narratives.

View Discover Videos

Take some time to watch Snapchat’s Discover Videos to improve your ranking. You may choose to watch videos made by your favourite influencers or videos made by members of the public. Participate in the unfolding of the mystery by seeing whole episodes or tales.

Add Friends and Influencers

Boost your Snapchat activity by following influential people and friends. Increase your snap rating by sending additional snaps.

Keep in mind that famous people won’t check or respond to your Snapchats. However, you may turn this into an advantage by sending an unlimited number of photographs. In this approach, you may avoid annoying your pals.

Be Active

Snapchat monitors activity to gauge effectiveness. Thus, you ought to go out there and make more Snapchat users. Tell your story. Get caught up on the Spotlight videos. A public profile you design and maintain might be quite engaging. But keep in mind that talking to people through text does not raise your Snap Score.

How to Check Your Snapchat Score

Your Snap Rating may be seen on your Snap profile page. Your Snap Score is viewable to your common acquaintances at any time. Follow these steps to see your Snap Score inside the Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device.

  • Launch Snapchat and tap your profile picture or a Bitmoji.
  • Second, your Snapchat score is the number that appears under your Snapcode and username. If you want to see how many Snaps you’ve sent and received, tap the Snapcore.

How High Can Your Snapchat Score Go?

Given the app’s widespread popularity, it may not be surprising that many Snapchat users have scores in the hundreds of thousands. It does beg the issue: do you really want a statistical estimate of how much time you’ve spent on this app?

Like any other social media platform, you’ll get the most out of Snapchat by chatting with your pals. You’ll have a blast with the amusing filters, and your group’s score will rise almost automatically as a result.


Only a friend’s profile will display Snapchat’s rating for them. If you are not friends with someone, you will not be able to see their profile. Therefore, you can’t see their Snapchat rating before adding them.

On Snapchat, in order to become friends, both users must add one another. After adding someone as a friend, you will be able to see their Snap Score.

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