Microphone Not Working on My Android: Here’s How to Fix

You may restart your phone, remove 3rd-party apps, update software, clear the microphone sensor, and check for connected devices to see if your microphone starts working again.

Let’s be honest, defective microphones on Android devices are not unusual. One of the most frustrating things that may happen to a smartphone owner is a faulty microphone.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re in the midst of a phone conversation and all you can hear is static? The call might have been essential to the company’s operations. What if it turned out to be a call for help?

It might be due to a problem with the software or the hardware. Check your phone for cracks and other damage. Besides, have you recently broken your phone from falling?

Have you downloaded any applications that may have interfered with your microphone? Don’t panic if none of those things apply to your situation. Here are some things to try if your Android device’s microphone isn’t working.

Microphone Not Working on My Android; Here's how to fix it
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Why Microphone Not Working on My Android?

If your Android phone’s microphone isn’t picking up sound, it may be because dust and lint have gotten into the microphone openings. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the microphone hole of any dust or dirt that may have gotten inside.

Third-party applications may also prevent your Android’s mic from operating by blocking its access. Your Android device’s microphone may stop working if it takes a fall or is subjected to a particularly hard impact.

How to Fix a Microphone Not Working on My Android?

1:  Restart Your Android Device

If your Android microphone isn’t working, this quick workaround is worth a go. It’s probably a good idea to restart your phone if you haven’t done so in a while.\

Simply restarting your smartphone will close any running applications and may be all that’s needed to get you back up and running quickly.

Wait 10-30 seconds after shutting off your phone before trying to power it up.  Your system will be restored as a result of the process.

2:  Clean Mic Sensor

Did you inspect the microphone hole to ensure no debris was lodged there? Certainly, there is a possibility that this will occur.

Taking a pin and gently clearing the mic hole may solve the problem of your Android phone’s microphone not functioning. The microphone issue will be fixed by itself after the grill is properly cleaned.

3:  Check for OS Update

If there is a software update that is not yet installed on your phone, you may be able to fix any issue that is connected to the software by upgrading the software on your phone.

  • Go to Settings and Scroll Down to Find “System“.
go for settings and click on system
Image Credit: Nextgenphone
  • Now Tap on “System Updates
update android system
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Now, your phone will check to see if there is the most recent update available, and if there is, it will update itself, after which it will restart. If the problem was caused by a glitch in the software, this should solve it.

4:  Check if 3rd-Party Apps are interfering

One of the most common reasons for phone malfunction is the usage of a third-party app. They are a potential threat to your phone’s settings, but most people probably won’t worry too much about them since they’re just bugs.

Apps that have access to your microphone might be the root of your problems. Run your phone in safe mode, which temporarily disables all third-party applications, to see whether the problem persists after you deactivate them.

  • Press and Hold the “Power Button
  • Wait for a Menu to Pop-up
  • Now Long-Press Power Off Button
  • Click on Safe Mode

5:  Check for Connected Devices

It’s common for us to forget that a Bluetooth accessory is linked to our phone. In certain cases, you won’t be able to use the phone’s built-in microphone if you have it paired with a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

You can stop your phone from communicating with everything else by turning off Bluetooth, then turning it back on. Go ahead and give the microphone a go. Everything should be up and running well now.

6:  Configure Sound Settings Again

The Android operating system has a “noise reduction” or “noise suppression” function on certain of its devices. When making a call or recording a video, noise suppression may assist quiet the environment.

It’s tempting to believe there’s something wrong with your microphone if you’re not aware of this, since the end result may sound a little confusing. Here’s how to turn off the feature and make sure your microphone is working properly:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Find “Sound Settings
  • Look for the “Noise Reduction” Option – Disable It
  • Restart Your Phone

It’s important here to note that almost all Android smartphones worldwide come with this feature. However, depending on the manufacturer, this option may appear in different locations.

The Last Word

If your phone’s microphone isn’t functioning, try these simple solutions. It’s possible that the problem is with the hardware, so if you’ve already tried everything above and it still isn’t working, you should take it in for service. And remember, you can always let us know if you have any questions or problems by leaving a comment down below! We will strive our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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