Best Tracking Apps For iPhone 2022 – 2023

Do you want to have a track on your family for safety? If yes, then several iPhone Location tracker applications may assist you in determining where your family members are.

However, with numerous alternatives available, how can you evaluate which iPhone tracking app will be the best solution to keep a close track?

Don’t worry! we are here to make your selection process at least a little bit easier. We have included Best Tracking Apps For iPhone 2023 and their essential features so that you can simply choose which time tracker will transform you into a lean and mean productivity machine.

Best Tracking Apps For iPhone 2023

What Are The Best Tracking Apps For iPhone 2023?

1.    FamiSafe

Image Credit: FamiSafe

FamiSafe is recognized as one of the finest iPhone tracking applications currently available. Contains several features that are unique among apps. This tracking app has a nice look, offers access to the device’s position, and provides a history of the device’s whereabouts.

In addition, it enables you to give an alarm command when the phone accesses restricted or harmful online material. FamiSafe is a reliable iPhone monitoring app with features that you will undoubtedly like. For those of you who’re interested, you can download the app quickly and for free on Google Play and the App Store.


  • Monitor the current position of a gadget.
  • Obtain a complete location history record of the target device.
  • Set geofences to keep children away from unsafe areas.
  • Remotely monitor and track the position of several mobile devices.
  • If your child has an iPhone, they may send you an invitation to disclose their location.
  • Includes a multitude of additional device management and monitoring functions, such as Screen Time, App Blocker, Smart Schedule, and Explicit Content Detection.

2.    Glympse

Image Credit: Glympse

Glympse is a clever and user-friendly method for sharing your whereabouts with friends, family, and coworkers. Glympse is an app meant to assist friends in keeping track of one another.

This greatest iPhone tracking application provides cross-platform location sharing, making it the ideal option. It provides real-time device location tracking, geofencing capabilities, in-app navigation, and messaging. Users may manually switch on/off the location tracker app.


  • If you intend to travel yourself, email Glympse to family and friends so that they may make certain that your trip is successful.
  • Locate a crew member if you get disoriented in a busy area.
  • Send your spouse a Glympse to let them know you’re detained in traffic and to locate other routes to your destination.
  • Send the rescue squad your current position using Glympse in the event of a traffic accident.

3.    Find My Friends

‎Meine Freunde suchen
‎Meine Freunde suchen
Developer: Apple
Price: Free
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot
  • ‎Meine Freunde suchen Screenshot

Find My Kids is the greatest free iPhone application for tracking and monitoring the whereabouts of children through GPS. You will not be concerned if your youngster is not close or does not respond to his call.

The app includes two modes, one for parents and one for children. Only parents may utilize all of the service’s features, and children must explicitly grant access to the features when installing the application.

The software data is updated every 15 minutes, but you may request it at any time using the update feature. If your child’s phone exhibits indicators that it has ceased providing data, the app will quickly warn you and provide probable causes. Features:

  • View your child’s location and whereabouts throughout the last twenty-four hours.
  • Enables you to capture the ambient noise around your child’s gadget.
  • Receive a notification when your kid comes home or leaves for school.
  • If your youngster is not listening to a call, ring a loud bell. Manage the battery life of their mobile device.
  • Chat compliments the youngster with ease.

4.    GeoZilla

Image Credit: GeoZilla

GeoZilla is one of the most popular and trusted free iPhone tracking applications. Using the GPS tracker on your phone, you can simply connect to your family using the Geozilla software, which enables you to share your whereabouts in private circles that only your family can see.

Additionally, you can check when your family departed or went someplace, as well as where they have been in the last week. Using Family Locator’s private messaging tool, you may send messages and share photos of your everyday life.


  • Location services allow real-time location sharing, SOS alerts, and location alerts even when the app is closed or inactive.
  • Notifications tell you when your family’s location changes.
  • Contacts to identify additional people that want to join your family
  • Photos and Cameras for modifying your profile picture
  • Monitor motion and health for the Driver report

5.    Life360

‎Life360 Finde Familie, Freunde
‎Life360 Finde Familie, Freunde
Developer: Life360
Price: Free+

Life360 is another location-tracking application that may be used. Life360 is an all-encompassing location-tracking application developed for family location sharing. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This program allows users to effortlessly track one other’s whereabouts.


  • It is an intelligent approach to monitor your family’s real-time position.
  • It allows cross-platform location sharing.
  • Users may disable location sharing at any time.
  • It is compatible with Android and iPhone.
  • It provides an in-app messaging function for family conversations.


Through the location tracking apps on the iPhone, it is now possible to keep an eye on your family members and youngsters. There are multiple softwares and apps on google to keep track of your loved ones, but when it comes to selecting the best ones, you can check the best Best Tracking Apps For iPhone 2023 in the above article. With any luck, the preceding information will assist you in locating a free monitoring app for iPhone that is both efficient and beneficial.

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