What Does Opened Mean in Snapchat?

What Does Opened Mean on Snapchat? Snaps without sound snap with sound and chat messages are the three forms of messaging that Snapchat users may send and receive. They can also track the activities of each of these messages.

In addition, by monitoring the status of these messages, both the sender and the recipient get information about the messages through icons that appear on the chat screen.

When someone sends a snap or chat, the receiver gets it, and even when the recipient opens it, both parties are aware of everything. In this way, it is the most extensive of all popular chat apps.

The opened icon is the most essential. It makes no difference if a recipient gets a message but does not open it. However, knowing that the recipient has received and opened your letter will be useful. So, how do you know when someone has opened your Snapchat message or snap? In this guide, we’ll find out.


What Does “Opened” Mean?

The Snapchat app keeps track of every message you send and notifies you if its status changes. A message’s “Opened” status is applied to messages that have been opened by the intended recipient (or recipients, if you sent a message to a group chat).

You should follow these steps in order to see the current status of your message:

  • Open the Snapchat app by tapping on the Snapchat icon.
  • Go to the Chat screen to view a list of the chats you’ve had with others.
  • Find the chat that you want to track, and then look at the icon.

If it has been opened, you will see the time when it occurred underneath the name of the contact or group that was touched.

Opened Icons

Snapchat’s “Opened” symbols are quite similar in appearance to the “Sent” icons, with the exception that they are hollow.

Thus, a hollow red arrow will appear next to an opened snap that has no sound, while a purple arrow will appear beside an opened snap that does have a sound. Finally, a hollow blue indicator indicates that a chat message has been opened.

The opened symbol in Snapchat is quite similar to the icon that is used to send a message. When we click on the sent icon, we receive full arrows; but when we click on the opened Snap or chat icon, we get hollow arrows.

  • A hollow red arrow icon indicates that a Snap with no audio was sent and opened.
  • A hollow purple arrow icon indicates that the Snap with audio that was sent has been opened.
  • The visibility of a hollow blue arrow icon indicates that the delivered chat has been opened.
  • A hollow green arrow indicates that the cash gift that was sent has been opened.

In a similar manner, if you are the receiver and you open up the conversation or snap, you will see that the icon has changed as well.

  • A hollow red square indicates that you have opened a Snap or a series of Snaps that do not include audio.
  • A hollow purple square indicates that you have opened a Snap or Snaps with audio.
  • A hollow blue square indicates that you have opened a conversation.
  • A hollow grey square indicates that a Snap that was delivered to you has expired.

Additionally, there are various icons in Snapchat messaging that indicates whether a message or Snap was received, sent, or delivered in the Snapchat messaging app. Our in-depth discussion of these additional status icons may be found in a distinct post. If you’re interested in learning more about the various status icons available on Snapchat, you can do so here.

A snap or chat that you have sent but have not received any reply on it, and it is still showing as sent indicates that the receiver in question has blocked you. Alternatively, the receiver may have deleted his or her Snapchat account or removed the Snapchat application completely.

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