How To Turn Off Dark Mode In Google Chrome on Android

When you're not really using your smartphone in a dark bedroom, Chrome's dark mode isn't necessary, so you may turn it off.

Chrome’s Dark Mode is undeniably one of the browser’s most impressive new features. It makes it easier for you to see the screen in low light by lowering the strain on your eyes. Additionally, the dark components make the screen appear and feel more beautiful. Finally, it helps minimize the battery drain in devices that use an OLED panel.

It seems certain that there would be at least one drawback to the Dark mode; unfortunately, this prediction was correct. To begin, you will have a lot easier time reading on a white backdrop with black text. Secondly, if you are outside in really strong sunlight, you may not be able to see the screen well in dark mode.

Therefore, if you are working in an outdoor location on a bright sunny day or reading a book, you may wish to switch off the dark mode as a solution to these concerns. Regardless of the motivation behind your decision, turning off the dark mode is as simple as it can be.

How To Turn Off Dark Mode In Google Chrome on Android
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Why use dark mode on Chrome?

Since the 1980s, users have been able to access Dark Mode, sometimes referred to as night mode or black mode. Those of you who are old enough to remember Teletext probably recall the television having a black screen with neon-coloured text on it at the time.

According to a survey conducted by the Google Chrome development team on their official Twitter account, an increasing number of users are switching to Dark Mode because it is easier on the eyes, more sophisticated and refined, and uses less power.

Dark Mode is favoured by a lot of users, especially because of its low-light settings. This is because Dark Mode may assist reduce visual fatigue and dryness in low-light conditions without switching to a mode that saves battery life.

And when we consider how much time we spend staring at our screens, it’s not hard to see why so many people go with this choice.

Enabling Dark Mode on different social media apps at night is very helpful for reducing the amount of strain placed on the eyes. Even for those just starting out, switching between the Light theme and the Dark mode is a simple and speedy process.

Turn off Chrome’s dark mode on Android

There is a straightforward method available for turning off dark mode on your Android device if you discover that using it is not beneficial to you.

Although there are users who find it helpful, particularly when used at night, there are some people who find it unpleasant.

You have the option to disable this function by making the necessary adjustments in the settings of your Google Chrome browser. Follow the steps that are mentioned below in order to understand how to achieve this:

On Android-based devices, you should launch the Google Chrome app

  • In the screen’s top right-hand corner, look for the symbol that looks like three dots and click on it.
click over three dots
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  • Choose Settings from the drop-down option.
click over settings from drop down menu
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  • Navigate to the Basics section and choose Themes from the menu.
choose themes from basic settings
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  • From the list of choices, choose the Light setting (System Default, Light, and Dark).
choose dark from themes
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It’s possible that using Chrome’s dark mode isn’t worth the effort when there’s enough light available, despite the fact that it helps reduce eye strain when there’s not enough.

It is simple to turn off this function on whatever gadget you could have at your disposal. On the vast majority of devices, you can locate it in either your preferences or your system settings. Turning off the dark mode is as simple as clicking or tapping a few buttons.

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