What is the UICC Unlock? Everything you need to know about

Sprint UICC Unlock Guide: Everything you need to know about UICC Unlock!

Are you trying to unlock your UICC and searching for methods to do so? Perhaps you’ve arrived at the correct spot. This article has been compiled to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the UICC idea and its operation. Also, you will discover simple and efficient UICC unlock methods for 2022. Then, what are you awaiting? What is UICC, and how can it be easily unlocked?

What exactly is UICC?

UICC is the abbreviation for Universal Integrated Circuit Card. It is a revolutionary SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card for smartphones and tablets that are suitable for high-speed carriers.

For your wireless plan to function on your device, your UICC must verify your identity with your service provider. It delivers a secure, dependable, and efficient data connection and may save your contacts.

Additionally, it permits worldwide roaming and continues to provide new apps and services. UICC communicates with your wireless carrier at activation (when a SIM card is inserted or when Wi-Fi is enabled) to confirm your device’s identification.

The Key Differences Between the UICC and SIM

We could go into the specifics of UICC, but most people are more interested in knowing how it differs from SIM, so that’s what we’ll focus on here.

  • UICC is an additional advanced form of SIM, which is now utilized in contemporary laptops as well as other devices. UICC is utilized since it offers the fastest 4G (and 3G) speeds.
  • Information like contacts and data plans may be stored in UICC and then transferred easily across devices (assuming you use the same UICC SIM card).
  • As UICC becomes the standard, SIM is being phased out because it cannot compete with the features offered by UICC.

What exactly is UICC Unlock?

If your device is locked because of the terms of service, you may unlock it using a UICC unlock. It means you can only use a SIM card issued by that service’s network. To use a SIM card from a different operator, you must unlock your device’s UICC.

“UICC Unlock, commonly known as SIM unlocking, is a method for removing SIM card-use limitations that prohibit a device from being used with a different SIM card.”

Types of UICC unlocking

Two forms of UICC unlock exist:

1.    SIM unlock

SIM unlocking is currently the most prevalent method since any smartphone built from the beginning of 2015 may be SIM unlocked. SIM unlocking entails removing the programming restrictions on your device so that SIM cards from different carriers can be installed.

2.    MSL unlock

Unlocking using an MSL code is an older method of removing the carrier-installed software that is locked to the device. The carrier will only be able to offer you the MSL code; you’ll be responsible for entering that code into your device.

How to Unlock UICC?

Here are different ways to unlock UICC on a device which are as follows;

Domestic SIM Unlocking (DSU)

It is possible to “lock” a device by fabricating it with the programming limits that make it impossible to use a SIM card that was initially intended for another transporter if that card is placed into the SIM area of the device.

The vast majority of smartphones and other mobile devices released after February 2015 support DSU and allow the SIM slot to be unlocked, allowing the user to switch wireless providers inside the United States. Once you learn how to access them, using them is really relatively simple.

The purpose of these SIM cards for DSU-capable devices is to enable their usage on another network, subject to that operator’s regulations and specifications.

Unlocking the Master Sussie Lock (MSL)

MSL locks are another method of device “locking.” The term “Master Subsidy Lock” or “MSL” refers to the disabling software that was often included in the manufacturing process of devices released before February 2015 and required a unique unlock code.

Every one of these kinds of devices has an ace appropriation lock “bolted” onto it. Depending on the terms and conditions of the supplier, such a lock may or may not be openable to eligible customers.

UICC unlocking via carrier

In this case, we’ll use a Sprint-compatible phone with a UICC as an example. The UICC SIM card may be unlocked for free as follows:

  1. In order to schedule a free unlocking session with your data service provider, you need to contact their customer care.
  2. To authenticate your ownership, they will want specific information from you.
  3. An unlock code for your network will be sent to you when a certain period of time has passed. Then, go to your profile’s settings and enter the code.
  4. Before submitting a UICC unlock request, remember that each carrier has certain conditions you must fulfill.

Unlocking UICC without carrier

If you are in a rush or having trouble satisfying the requirements that your carrier has established, you can try this method. Numerous internet unlocking websites, like DirectUnlockUnlockBoot, UnlockRadar, and FreeUnlocks, allow you to unlock your phone.

These websites request basic information, such as the IMEI number, and provide the unlock code by mail within a few hours. However, unlocking Internet services is not free.


All of this pertains to Unblocking UICC. With any luck, you’ve learned everything you needed to know about the UICC unlock idea from this article. Attempt to resolve the UICC unlocking difficulties using the aforementioned ways.

UICC is an upgraded version of SIM. UICC may be locked, limiting you to using just the Sprint network with your smartphone. So that you may use your smartphone on any network, you will need to unlock UICC.

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