How to Save Contacts to a SIM Card on iPhone?

You can't directly save contacts to SIM on iPhone. Go through the mentioned steps below and save contacts to SIM on iPhone.

Let’s say you’ve been giving some consideration to purchasing an Android phone instead of an iPhone. In such a scenario, transferring data from the old smartphone to the new one is important.

When it comes to your contacts, you may want to try copying them from the iPhone to your SIM card. But the question is, how can you get it done as the iPhone doesn’t allow users to copy contacts to SIM directly?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. This article explains how to back up your iPhone contacts to your SIM card. Some of the more efficient methods of transferring contacts are also provided. So, give this article a read and you’ll know how to save contacts to a SIM card on an iPhone.

How to Save Contacts to a SIM Card on iPhone

How to Save Contacts to a SIM Card on iPhone?

Check out these simple steps if you’re having difficulties understanding how to save contacts on your iPhone’s SIM card.

1:  Using Email

The first and foremost step to save contacts to SIM on iPhone is using email. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Your iPhone’s Contacts App
  • Select a Contact You Want to Save
  • Tap on “Share Contact” and then Tap on “Mail”
  • Next, Send “vCard” to Your Email
  • Take Out Your SIM from an iPhone
  • Now, Insert That SIM into an Android
  • Open Your Email on Android
  • Download “vCard
  • Tap on “Contacts
  • Now, Tap on “Import from USB Storage

Here you will need to go to the Import/Export Contacts section where you will need to tap on Expert to SIM Card and your contacts will be transferred to your SIM.

2:  Using iCloud

Use these steps to save several contacts from your iPhone’s address book to your SIM card using iCloud:

  • Synchronise Contacts with iCloud

Choose your “name” from the top of the screen when you launch the “Settings app” on your iPhone. Next, use the iCloud menu to locate “Contacts,” then tap on it. To have your contacts uploaded to iCloud, just tap the toggle.

  • Download Contacts Using Computer

Use your computer to visit Go into your “iCloud Account,” then click “Contacts” from the menu. By holding down the “Ctrl” key, you may select all of the contacts, and then you can use the “Export vCard” button to save the contacts to your computer.

3:  Use AnyTrans App to Save Contacts

With the help of the AnyTrans app, transferring contacts from your iPhone’s contact list to the SIM card is a breeze. Here’s how to use the app once you’ve downloaded it:

  • Get Lightning Cable and Contact PC to your iPhone
  • Download and Launch “AnyTrans App” on Your PC
  • On Homepage, Click on “Device Manager
  • Now, Click on “More” (From Right Side)
  • Look for “Contacts” and Click on Them
  • Now Select a Contact for Transferring, Followed by the “To PC” Option
  • You Will See the “Transfer Completed” Message
  • Now, Insert SIM into Your Android Device
  • Connect it to Your PC and Copy the Transferred Contacts
  • Open “Contacts App” and Tap on “Import from USB Storage

Here you will need to go to the Import/Export Contacts section where you will need to tap on Expert to SIM Card and your contacts will be transferred to your SIM.

4:  Save Contacts to SIM on iPhone by Jailbreaking

Without utilising third-party software or hardware, the only method to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a SIM card is to jailbreak the device.

When an iPhone is jailbroken, restrictions are removed, allowing the user to put new apps on the device. The “SIManager” app, available from Cydia, allows you to transfer contacts from your iPhone’s internal memory to the SIM card.

You should know that there are drawbacks to jailbreaking an iPhone as well. First of all, even if your phone is brand new, you will no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The second drawback is that jailbreaking compromises the phone’s security by allowing the installation of unofficial applications.

Whether or not you choose to use this method depends on how much you respect the Apple data security principle and how crucial it is for you to have a backup of your contacts on the SIM card. If you’re not sure how to use this strategy, it’s best to ask for help.

The Last Word

In researching how to store iPhone contacts on a SIM card, we explored many different options for doing it with an Android handset. We hope you were successful with one of these solutions and that your iPhone contacts appeared on the new device once you inserted your SIM card.

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