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How to Gmail Login Different User in Your Smartphone

Complete Guide for Desktop and Android Users

Nowadays, every computer user or a smartphone user is having more than one Google accounts to manage his/her emails and wishes to use all the mails simultaneously. If it’s so, you should then start using Google’s stunning feature to get logged in to different Google accounts within a single browser.

We have come up with the step-by-step guide for your convenience to use such features and login to your Gmail account as a different user.

We are assured that you are already logged in to any of your google accounts and if not yet, get your account logged in, and then let’s proceed Gmail Login Different User guide.

Here, we have discussed two different processes to login to your google account as a different user. So, let’s keep going!

1: Login as Different User on Computer

  • Step 1

Obviously, the first and foremost step to Gmail Login Different Username and Password is to go to on your PC or laptop. Taking a look at the link, you see “../mail/u/o..”. It means this is the 0th account. All you need to do is to put this is the first account as “U” means user.

  • Step 2

After logging into your Gmail account, click on your profile picture, which is available on the top right corner. After clicking on your profile picture, a list will appear with an option “Add Account.” Click on it!

Simply put, New Gmail Login Different User alongside new password as you usually do when signing into account. Click “Next” then.

So far, so good! It’ll be your second google account, and again, you will see a URL in which now says, “../mail/u/1..”. It indicates it’s the first account, but it’s your second account technically.

Besides, you will notice that the (0th) account has become default now, which means it’ll appear first whenever you come to your account. And if you wish to go to your second account, simply click on a profile picture, a list will appear with your second account, click on it, and it’ll take you to the second account in a new tab.

And here is where the first process comes to an end. If you have completed all mentioned above steps one by one, you can now Gmail Login with Different User Accounts in one browser.

2: Login as Different User in Android Smartphone

New Gmail Login Different User in your smartphone is quite different and quite technical as compared to logging via desktop or computer.

  • Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to open up a menu in your smartphone and click on the “Settings” option.

  • Step 2

Tap now on the “Accounts” option and keep going in order to Gmail Login Different User in Mobile.

  • Step 3

 “+ Add Account” and select Google from the appeared list.

  • Step 4

Right after clicking on Google, you will be asked to enter your credentials (login name and password). Be sure to put all of your details accurately into the new Gmail account you need to login in to. Click “Next” now!

  • Step 5

A page will appear with all Google’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. You will need to agree to them by clicking on the “I Agree” button. You are done now! You have successfully logged in to your Google account as a different user.



Do you want to see it in action? Click on your Gmail Application in your smartphone and tap on the “Hamburger” which is positioned at the top right corner of the phone. Tap on the drop-down arrow and select newly added your account.

Although, this Gmail Login with Different User isn’t really difficult it’s indeed quite useful. Do you now know how it’s easy to log in to your Gmail account as a different user with a different password?

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