How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

A Complete Guide to Recover Deleted Photos and Back them Up Safely

Have you deleted some memorable photos from your smartphone unintentionally or accidentally? Doesn’t it sound scary if you have deleted photos entirely and won’t be able to Recover Deleted Photos again? Of course, yes!

There is nothing to be worried about but it’s to be noted that don’t be in a hurry. Sit back, follow our directions to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Android and thus, you will be able to get your memorable and precious moments back in your phone in a jiffy.

You might have arrived at this page after a hectic scramble to go “Delete, Delete, Delete” in your phone’s gallery. Well, it’s never too late!

We are here to guide you on how to back them up – so you can never again encounter this anxiety when you’re only moodily curious about what might happen to your photos.

How to Recover Photos Deleted from Android?

It’s understood that you will, first and foremost, need to head to Google Play Store to download the “DiskDigger Photo Recovery” application. So, download it with immediate effects and run. The Play Store, however, loaded with hundreds of applications that claim to Recover Deleted Photos from Gallery but according to some online sources, DiskDigger isn’t only secure, reliable but also less disturbing.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

It’s quite helpful. Once you have downloaded it into your smartphone, turn off your data connection or Wi-Fi. It’s because when something is deleted from your phone whether it’s music, photos or anything else, it’s actually not deleted until or unless someone writes something over it in the device’s memory.

Moreover, you must not deactivate all your mobile cleaning apps immediately as they can erase the files that you inadvertently deleted and prevent them from recovering permanently.

Important Note:

DiskDigger is only limited to retrieving files from your video archives on non-rooted devices. This means that the images are more inferior to the original images or videos. Only by rooting your phone and having the Pro version of the application, you will be able to Restore Deleted Photos Android in the original versions.

If it’s not too long and you have Recently Deleted photos and videos, DiskDigger would then be able to find them with ease and provide you with an option either to restore them in a folder of your phone or back them up to a cloud service.

Maybe it looks like DiskDigger isn’t able to locate your images but you can dig down into settings and uncheck a “Minimum File Size Factor” and you will get all of your deleted images/photos. As mentioned above, you will need a Pro version of the application if you want to Retrieve Deleted Photos with the same resolution and quality. A small price to pay for getting your memories back is less than $4.

Take care if the cleanup feature in the app is being used, as some users have removed all images because they did not understand that all would be deleted permanently.

Other Options

There are different software programs including “Recuva” to get back your deleted photos or videos with ease. And it’s recommended by many reliable online sources. So, you can download this program too and follow the instructions which include attaching your smartphone with your computer to find your deleted photos. You can find similar other programs online as well.

How to Back Your Photos Up?

After explaining a process of Deleted Photo Recovery Android, as promised, here is how you can back up your recovered photos to prevent such a situation from happening in the future. To get your photos backed up, you will need to use “Google Photos” applications that offer limitless storage to store with easy-to-setup function.

After downloading this app from Google Play Store, dig down into its settings and Backup & Sync now. You will have an option on how often and by which method you want to back up your photos. It’s recommended to back up your photos as often as possible.

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