How to Find Offline, Turned Off or Dead iPhone

Even if you don't have to Find My iPhone, here's the guide to locate a dead or offline phone 2022 - 2023.

Everybody freaks out when they lose their iPhone. Your iPhone will typically still be recoverable, even if its battery is dead and its cellular data and Wi-Fi have been off. As long as the iPhone is active, you may use Apple’s new Bluetooth locating capability to track down an offline iPhone.

You may still locate your iPhone by tracing its last known position, even if the battery has died. We’ll utilise iCloud and the Find My app to get your missing iPhone or iPad back into your hands, whether you’re still alive or not.

We’ll also talk about how to remotely activate Lost Mode on your iPhone and the numerous other alternatives you have for tracking it down. Here’s the approach to discovering your iPhone, notwithstanding the battery is dead or out of range (find my phone online).

In the event that you lose your iPhone and suspect it has been dead, it is best to report it to the police rather than trying to track it down on your own.

How to find offline or dead iPhone

1: How to Find a Dead iPhone, Offline iPhone (Find My)

It is possible to locate a lost or dead Phone using another iOS device, like an iPad or Mac, provided you own one or have accessibility to a member of your Family Sharing Group who does.

Your iPhone can still be tracked online so long as other Apple devices are in the area, and its last known position may be seen even if the battery has died. Whether it’s powered off, connected to the internet, on, or off, here’s how to track down your misplaced iPhone:

  • First, launch the Find My app and go to the page labelled “Devices.”
  • Second, a map will appear with a list of all your Find My-enabled gadgets. Choose your iPhone model from the drop-down menu.
  • A dead iPhone will show on the map as a dark iPhone, and the last time the Find My iPhone location was recorded will be displayed in red letters on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • If your iPhone is on, the Home screen will be bright and colourful, and a battery icon will indicate how much power is left on your device.
  • Lastly, choose Directions to have Apple Maps lead you to your misplaced iPhone. You may use the Play Sound option to assist you in finding your iPhone if it is on and in the vicinity.
  • Marking your iPhone as lost allows you to lock it remotely and leave a note with your contact information in case it is found.
  • Tap Activate under Mark as Lost.

Activating Notify When Found will cause your iPad to get a location update and notifications the next time your lost iPhone is switched on, even if the iPhone is dead.

If you believe your iPhone has been permanently lost or stolen, you may erase all of the data on it by selecting the Erase this Device option.

2: How to Find a dead or lost iPhone without Find My iPhone (Google Maps)

Unfortunately, if you don’t have Discover My iPhone activated, you’ll need to resort to backtracking your steps to find an iPhone’s last known position unless you’ve activated location history for Google Maps. Even if you don’t have to Find My iPhone, you can use Google Maps location history to figure out where you last had your iPhone. You should activate Google Maps’ location history in case you ever lose your phone. In case you’ve misplaced your iPhone, here’s how to track it down using Google Maps:

  • First, while connected to your Google account, visit
  • Two, look at the bottom of your screen to see where you now stand in terms of Location History. You can only use this approach if Location History is enabled. If you lose your iPhone and don’t have location services turned on, you won’t be able to utilise Google Maps to track it down.
  • Third, if Location History was already turned on, choose the day your iPhone was lost by tapping Today or choosing an earlier date using the calendar drop-downs.

Find out where you were last and grab your phone.

3: Using iCloud to Track Down Your  iPhone lost (Find My)

For those who have the Find My app on their Macs (which should come pre-installed), We advise utilising it instead of the browser.

This is due to the fact that the iCloud option is somewhat restricted; although you can still see the last position on a map, you won’t be able to obtain turn-by-turn instructions.

However, here is how to utilise Find My on if all you want to do is ping your nearby iPhone or put it in Lost Mode to preserve your data:

  • Start by visiting, where you’ll need to log in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Second, if asked, click Allow to complete two-factor authorisation for on the current device.
  • Open the Find iPhone app by clicking its icon.
  • Go to the “All Devices” menu at the very top of the screen, and then choose the iPhone you misplaced.
  • If the battery on your missing iPhone is dead, a black screen will appear with a tiny text box below it giving you the last time the Find My iPhone last location was stored.
  • A battery indicator indicating remaining battery life will be shown in the sidebar if your iPhone is on and displaying the active (coloured) Home screen.
  • If your iPhone is nearby and either on or offline (not dead), you can use Play Sound to find it.
  • You may remotely lock your iPhone using the Lost Mode button and leave a message with your contact information in case it is found.

In the event that you believe your iPhone to be completely lost or stolen, you should follow these procedures before using the Erase iPhone option.

If you ever lose your iPhone again, here’s a pro tip: after you get it back, set reminders on your Apple Watch. Your phone and other stuff may be added to them.


If you’ve lost your iPhone, here’s hoping you’ve found it! How precise is Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, in case you were wondering? It’s not too far off! This page contains further information regarding the Find My iPhone app.

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