Why Snapchat Deleted My Account

Here are the top reasons that why your snapchat account dismissed in 2023

When you started Snapchat, was a username and password required? Perhaps you received a user or username not found notice. So, did you accidentally delete your account? Possibly Snapchat has removed your account.

Have trouble login into your Snapchat account? There’s a good probability an account deletion has taken place. The Snapchat staff might have unintentionally deleted it, or you could have erased it yourself.

Currently, Snapchat is going through a major purge. Your account may be part of the clean-up. Let’s take a look at why Snapchat decided to delete your account.

Can Snapchat Delete an Account?

Snapchat can deactivate a user’s account from the service entirely. It’s only allowed to do this under certain conditions. Snapchat, a popular social media site, works hard to recruit new members. As a result, it defies logic when these sites suddenly delete user accounts.

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What is the difference between a locked account and deleted account?

An account that has been locked may be reopened. By this, we imply that your account has been locked, but you may still try to log in if you want. There are two ways to have your account unlocked if it has been locked. Wait a full 24 hours after your profile has been locked before attempting to log in again.

If you’re able to log in to Snapchat, you’re good to go. If you’re unable, try the second option. Contact Snapchat customer service if you’ve been permanently locked out of your account and haven’t been able to get in for some time.

When a user decides to delete the account, they are making a highly personal choice. Suppose the user decides to stop using Snapchat for whatever reason. In that case, it might be because they’ve decided to stop using social media in general or because they just don’t use Snapchat anymore. However, there are certain situations in which Snapchat has no choice but to remove an account, and we’ll discuss them in the next section.

Reasons why Snapchat deletes Accounts

Snapchat may be forced to deactivate a user’s account for a variety of reasons. These are valid grounds for removing the sentence.

It seems as if your account is a fake

If the original user suspects that your account is a scam, they will most likely report it to Snapchat. As long as someone reports you, your account will be banned and subsequently removed, regardless of whether or not you can prove otherwise.

The account’s activity also has a significant impact. Fake accounts are a kind of identity theft and are strongly discouraged by the community. They become a danger when they start disseminating misinformation or propaganda about the person they are purporting to be representing.

Third-party apps or tweaks are being used to access Snapchat.

SnapTools, Phantom, Sneakaboo, and Emulator are all third-party apps that are not allowed on Snapchat. Using these programs, you run the risk of unauthorized access to your private information since there is no way to know whether or not that information is safe.

As stated in Snapchat’s terms and conditions, such third-party apps may trigger account cancellation. As long as you continue to use these third-party applications on your account, the platform may ultimately terminate your account.

You haven’t verified your email and phone number.

Your account becomes suspect if you haven’t validated your email and phone number in a long time, which forces the platform to take action. First, the platform will lock your account, so you’ll need to get in touch with the customer service team to have it unlocked and verify your email and phone number. Delete your account if you do not validate it.

The laws stipulate the deletion of certain types of accounts.

It is the government’s policy in several countries that account found to violate local laws be permanently deleted. Fake accounts and those that promote material that the government deems to be offensive and hence seeks to shut down are examples of the latter. Snapchat will be required by law to erase any such accounts.

If Your Account Is Deleted, How Do You Get It Back?

In the meanwhile, we’ve compiled a list of possible workarounds in case Snapchat decides to remove your account. Please contact Snapchat Support if you see a warning notice while attempting to log into your account.

  • To open a support ticket, choose ‘I can’t access my account’ and then select ‘Submit a ticket’ ‘I get an error message when I try to log in’ > The answer is “yes.”
  • Other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, may also be able to help you.
  • The easiest way to find someone’s Twitter profile is to search for “Snapchat deleted my account” and scroll down until you find one.


Inactive or rowdy accounts are deleted by Snapchat. Snap’s terms of service and community rules state that accounts that violate them will be deleted. As a result, you should exercise caution while dealing with your Snapchat buddies. There’s a chance you’ll lose all of your data and your account if you do this.

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