How to Check How Old Is My Phone

If you're on the market for a new smartphone, you may be interested about how old your device is. However, this process varies from maker to maker.

Knowing your phone’s exact age can be necessary for several reasons. You should have a basic understanding of its age to decide if it’s time for an upgrade or when the device was made. No setting on your device will tell you this information immediately, but there are ways to locate it with the appropriate understanding.

There are several ways to determine how long the user has been using the phone. However, as you are aware, there is a multitude of various phone types and brands. Therefore, there is no single reliable approach for locating this information. Each telephone company has its way.

Additionally, numerous prominent businesses need more information or assistance in this scenario. If you use these devices, you may never know the length of time your phone was activated. This article will provide numerous methods for determining how far you have owned your phone.

If you are seeking this information, let’s proceed.

How to Check How Old Is My Phone
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How to Check How Old My Phone Is?

After learning the significance of it, you will likely be interested in determining how long ago your item was made. A few solutions operate on all devices, while some are model-specific. Here’s how to determine your phone’s age.

1.    Check your box

Some manufacturers are considerate enough to include the date of manufacture directly on the product’s packaging. Flip it over and locate the “date.”

We can confirm that a significant number of OnePlus and Motorola phones, at least more recent models, come with this information printed on the box. Are they not located there? It’s time to search a few more locations.

2.    Use a phone info app

This method works best on Android devices, but you can try it on your iPhone, provided the app is accessible in the app store. These smartphone info apps take information about your device and provide its age.

You must grant permission for these apps to access your phone’s information. Downloadable applications include Phone info, Droid hardware information, SAM, etc. Go to App Stores and search for ‘Phone info app’ to find further similar applications.

3.    Take a look at the serial code

Apple includes production information in their serial numbers. In certain older devices, the year is shown by the third number, with “9” standing for 2019, “0” for 2020, “1” for 2021, and so forth. Typically, the fourth and fifth digits indicate the production week of the year.

A more recent device’s serial number will include three characters to denote the production half-year. C represents the first half of 2020, whereas D represents the second. The halves for 2021 are “F” and “G,” whereas the halves for 2022 are “H” and “J.” The fifth digit would stand for the week of production.

4.    Manufacturing codes

If you have looked everywhere else and still can’t locate it, including the box, the serial number, or an app, one final option is to attempt the manufacturer’s code. Typically, these codes are not only OEM-specific but might also be model-specific, which is problematic. That prevents us from giving you precise instructions.

Some devices will react to the dialling sequence “*#197328640#*” or “*#*#197328640#*#*” (without quotation marks). After doing so, a menu including several service options will become available. Access the menu by selecting About > About Hardware > About Software. Read Production Date.

You must Google your manufacturer’s particular code if something else is needed for your phone. Certain phones display the manufacturing date using the dialer’s code “*#0000#”.


If you have a serial number or know the model name of your piece of equipment, you can use Google to see if it yields any interesting data that could help you determine when it was made. But if that doesn’t work, you can figure out how old your device is by looking up its launch date on the website.

It’s possible that your phone was manufactured a little before or long after its debut date, but at least you’ll have a ballpark idea of how old it is. Additionally, third-party applications can be advantageous.

Several tools have been created to scour the web for information on the year and month of your phone’s production. Because they are often developed in collaboration with the manufacturers, this Software may be tailored to a specific business. You need only to download and run the program to gain access to the data.

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