How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

No one would ever deny that the available symbols on Snapchat are quite strange, and sometimes it becomes difficult for users to understand the purpose. However, if you are a serious user of Snapchat, you should be aware of the meanings behind these symbols.

They indeed play a vital role in communicating important information about your Snapchat usage, and, specifically, Snapstreak.

The hourglass is one of the most important symbols on Snapchat that provides details on how you use Snapchat. On this page, we have mentioned all the information you are looking for on the Hourglass symbol, including how long does the hourglass last on Snapchat and the reason for its initial appearance.

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat

Hourglass – What Does it Mean on Snapchat?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a countdown timer resembles the hourglass symbol. Snapchat added this symbol quite some time back to let users know when their Snapstreak with another user is about to expire and to prompt them to take action so that the streak continues.

Let us be more accurate! The hourglass serves as a signal that your performance is slipping and that you need to boost your Snapchat game in order to get the lit/fire icon, which indicates that you’re on your Snapstreak, to replace the hourglass indicator once more.

It’s important to keep in mind that a Snapstreak is determined by the quantity of snaps you send, rather than any message you write and send. Right before both of your Snapstreak are due to expire, an icon appears next to both your profile and the profile icon of the contact you’ve been using snaps with.

How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

Unless you want your Snapstreak connection with another user to cease, the presence of the hourglass icon is unquestionably a bad thing. There have been discussions over the duration of the icon and, subsequently, your window of chance to extend a Snapstreak.

It’s said that the hourglass normally remains between four and seven hours, contrary to some earlier Reddit discussions that claim the streak lasts for two to three hours. The timing of the hourglass icon and the duration of its stay are both rather mysterious.

There are no two Snapstreaks alike, which is perhaps why the hourglass symbol is whimsical in both its time frame and design.

If your Snapstreak has been running strong for several months, Snapchat may display an hourglass with a longer window, whereas streaks that have just been going for a few days may display an hourglass with a much smaller window. Your Snapstreak’s duration determines the window of opportunity.

Can You Avoid the Hourglass Icon on Your Snapchat?

The quick answer is yes – to some extent. In order to avoid any Snapchat Hourglass Glitch or hourglass icon on your Snapchat, here we have listed down quite a few suggestions. So let’s have a look!

  • Let Other Users Know First

Whether you’re doing your part or not, the other person with whom you’re exchanging snaps has to know that you’re committed to keeping your Snapstreak going in order for it to continue. You’ll need to make sure that the user is equally dedicated to the process – otherwise, the streak would be gone permanently if they forget to give you a snap in time.

  • Maintain a Routine

Maintaining your Snapstreak may be as simple as sending a good morning greeting each morning. Make sure you send out one consistent snap every day at a set time to ensure that your Snapstreak becomes a dependable auto-pilot.

  • Send Snaps Instead of Chats

Without a doubt, it’s fun to send snaps, and it’s also a hassle-free method to avoid the Snapchat streak timer. This continues your trend of rapid decisions, encourages the other person to act as well, and conveys the message effectively.

Therefore, the next time you need to tell that particular buddy anything, keep in mind to just snap it rather than go to the trouble of texting or directly messaging them.

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