What Happens When You Block a Number on Android?

When you block a number on Android, they won't get any notification that they have been blocked. And there is no way for them to know if you have blocked them or not.

Having a smartphone is a nice and easy method to stay in touch with the rest of the world. The phone is also a convenient means of keeping in touch with friends and family.

You may pick up the phone and have an immediate conversation with anybody you know, whether it be a friend or a member of your family. Unfortunately, fraudsters, spammers, and other nuisances sometimes exploit phone calls to their advantage.

Making a call on a mobile phone is simple enough, but blocking an unwanted number is far simpler. And once you block someone’s number, he/she will not even know about it.

In this article, we will answer several of your questions along with what happens when you block a number on Android. So, let’s keep going!

What Happens When You Block a Number on Android

What Happens When You Block a Number on Android?

When you block someone on Google or Android, they will not get a notification. It is quite similar to Snapchat as the recipient doesn’t get any notification when you block someone on Snapchat. That individual will no longer be able to contact you through phone or text message after being blocked.

Any incoming calls will go straight to voicemail without ever reaching your handset. The caller, however, will hear the call connect before being sent to voicemail.

They won’t get a “Delivered” confirmation with a timestamp on the message, either. You, on the other hand, won’t get anything from them.

That is true only if the blocked number really tries to contact you. Therefore, the situation changes when you try to call the blocked number. Both voice calls and text messages will be received by their intended recipients. However, you won’t get a reply to your phone calls or texts.

Do They Know When You Block Them?

There is absolutely no way for anybody to know whether they have been blocked or not. Google’s privacy policies are universally respected. In this way, they will never know when you block them in either call or message.

You can tell it’s from their number since they provide delivery confirmation when they text you. If you are not getting the messages, they will never find out. In addition, during the conversation, it will immediately be connected to your voicemail system.

What Happens to SMS Messages When You Block Someone?

The next most noticeable change after blocking a number is how it affects text messaging. You may prevent an unwanted caller from sending you standard text messages by blocking their number on your Android or iOS device (SMS or MMS).

The message will be delivered from the sender’s end, but you will not get it. However, you may still send the blocked contact a message, but they won’t be able to respond to you.

What if a Blocked Person Calls You?

When a person you’ve blocked calls you, they’ll get a different message depending on the carrier you use. Prerecorded messages indicating that the line is busy, out of service, or otherwise unable to accept calls are only one example. A single ring will be heard by the other party, and then the call will be immediately terminated.

What Happens If You Unblock a Number?

Calls and messages from the unblocked contact will come through as usual. When a number is blocked, you will not receive any messages sent to that number. Even if the blocked number is unblocked, you won’t be able to see its call history.

How Do Numbers Remain Blocked on Android?

Until you manually unblock them, blocked numbers on Android will remain blocked forever. Even if you unblock a number, you won’t get back any messages or calls you received before you did so.

Is it Possible to Call Someone Who Has Blocked You?

You may still try calling or texting someone who has blocked you, but they will never get your call or message. Calls to people who have blocked you go straight to their voicemail. The individual you try to call will not pick up because of this. Similarly, they won’t get your SMS if you send it to them.

On the other hand, there are mobile devices that give the appearance of successful delivery when, in fact, the message was never delivered.

You may also utilise various strategies to cover your caller ID before calling or texting the blacklisted number. If you can’t do it, the easiest approach to accomplishing this task is to contact someone using a different number.

Wrapping Up

Blocking a number on an Android phone has become almost mandatory in this age of ubiquitous telemarketing and robotic phone calls. You may easily stop annoying phone calls and messages with the tap of a button on your Android smartphone, which is equipped with both call and text-blocking functions. You may unblock any number you’ve blocked at any moment if your mind changes.

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