How to Hard Reset Apple iPhone 13

If your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max unexpectedly locks up, you must conduct a force restart, commonly known as a hard reset.

Have you considered doing a hard reset on your iPhone 13 because you’re experiencing issues? You’re at the correct spot, then! A hard reset may be necessary to get our gadgets back on track when they start acting up occasionally.

It acts as a reset for your device, eliminating any bugs or flaws that could create issues.

I’ll take you through how to do a hard reset on your iPhone 13 in this post so you can get it back to operating perfectly. Now, take out your phone and let’s begin!

 Ensure you have a backup of your data

All of the data on your iPhone 13 will be erased if you do a hard reset; therefore, you must have a backup in case you need to recover any lost data.

Connect your iPhone 13 to a computer using iTunes or iCloud and back up your data before beginning the hard reset procedure. It guarantees you don’t lose any crucial data during the reset.

How to Hard Reset the iPhone 13
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How to Hard Reset the iPhone 13


1. Switch off your iPhone 13

By turning off the device, you may be sure that no data is being actively processed while you do a hard reset.

When the power off slider shows on the screen, Press and hold the Side button while holding one of the Volume buttons. To turn off your iPhone 13, move the slider.

2. Do a forced restart

The system is refreshed, and the iPhone 13 is ready for a hard reset after a forced restart.

The Volume Up and Volume Down buttons should be pressed and rapidly released. When the Apple logo displays on the screen, Press and hold the Side button. Hold the button down until your iPhone restarts before releasing it.

3. Go to recovery mode

You must enter Recovery Mode, which enables you to reset your iPhone to factory settings, to finish the hard reset procedure.

Holding the Side button, connect your iPhone 13 to your computer using a USB cord. Hold the Side button down until the Recovery Mode screen displays an iTunes or Finder icon and a lightning cable appears.

4. Back up your iPhone 13

The last step in a hard reset is to restore your iPhone to its factory settings by erasing all of its data.

Choose the “Restore iPhone” button in iTunes or Finder based on your computer. The procedure will start after you confirm you wish to restore your iPhone. Your iPhone 13 will restart and return to factory settings after completion.

5. Set up your iPhone 13

You may set up your iPhone 13 as fresh after the hard reset or restore a backup to get your data restored.

Follow the on-screen points to set up your iPhone 13 as a fresh device or restore from an iCloud or iTunes backup. This will either enable you to start again with a clean slate or restore your device to its prior condition.


When you have finished the process of doing a factory reset on your iPhone 13, it is now ready for usage. All of your data will remain safe and sound regardless of whether you want to set up the device as a fresh one or restore your previous iCloud or iTunes backup.

The process of doing a factory reset on your iPhone 13 should now be simple and uncomplicated with the help of this instruction.

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