What does GTS mean on Snapchat?

Posting Pictures and videos on Snapchat has now become an effective method for friends to communicate and share their everyday activities. This social networking app’s users like taking and sending photos with filters that make them seem funny and adorable. People can now design stickers that reflect their personality using Bitmojis on Snapchat, which has been a popular fad recently.

To make communication short and to the point, users commonly utilize slang, and one such slang is GTS, which may seem confusing to inexperienced users. It will be difficult to continue the discussion if you do not comprehend the message.

Someone has given you a message with a large number of words that you can not comprehend. If one of them is GTS, you’re probably wondering what it means on Snapchat, and we’re here to help you find out. What it implies, when and when to use it, and when not to use it.

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What Does Snapchat’s GTS Mean?

GTS on Snapchat often signifies “Good Times.” If you search “GTS” on Google, you will find that it means “Go to Sleep.” However, this does not hold true on Snapchat. There are several ways to express that life is going well or that a discussion is enjoyable using this slang.

What Does the Text Term GTS Mean?

Today, acronyms are widely used since the way we communicate has evolved significantly over the last several years. Obviously, it all began with the introduction of the very first keyboards. However, these short phrases facilitate texting since expressing emotions requires little time. So, here are some textual instances of GTS’s meaning.

Consequently, the following are textual instances of GTS Mean.

Good night, Be safe! Sweet dreams

Furthermore, the acronym might signify good night, be careful, and have sweet dreams. It suggests that the person you are chatting with is in a foul mood or weary. In this case, Go To Sleep, and the GTS has an essentially identical tone.

Go To Sleep

In fact, it is the original GTS that was once used to put someone to sleep. This shorthand is still used to close the day’s discourse in the text. Primarily, it indicates that the person is weary and needs rest.

Going Through Shit

Someone is Going Through Shit when they have had a very difficult day or life. When a person has several issues, they will likely express themselves in this manner. You may be familiar with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Within this framework, he has a song titled GTS.

Google that Shit

This specific definition of the word is provided in answer to a question. For instance, anytime someone seeks information or needs to confirm anything, you might tell them that you’ll GTS them.

Use of GTS

There is a lens named Good Times on Snapchat. This may be used in your photographs to make them much cooler and to wow the recipients of your shots. There are several Good Times snaps on Snapchat. All of these filters are usable. Consequently, this abbreviation may also be used to refer to these filters.

You may also send this as a text to other Snapchat users. This may be delivered as a good night greeting in the form of a text message or a Snapchat, especially when you intend to sleep.

GTS in Pop-culture

There will be occasions when you see a post with a GTS reference. Actually, this has nothing to do with the acronyms themselves. In such cases, it might refer to or indicate the following.


Now, we have covered every conceivable aspect of GTS. While there will always be other Snapchat abbreviations that you do not understand, you will have no issue with GTS. You may now securely transmit this to another Snapchat user with the required citation. You may always return to this post to refresh your memory if you happen to forget how the story ends.

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