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Best Ever Fast Food Near Me Apps to Get Food Fast in a Matter of Minutes

Are you craving for a burger or something else and looking for fast food near me apps on your smartphone? Fortunately, you’re in luck! We should be thankful for the latest and greatest technology which helps us getting fast food in a jiffy without any hassle.

It’s quite easier now to download an app of your favourite restaurant or any other food ordering applications to avoid waiting in line for your food to be ready. Almost all restaurants have adopted smartphones as a medium to improve their sales – it’s because customers tend to use their smartphones a lot as compared to visiting physically.

Well, the majority of food ordering applications work differently, allowing you to get your order done over your phone – but it’s mandatory to have a stroll to your nearest restaurant and get your desired food in a short span of time.

We have listed down some of the best fast food apps UK for ordering anything like chicken wings, finger-linking burgers, fries, and other goodies. So, let’s have a look!

1: Yelp

Yelp (Fast Food Apps)


  • Easy to Search for Nearby Hotels, Restaurants, and Shops
  • Discover Great Local Businesses
  • Millions of Reviews Available
  • Super-fast Food Delivery
  • Top-rated Places to Eat and Drink

In addition to being a fast-food locator, this app is also a local tool for tourism. It is a city guide designed to find the best places for your visit, relaxation, shopping, dining, drinking and more. Most importantly, it lets you hire professionals for your favourite events and home.

Download from playstore

2: DoorDash

DoorDash (Fast Food Apps 2020)


  • Tap to Order Everything
  • Schedule Your Deliveries
  • Track Order with Quick Delivery Tracking System
  • Easy and Convenient Payment Options

Don’t you want to leave your home this weekend? Check out more than 40,000 menus of your favourite fast-food restaurants such as Dunkin Donuts, Buffalo Wild Wings, Smash Burger and more by installing DoorDash application in your smartphone. Pick whatever your heart wants, then sit at home and relax while waiting for your order.

This is one of the best apps for fast food near me that delivers food in a jiffy and one can track his/her order via their delivery tracking system. In fact, the app allows you to monitor deliveries so that you can guarantee that the delivery man is not late!

Download from playstore

3: goPuff

goPuff (Fast Food Apps 2020)


  • Flat Delivery Charges
  • 24/7 Availability in Many Markets
  • A Plethora of Convenient Items
  • Super-fast Delivery in Minutes

Are you scouting for fast food near me that’s open in the middle of the night? goPuff has got you covered with its wide-range of fast-food options alongside super-fast delivery. goPuff is absolutely free to download for Android devices or one can order for fast-food by visiting as well.

goPuff is currently delivering in more than 150 areas and growing more and more every month. In most of the markets, goPuff operates 24/7 whereas, in freshly launched areas, one can order until 4:30 AM.

They don’t charge too much as Delivery Charges but only $1.95 but you can get an advantage of their Fam membership for free delivery for $5.95/month.

Download from playstore

4: Find Fast Food

Find Fast Food ( Fast Food Apps 2020 )


  • Supported by Top-rated Brands Worldwide
  • Routes and Directions to Follow
  • A Distance of Nearest Restaurant and Food Hub
  • Best App for Super-fast Food Location Near You

If you are somewhere you are not familiar with and looking for fast food near me with delivery, you can give it a try to this application when it comes to locating top-rated food hubs. Find Fast Food is an app for food locators to endorse popular brands such as Pizza Hut, Burger King, Starbucks, Wendy’s, Papa Johns, Subway, Taco Bell and more.

It helps you locate your favourite food in a matter of seconds. This tells how far or near you are from the food chains and hubs nearest to you. It offers not just that, but also simple routes and directions to follow. Anytime you feel like or hungry, such an app is useful.

Download from playstore

5: Hungry Now – Fast Food Locator

Hungry Now ( Fast Food Apps 2020 )


  • Easy to Find Nearest Fast Food
  • Supported by Well-recognised Brands
  • Easy to Navigate through Pleasing Map
  • Displays Quickest Ways and Restaurants Open Hours

Perhaps nobody knows when hunger strikes, right? Therefore, if you are craving for something like fries or burger, and looking for restaurants for fast food near me open now, you can have Hungry Now application in your smartphone. This application is loaded with a wide list of famous and well-reputed fast-food names such as El Pollo Loco, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and more.

Hungry Now app helps you choose your favourites with ease or add a restaurant. It has a pleasing map that is ready to guide you to your nearest restaurant or place to get some fast-food or try new ones.

Download from playstore

6: Bite Squad

Bite Squad (Fast Food Apps 2020)


  • Accurate Orders with Fast Delivery
  • Personalised Notifications According to Your Preference
  • Easy to Track Order in Real-Time
  • Easy to Schedule Your Food

Maybe there are no fast food apps with free food but Bite Squad application can help you get your favourite food at your doorstep instantly. This fast food near me app 2022 offers you a handsome range of restaurants to choose from with speedy delivery without paying much.

Based on different reviews, Bite Squad is constantly rated as one of the best fast food near me apps – especially in the Food & Drink category.

Founded back in 2020, this Bite Squad food delivery application is now operating in more than 100 cities worldwide and delivering food to the customers from 10000+ restaurants.

Download from playstore

7: Uber Eats

Uber Eats ( fast food apps 2020 )


  • Complete Order Booking Fee
  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Order Tracking in Real-Time
  • Easy to Find Restaurants Near You
  • Best App for Fast Food Near Me

If you are sure that Uber can drive you around the city safely, you may have confidence in them to deliver your food at your doorstep. The Uber Eats App is currently a standalone delivery app in many countries.

Although Uber Eats and Uber both are different apps – but providing many of the same features, including cashless transactions and estimated delivery times. Uber Eats has recently experienced tremendous growth and is an excellent option, even in smaller towns. Their software is also very user-friendly and easy to browse.

Besides, it’s an app which makes you worry-free about your food delivery regardless if your chosen restaurant delivers or not. It helps you browse near me fast-food restaurants and search for food by cuisine, dish, meal, and diet.

Download from playstore

8: Postmates

Postmates (Fast Food Apps 2020)


  • Variety of Items to Order
  • 500,000+ Restaurants Available to Order from
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Super-fast and Free Delivery on All Orders over $15

Very much like DoorDash, Postmates offer users a subscription option – $10 per month and $100 annually to get free deliveries on your all orders above $15. The members can get extra exciting features as well, such as no hike in price during busy hours.

It helps you find fast food near me open restaurants as it’s currently operating in more than 4200 cities of the United States and has around 500,000 restaurants for your convenience to pick up or delivery from. There are a variety of options with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

The interesting feature is that, right after ordering your food, the driver sends you a text on your phone to keep you posted on its location and any issue.

Download from playstore

The Last Word

We are very much hopeful that all listed above best fast food apps for deals will help you find your desired fast food in a short span of time.

Besides, we will be updating this page on a daily basis to add more and more applications for your convenience – but let us admit that fast food is not really good for your health – therefore, it’s recommended to use the above apps with limits.

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