Is Your Phone Screen Cracked? Here’s What to Do Next

Did you break your phone's screen? If a display still works and the touchscreen controls as well, then assess the damage, back-up your data, call the manufacturer, and get it repaired.

Everyone knows the feeling of fear that comes with dropping a smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether it fell on your face while you were lying down on a bed or on the asphalt – either way, it’s terrifying. The worst thing is when you pick up your phone after that and see the screen is cracked.

Have you broken your smartphone’s screen? Confused about what to do next? When your smartphone screen cracks, we know how you feel. In this guide, we will discuss what steps you should take in case of the screen cracks while you are using it.

Is Your Phone Screen Cracked Here's What to Do Next
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1: Contact Smartphone Manufacturer

You will be able to get information on the warranty that covers your phone by contacting the company that manufactured your device. Your call to customer service might prevent the need for an expensive screen replacement.

There is a potential that you may get a free replacement or a much-reduced repair. But it all depends on the gadget, how long you’ve owned it, and what caused the damage. For example, if you want to know how much does it cost to repair and replace an iPhone screen, you can go to Apple’s official support page and use a calculator to get an idea.

2: Back-Up Your Data

It’s important to frequently back up your phone. Because we can never predict when our phones may fail, it’s better to be ready for everything. If you haven’t done so recently, attempt to finish a backup in case the worst occurs. Try doing a backup on a computer if your screen stops responding.

3: Use Clear Tape to Cover Your Screen Protector

If you can’t have it fixed right away, there are a few options you can try to make it functional again until you can get it fixed properly. If you insist on continuing to use your phone despite the damage, cover the cracked screen with clear packaging tape.

You can also use a glass protector designed specifically for phones. Obviously, this won’t solve the problem permanently, but it will let you get by for a few days until you can have it properly repaired.

4: Replace Screen Yourself

Although it’s quite easier for different users to replace the back glass of a smartphone if he/she uses an iPhone but that’s not the case with the screen. If you are comfortable doing so, you may look for a new screen for your device online.

DIY phone repairs are more feasible than professional ones, indicating you can save money if you know how to do them. In certain cases, the warranty will be invalidated if you choose to replace it yourself. Before trying a fix on your own, check the conditions of your warranty.

5: Put a Screen Protector on a Damaged Screen

Are you concerned about whether or not a screen protector may be used on a device with a broken display? It’s possible, but you shouldn’t do it unless absolutely necessary. When a display already has chips or shards of glass that may easily fall off, a screen protector serves no purpose.

Because the glass is in motion, it will not attach in the correct manner. Consequently, your purchase of a screen protector was a waste of money. A screen protector placed over a damaged screen may prevent additional damage to the glass in cases where the break is small. It might stop any additional spidering from occurring.

6: Get the Screen Replaced by a Professional

If your phone breaks and is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you should probably still send it in for repairs and have it returned to you.

While your phone is being fixed, you could be given a replacement to use in the meantime. The one drawback is that it may cost more than buying a new phone or bringing it to a nearby repair shop to get the screen replaced.

7: Buy a New Phone

And the most obvious solution is to just get a new phone. It’s not always possible to repair a broken device. So, sometimes you have to fork out the cash and get a new one. Certainly, it may be unpleasant to fork over that much money.

However, this option may end up being less expensive than purchasing a new device. You should probably just go ahead and upgrade now if you were planning to do so eventually anyhow.

Do not feel compelled to purchase a new phone from your service provider if you desire to upgrade. Instead of purchasing the locked version, which might appear more costly at first, consider purchasing the unlocked version, which will save you a significant amount of money.

That’s all folks! These are the best options available after your phone’s screen has been cracked. We really hope that you find them very useful. If you have any questions or concerns, do let us know down in the comment box.


Should I get a new phone if my screen is cracked?

It is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to replace your smartphone or get the damaged screen repaired. There’s no simple solution. But you can usually save money and get more use out of your existing smartphone by having it fixed rather than replacing it.

How long does it take to fix a cracked phone screen?

The effort you put into trying to hide your phone cracks will not pay off. A screen repair should be your first option. This repair should take no more than two hours. You should, of course, schedule your appointment in advance to get it repaired.

Can I replace my phone’s screen myself?

Even if you purchase a repair kit, you still won’t be able to properly replace the screen without some specialist equipment that the typical homeowner likely doesn’t have sitting around. Repairing a cracked screen incorrectly might result in more damage to the phone, resulting in a full replacement.

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