How to WhatsApp Group Calling: Limit & Maximum Members

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A Step-by-Step WhatsApp Conference Calling Guide

One of WhatsApp’s biggest features is named WhatsApp Conference Call which is now live and one can use it now with immediate effects.

The company decided to take it as a challenge after Apple released the group calling feature in FaceTime. WhatsApp then started working on this feature for both Android and iPhone users.

This feature was introduced by Chat Client like as dose of salts and now iPhone users and Android users can make Conference Call with WhatsApp with ease.

How Can I Do Conference Call in Whatsapp?

In order to make group/conference calling on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android, users would be needed to get their devices updated to the latest available WhatsApp application version. Getting it updated, however, isn’t that difficult.

You can make a conference call after following quite a few steps and add not two or four but up to 8 people to your group calling.

Thus, up to 8 persons including you can easily discuss their activities and much more by using Group Call on WhatsApp.

As we have mentioned that you will need to update your current WhatsApp in order to enjoy this group calling feature with maximum members, and once you are done with Updation, follow the step-by-step guide given below.

Perhaps you have a question in your mind that Can WhatsApp Do Conference Call in both audio and video? And the answer is “Yes”. You won’t only be able to make audio and video calls but you will be able too to switch to audio or video in the middle of the call.

 It’s to be noted that as it’s a most common feature for both Android and iPhone users – so, steps for both users remain the same.

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Here is How to Make WhatsApp Conference Calls

Step 1: First and foremost, for WhatsApp Conference Call Enabler, open up your WhatsApp application in your iPhone or Android device.

Step 2: Choose any single contact you want to call to and tap then on the “Audio and Video Call” icon which is positioned on the top right corner.

Step 3: When the other person picks your call up, add another person to the conversation by tapping on the “Plus” icon from the top right corner.

Step 4: After clicking on the “Plus” icon, you will need to add a participant from your contact list. Write the name of your contact person, tap on it and a pop-up will appear, enabling you to tap on the “Add” button.

Step 5: Once you have a tapped on the “Add” button, the selected participant will be added to your group calling. You can add the rest of the participates in the same way as well.

Although previously customers were able to add up to 4 members in the group but now WhatsApp allows up to 8 persons that can be added by the following steps:

Important Note: If anyone (not you) disconnects the group call, the rest of the members would be able to continue with that WhatsApp group call without any issue.

And here is where the process ends!

Including you, 8 persons can have a Group Call on WhatsApp and can discuss their all-day-long activities and much more conveniently.

Previously, WhatsApp limited only 4 persons but a maximum number of members can have a group call is 8. You would be an initiator to any group call – however, the rest of the participants would be able too to add a contact to this group call.

This call group feature is not restricted to the WhatsApp groups that you may have built-in the app. This feature can be used irrespective of any groups active in WhatsApp. In particular, WhatsApp only allowed admin to send group messages on iPhone and Android recently. Nonetheless, this feature is designed exclusively for groups in the app.

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Before finishing this off, let’s admit that from the day beginning, WhatsApp has been a dynamic app for a chat as it introduces user-friendly features most often. Some users, however, personally like “Siri” to send group messages in their iPhones. Are you one of them?

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A new update that allows you to select all three contacts at a goal for conferencing has just been released. It makes the whole group calling things easier.