How to Block Text Messages on iPhone?

Whether you are looking to block text messages from a specific person or from multiple users, this guide has got you covered. Here you'll learn how to block text messages on your iPhone.

Numerous unsolicited texts and spam calls come through on our mobile devices constantly. In addition, there may be instances when you’d want to no longer receive any more messages from a specific person.

You, as a parent, should restrict your children’s contact lists to people they really know. In this scenario, you will need to get familiar with the process of filtering senders and blocking messages on your iPhone.

Whether you’re using iMessage or another app, we’ll show you how to stop unwanted text messages on your iPhone here. There might be a variety of reasons why we’d want to block text messages on iPhones.

You may, for instance, block a particular contact, filter senders, or even completely block a contact list. All of these scenarios are covered in this particular guide.

How to Block Text Messages on iPhone
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1:  Block a Specific Person

The majority of the time, we want to stop receiving messages from a certain individual by blocking them. If you have the same requirements, all you have to do is open their messages and use the block option.

Once you block a user, you will no longer receive messages from that person. Similarly, you won’t be able to get in touch with them. Here’s how to block a text message on an iPhone:

  • To begin blocking a user, open a message from that person in the “Messages” app on your smartphone.
  • To learn more, use the “I” info symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Visit the user’s profile and scroll down as far as you can. You’ll find a user-blocking option here. To use, only touch the button.
  • Click the “Block Contact” button to finalise your selection. After that, you will no longer receive messages from that contact.

2:  Block Multiple People

In order to prevent further messages from a specific sender, you will need to go to that sender’s profile and take the appropriate action there. However, your device’s settings are where you’ll need to go if you want to block more than one individual. By doing so, you may prevent a large number of people from sending you messages.

Here is how to get it done:

  • To access your messages, you’ll need to unlock your smartphone and go to Settings and then Messages.
  • Select the “Blocked” option from the menu of Messages Preferences.
  • The contacts you have blocked are shown here. To add someone to your list of contacts, use the “Add New” option.
  • To start blocking somebody, just select them from your contact list. Once they are added to the block list, you may save the changes and leave the options.
  • That’s all! The feature allows you to block numerous people at once and prevent further interaction with them.

3:  Filter Unknown Senders

Apple also has a fantastic function that blocks messages from unknown senders. When enabled, the Messages app will create a separate section in which to store messages from people you have never communicated with before.

There, it will immediately delete any messages from unknown senders. Parents mostly use this function to prevent their children from receiving unwanted texts on their iPhones.

  • Go to your device’s Settings > Messages > Filters to set up filters for incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Select “Filter Unknown Sender” from the list of available filters.
  • There is now a dedicated menu item in your Messages app for ignoring messages from people you don’t know.

4:  Block Spam Messages

The truth is that we’re all constantly annoyed by spam messages. The good news is that you can simply tap to prevent further such messages from reaching you.

If you want to stop receiving messages from a certain sender, all you have to do is open the conversation and go to their profile. Go down and click the block button to stop receiving messages from that sender. Other spammers may be blocked in the same way.

5:  How to Block WhatsApp Messages

These days, chatting with friends and family is often done through messaging applications like WhatsApp. If you’re familiar with the iPhone’s native options for blocking messages, you should also be familiar with the same settings in WhatsApp. If you want to stop communicating with someone, you may easily do so on this app.

Just check their WhatsApp chats and click on their profile whenever you want to block them. From here, you may access even more of their profile-related links and settings.

Scroll down a little and choose “Block.” They will no longer be able to contact you or see your profile changes, such as a new photo or status.

How to Unblock Someone?

The aforementioned steps make blocking texts on an iPhone a breeze. The need to unlock a phone number or contact does arise, though. These are the procedures you should take to do this.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Messages and Choose “Blocked.”
  • You will be able to see a list of all of the people who have been blocked here. To make changes, choose the Edit button.
  • You may now unblock someone by clicking the minus (delete) sign next to their name. You may also remove a contact from your blocked list by swiping them to the left.


That’s all, folks! Now that you know how to block text messages on your iPhone. You can use this feature to reduce the number of unwanted texts you receive. Have you been successful in blocking the senders of text messages on your iPhone? Let us know down in the comments box.

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