Is the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Waterproof

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max waterproof? In such a case, how water-resistant is the device? Everything you need to know is right here...

The iPhone 11 is really not waterproof; however, it has an IP68 classification for water resistance. Apple claims that the iPhone 11 can endure being immersed in six feet of Water for up to thirty minutes, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max can withstand immersion in thirteen feet of Water for thirty minutes.

However, due to regular use and handling, the iPhone 11’s water resistance may diminish with time. As you probably already know, Apple’s warranty does not cover damage caused by liquids. In the event of water damage, you may need to replace your iPhone.

If Water has affected your iPhone, it may be time to consider upgrading.

Is the Apple iPhone 11 pro max waterproof
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Does the iPhone 11 pro max Work in the Water?

Apple does not advise taking the iPhone 11 into the shower or swimming with you since it is not waterproof. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, the iPhone 11’s ingress protection (IP) classification of IP68 means that it may be harmed by high-pressure water jets or steam (IEC). This also implies you shouldn’t use your iPhone in the sauna, pool, or while swimming.

What you can Do If Your iPhone 11 Gets Wet

A lint-free towel should be used to dry your iPhone 11 if it becomes wet. Then, tap it softly on your hand to get rid of the extra moisture. Finally, after a day or more of drying time in front of a fan, your iPhone 11 should be ready to use.

  1. Rinse the area with tap water if your iPhone 11 becomes wet with anything other than Water. You might skip this step if your iPhone wasn’t immersed in Water.
  2. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface. A lens cloth is suggested, similar to the one used to wipe eyeglasses. The lightning port should not have a cotton swab or paper towel inserted to dry it.
  3. Third, with the charging port facing down, tap it on your palm to expel any remaining water. Apple advises against submerging iPhones in rice because the grains might scratch the screen.
  4. The last step is to dry your iPhone Xs Max 11 in front of a fan. Make sure the bottom lightning port is towards the fan for optimal performance. Do not use a blow dryer or any other equipment that emits hot air to dry your phone.

Apple claims that drying time on an iPhone 6 might be up to 24 hours. Waiting the recommended 30 minutes before charging your iPhone 11 using a lightning connection can prevent irreparable harm to the device. If you want to use wireless charging on your smartphone, you should wipe off any moisture from the back of the device before setting it on the charger.

Understanding the Signs of Water Damage on Your iPhone

The Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) of every iPhone manufactured after 2006 flashes red when submerged in liquid. Learn here if Water made it into your iPhone. The LCI for newer iPhones may be found in the SIM card slot.

The Liquid Contact Indicator may be accessed by removing the SIM card tray on an iPhone 11 using a paper clip or other thin, long device. First, take out the tray, and then hold your iPhone at an angle under a bright light. A water-damaged iPhone will have a tiny red sticker underneath the serial numbers.


Technically, a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max can survive under Water, but this does not mean that it is waterproof. While most iPhones can endure splashes and brief submersion, they won’t always survive a drop into deep Water or being immersed for a lengthy amount of time.

Neither the iPhone 11 Pro nor the iPhone 11 Pro Max is waterproof for more than 30 minutes at a depth of 13 feet (4 meters). Apple has warned that the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s dust and water resistance may wear off over time, even while it is there.

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