What Does “WTW” Mean on Snapchat?

Use Snapchat to communicate with family and friends. You've undoubtedly heard terms such as WTW. However, what do these things imply?

If you employ Snapchat to interact with pals, you’ve probably seen someone send messages with the phrase “WTW.” However, what exactly does this term mean? In 2022, there will be an abundance of messaging applications accessible.

iMessage is the default option for iPhone users, Facebook Messenger is still a popular application, WhatsApp is massive in certain areas, and many people still depend on SMS messaging.

Snapchat is a strong and intriguing application. The ability to swiftly transmit photographs and videos to pals is its bread and butter, but there is so much more to it now. In addition, Snapchat offers a stories feature, exclusive content from big media firms, and a ‘Spotlight’ page that mimics TikTok.

Many individuals also use Snapchat for direct messages and group conversations with their pals.

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What Does WTW Mean on Snapchat?

WTW is used as an alternative to what’s up in discussion. It is a manner of inquiring about the other person’s well-being.

WTW is a conversation starter or icebreaker on Snapchat. It indicates that the sender of WTW is interested in your life and showing general care.

You may utilize WTW if you wish to conduct a casual discussion on Snapchat. If you are wondering how to respond to WTW on Snapchat, you should respond with a casual update on your current status and recent activities.

WTW =What’s the word?

Frequently, Snapchat users may send you a simple WTW, which might signify one of 2 things: What’s the word? You may now be wondering, “What in the world is ‘what’s the word?” ‘What’s the word?’ is essentially synonymous with ‘WhatsUp’ and ‘what’s going on?’

Therefore, this shorthand is used to ask someone what they’ve been up to recently or what’s new on their end. The response should be as easy as ‘Hey! Just awoke and headed to work, you say?

Instead of ‘what are you doing?’ or ‘how are you?’, this abbreviation asks the standard query WTW. However, if you are uncertain about the optimal and correct WTW Usage, you may also use alternative phrases that have the same meaning.

WTW =What the what!

Consider someone imparting upsetting news to you and your response being, “WHAT THE HECKKK!!! Well, WTW is just another method of expressing surprise and amazement! Similar to WTH, WTW is the modern abbreviation for expressing shock and astonishment.

WTW Usage

‘What the word’ can be comprehended if the appropriate WTW instances are known. However, since now you realize what WTW means on Snapchat, you may utilize it as follows:

  • Chris: Hi, Have some news to share?
  • Albert: WTW (Here it signifies What is the word? – implying, what’s the latest?)
  • I am now engaged!
  • Albert: WTW!!! Really? (Exhibiting awe and amazement)

How to reply to “WTW” in a text message

Here are some samples of text message responses to “WTW”:

  • “I’m just hanging around here. What are you engaged in?”
  • “Nothing, in particular, I’d love to hang out. What exactly are you doing?”


While Snapchat is filled with acronyms such as WTM, etc., you now know what WTW means on Snapchat. Therefore, the next time someone asks you WTW, you may confidently respond!

While it is undeniable that acronyms may leave us confused, understanding the exact lengthy form and meaning of an acronym can make us competent texters and Snapchatters!

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